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Cautionary Tale of CFNM Sex, Drugs, STDs, Babes & Baby

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Getting pregnant is considerably easier than falling of a motorcycle, even easier is catching a multitude of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but according to the Scary Bitches 'She said if you use a condom you can do just what you please They stop you getting pregnant and catching STDs'

Fearing one might possibly be pregnant focuses the mind, discovering you're not - such a relief, abortion ruled out again. Being told other symptoms might be an indication of something more unpleasant – waiting for test results - drink oneself into oblivion. Doesn't solve the problem but neither does it do much harm – apart from pickling the liver. All clear – a virus, some were not so lucky though – colleagues, acquaintances, and total strangers I'd shared a weekend with.

From a colleague I barely knew - perhaps the occasional 'Good morning' or similar – an invite to her 'CFNM' hen party aka 'CFNM' bachelorette party weekend. Hardly my scene, three hen parties in Northern Ireland with the silliest of childish girlies was already three to many. Up until then, it had been a reasonably good year, motorcycle track days and testing sessions aplenty with frequent bouts of sex only being interrupted by the need to earn a salary. Feeling obliged to make an effort to appear sociable, the invitation was reluctantly accepted.

Fifty-seven females – fifty-one of whom I'd never met before - flying off to an Eastern European destination North East of the Czech Republic. If nothing else the hotel was reasonably clean, not where I'd have chosen to stay but since it was to be the base only for Friday night through to Monday morning - make do and survive. A few of us immediately went out for a meal, the rest went on a drinking spree. After a pleasant night with my chosen room-mate, we lazed about Saturday morning, did the obligatory afternoon sightseeing thing.

Eight-thirty Saturday night, a private party venue, a bar, a DJ and 'CFNM entertainment' – what more could fifty-seven females ask for? Having researched CFNM - clothed female, nude male parties - prior to accepting the invitation - one drink, a glass of red wine, I'd decided in advance. The offered relaxant pill – you know the sort of thing – lowers your inhibitions, ensures you're a rather more placid and subservient with strangers than usual. Probably Rohypnol or similar which some girls, even back in Northern Ireland use recreationally, get over intoxicated, then claim their drinks were spiked by some innocent bystander. I've used them twice before but the trick is - everything in moderation girls, except of course when it comes to motorcycling and sex.

The dimly lit dingy venue resembled a poorly converted abandoned industrial unit, or perhaps it was an Eastern European version of shabby chic. Overly loud  irritating headache inducing moronic music blasted out from a stack of speaker cabinets which would probably have filled a stadium somewhere, not that anyone else appeared to have noticed. By 9pm they had progressed to quite literally pouring alcohol down each others throats - some used funnels. When six male strippers took to the stage to 'entertain' us, my 56 fellow hens/bachelorette were very much under the influence of alcohol with added benefits, all of which had well and truly kicked in sweeping away all sexual inhibitions. The six gloriously nude male studs on stage certainly stirred something within. The venue mysteriously begun to resemble a bright new world where something good might just make the weekend all worthwhile.

Very soon though it had become difficult to tell who was entertaining - servicing who, not that there were any complaints, leastwise from moi. Despite a determination to be reasonably celibate and not get laid, wanton as ever, one just had to indulge oneself. Intercourse had been ruled out, who knows where these guys had been planting their seeds. A hands on approach lasted for all of 20 minutes, not as up close and personal as taste testing, you just have to feel the difference. Several more totally nude guys had appeared. A large muscular black guy being one of them, intoxicatingly ugly and so deliciously athletic - a man amongst mere boys.

Black guys I've had previously, and vice versa, have claimed white girls might possibly enjoy sex more than black girls, are more adventurous, don’t talk back, and do whatever we're told - whenever - obviously referring to moi. For sure they would appear to see white girls as sexual objects of desire, just as I see large black guys. Magnificent muscles rippled as he walked, with good reason, this guy was comfortable with every inch of his flawlessly sculptured body - it was glorious perfection. He hadn't used a condom, though surprisingly he had pulled out before the final assault, indicated to kneel before him and I had - divine was the elixir of life and the food of the Gods - on the downside though, my throat ached for more than a week.

Six months on - exact numbers unknown have a Sexually Transmitted Infection - STI or a Sexually Transmitted Disease - STD. Four have admitted they were pregnant, three of whom have since had abortions - the fourth is going the distance. The wedding was cancelled - probably something to do with the bride being one the three to have an abortion. Unbelievably though, it's back on - a June wedding - love covers over a multitude of sins so one has to wonder what sins the groom has previously committed!?!

Sex is an amazing solo pastime but like riding a powerful motorcycle at speed, it's altogether more enjoyable with friends, strangers - males or females even both - black and/or white. Also like riding a motorcycle very fast, sex can change your life - though not always for the better. One wouldn't contemplate jumping onto a motorcycle without wearing adequate protection - a desirable male though is more exciting without protection. Ride fast, ride often and stay safe.
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