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First FIM eRoadRacing Practice Flies By Despite Spanish Heat

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The first practice of the FIM eRoadRacing season kicked off under the sweltering Spanish sun this afternoon.

Zongshen, Agni Racing and Renegade Z pulled in an average of 11 laps per rider as the practice session went without a hitch. Zongshen produced the fastest laps during practice, with Agni Racing and Renegade Z hot on their heels.

Sam West was racing electric for the first time. Riding for Agni Racing in Valencia, West normally plies his trade in BSB Stock 1000 but was pleased with his first outing on an electric vehicle.

‘Practice went really well,’ said West. ‘We had a bit of an issue with the amount of power the bike was giving at the start but we made a couple of changes, went back out and I started to get the hang of running without any gears and without an engine!

‘The bike is fantastic. It is great to hear it running without any noise and to get such a pure riding experience. You can really hear what the tyres are doing, what the chassis is doing and you get lots of feedback from the breaks, which you wouldn’t normally get.

‘It was a bit unusual to have no engine breaking. There was a bit of locking up and a bit of backing it into the turns while I got used to that but it was a fantastic experience. We are making a few changes to the suspension for tomorrow to get it how I like it. We are also going to ramp up the power and hopefully go a bit quicker,’ added West.

Despite high temperatures, each of the bikes performed under the sizzling sun. Zongshen’s team manager Daniel Chung was also happy with his machines during practice but is looking to improve their performance for tomorrow.

‘Practice went okay but the temperature on the machine is a little high,’ explained Chung. ‘We will try and get more wind into the system to help it cool down.

‘This year we increased the batteries’ capacity and the AC motor is reacting really well, so we are happy about that. We should be okay for qualifying; we just want to see what speed we can get with the new batteries now.’

Tomorrow’s first qualifying session starts at 11.30am local time. The second qualifying session will then get underway at 4pm.

This weekend will see teams compete in two separate races at the Valencia circuit. The first will be a sprint race – a four-lap race which starts at noon on Sunday. Each team then gets four hours to recharge their bikes before the second, eight-lap race begins at 4pm.

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