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Gender: Female

Industry: Public Sector - Government Legislation, Government Policy Analysis, International Human Rights, International Relations, Legal Compliance, Legal Research

Occupation: Government Barbaric Servant

Location: The Hague

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In the midst of an argument, the other side suggested I was a ruthless pragmatist with non-existent morals. An accurate observation I readily agreed with - for me, life is a game of strategy which I play to win.

Updated 28/01/2016* T. Borth Utah USA - We corresponded extensively on the political expediency and commercial application surrounding the acquisition of existing private lands for organized sports and recreation. Her insight was incalculable and instruction was easy to follow. I hope that our professional interests cross paths again; the time we spent was truly enjoyable and I am a better person for it.

Updated 14/01/2015* 2013 had been a great year until November when it became a truly memorable one, leastwise for moi it did. Winter bike riding/testing/whatever, rain I don’t mind – it’s a Northern Ireland thing, it rains all the time - I don’t like the cold though as it was/is here on mainland Europe, certainly not on a bike. It’s always the insignificant little things that cause the worst grief, the guy who forgets to tighten a hose clip, you’re next along and suddenly the kitty litter is beckoning. In hindsight, picking oneself up to check the bike had survived wasn’t a wise decision.

Unaware of the how, I woke up in hospital very much the worse for wear, another wayward bike had given me more fractures than one would care for. Black and blue didn’t come close. On the plus side, I’d survived to ride again. Not so enjoyable was the hospital stay, I’m a terrible patient – irritable with nought to do, and unable to do nought anyhow - just as well there were lots of visitors to keep me entertained. Even so, Christmas in hospital – I would’ve preferred a warm beach, nightclub, sharing a large comfortable bed with a male companion. Lucca and Sal insisted I recuperate at their jointly owned Milan apartment – how could a girl refuse? Good food on demand, the caressing hands of not one but two personal masseurs – what more could a girl crave, apart from sex on tap - been a pleasure repaying them in kind.

2013, a new posting beckoned, moved to live and work in The Hague, travelling Europe has become a whole lot easier, Rotterdam The Hague Airport 40 minutes away, more affordable to traverse the world. Life is good once more, on an even keel for 2015, the testing season just about to kick off and round one of World Superbikes next month at Philip Island. Hope everyone has a safe biking New Year.
Ardent fan of all things motorcycle racing, you know the sort of thing, the lovely sexy real men it attracts - alright so there are a few who aren't - arrogant obnoxious officials, and yes, I'm an advocate for increased safety standards in motorcycle real road racing. Apart from bikes and sex, I'm very passionate about worthwhile campaigns particularly the campaign to Save Our Sport From Evil. You can of course also find me on Twitter, , LinkedIn and also a member of the So Cal Retired Motorcycle Road Racers a group for road racers who used to compete in the AFM, CMC, ACA, WERA amateur races as well as AMA professional classes.

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My Interests
Music, Bikes, Socialising and that other unspeakable subject S E X = SEX

In the midst of an argument, the other side suggested I was a ruthless pragmatist with non-existent morals. An accurate observation I readily agreed with - real life is a game of strategy which I play to win.

My philosophy on life is simple, whatever it is you believe you possess, flaunt it - flaunt it all unashamed - your knowledge, your skills, your body - use your assets to further your career, advancement in your chosen sport, your social lifestyle - whatever your sex, advertise it, flaunt it, use it to your advantage, just think of all the pleasures you'll experience along the way.

Thanks to my Dad, plenty of wasteland, and being something of a tomboy – until I learned about boys – I’ve been riding bikes since my eighth birthday – a tad on the large side, already much used Suzuki TM100, but after numerous crashes one learns to adapt. Much preferable, the sometime later replacement Suzuki RM125X – a fabulous wee bike sadly disposed off when University beckoned.

Participate in as many track days as can be managed, mostly UK mainland circuits and further afield where on occasions I've tested the kitty litter which many might suggest as being appropriate, the air fencing, and indulged myself in some quite extensive tarmac testing. Moi will refrain from naming those circuits where trifling mishaps have occurred but can nonetheless highly recommend Donington Park, Oulton Park, Anglesey, Cartagena, Portimao, Le Mans, Almeria, Jerez, and Monza - a truly magical circuit by any standards. Nowadays the bikes are hired, borrowed from very trusting friends - not stolen yet, as such. RS125 and RS250 Hondas to CBR600 Honda, Suzuki GSXR600, Yamaha R1 Yamaha R1 - current favourite though is a lovingly prepared Yamaha R6.

Have attended motorcycle races throughout Ireland, the Isle of Man plus BSB rounds, and many World Superbike and MotoGP meetings. Also officiated at race meetings in Ireland, UK, and Europe.

Always, always listening to music. Music can be very stimulating don't you know, music can be very very relaxing, and sexually arousing, oh yes!

I'm most definitely a fair-weather motorcyclist, winter riding's a non starter, presuming we're still discussing riding motorcycles. Love riding around the Mourne country, the incredibly scenic roads all around our North Coast, and the Glens, anywhere of the beaten track.

Love the Isle of Man, especially around by Tholt-y-Will Glen, Sulby Glen, Glen Mooar. Port Erin's another lovely wee spot, as is Port St Mary‎.

Ah, the joy of socialising with your closest of friends, intelligent conversations, a lovely meal, a good wine - what more could a girl ask for? SEX - That's What!

Sex - Mind-Blowing - I just love everything about it - and everything in between, above, below, the side, the other side, the inside, the outside, anywhere else I've missed.

My Wee Bike
Yamaha FZR400 but would love the new MV Augusta F4. Favourite track day bikes are the race prepared Yamaha R6s I often have the privilege of using around continental Europe circuits, really can't thank the team enough - truly awesome wee bikes.
Travelin' Light
You know that J. J. Cale song? 'A one way ticket to ecstasy, Away on down, just follow me, Travelin' light is the only way to fly'

Another road I've travelled some way along is Route 66 albeit by car - automobile even - sadly not on a motorcycle, but that's a trip I fully intend repeating during the course of the next couple of years, and it will be by bike - not my wee FZR400 though.

During that same extended holiday - vacation, being something of a compulsive exhibitionist, especially so after several glasses of red wine, and besides, the stresses of work sends you crazy - the Sturgis Rally will be on the agenda. Not that I'm a Hog fan, but I can see myself blending in nicely with the local scenery - Warning! Easily Offended? Do Not Click On This Link!

Degrees - Law, Business Studies, Politics and International Relations.
You guessed it, I have to be doing something - sexaholic, motorcycleaholic, knowledgeaholic, workaholic, inventwordsaholic etc. Sorry, don't accept commercial or private clients, although interesting males will always be considered for one on one projects.

My Favourite Films
My all time favourite film hasn't been made - yet. What I have heard though - three of the possible titles - 'The Rise and Fall Of The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited' or maybe 'The Rise and Fall Of The MCUI-UC' or perhaps even 'The Fall Of The Dinosaurs'. Until then a good thriller will suffice 'Who Killed Our Sport?' Real edge of the seat thriller and the ending! Who'd have thought it?

My Favourite Music
The whole gamut - no wait, that's a lie - I hate, hate boy bands, poseurs (male. female or anything in between) who can't string two notes together - you know the type, it's actually a computer doing the singing. Can listen to almost anything else - not Irish country though or rap or anything crap. Good honest music - Blues, Rock, bit of Soul, Jazz

Favourite Books
Apart from the one I'm planning on writing - what title though - that is the difficult part - 'The Rise and Fall Of The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited' or maybe 'The Rise and Fall Of The MCUI-UC' or perhaps even 'The Fall Of The Dinosaurs' - non-fiction turns me on, educational, history, politics, law, business - should really be reading cookery books rather than just winging it in the kitchen.

Don't be shy! Leave me a comment, you know you want to.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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