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FIM eRoadRacing World Cup - New Website Launched

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FIM President Vito Ippolito expressed his support for the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup as the race series’ new website launched today.

The Venezuelan, who has been FIM’s president since 2006, says these are ‘exciting times’ for FIM eRoadRacing and believes the new website is the perfect channel for fans to get behind the world’s first zero-carbon, clean-emission motorsport series.

The website, which is a temporary instalment while a fully-integrated site is developed, has been designed to offer fans all the latest FIM eRoadRacing news in a fun and engaging manner. You can visit the website at

FIM President Vito Ippolito said: ‘These are exciting times for FIM eRoadRacing. Electric powered motorcycles have seen huge developments over the past four years and they are here to stay. The new website has been designed with the fans in mind and it is a great way of engaging with the next generation of motorsport fans. FIM eRoadRacing offers a high-competitive racing platform for electric-vehicle technology to progress further and I am looking forward to the first race at Valencia on Sunday 14 July.’

The FIM eRoadRacing World Cup begins this weekend when Circuit Valencia hosts the first two races of the European Championship. After this weekend’s race, FIM eRoadRacing will head to Laguna Seca on Sunday 21 July to begin the US Championship.

Teams across the globe will compete in both Europe and US for a place in the FIM eRoadRacing World Cup Final, which will take place in November.

The European Championship will consist of four races in three historic race venues – Valencia, Oschersleben and Le Mans. The same will happen across the Atlantic, with Laguna Seca and Indianapolis both hosting races before Miller Motorsports Park holds two races to complete the US Championship.

The FIM eRoadRacing series provides an exciting opportunity for leading global innovators of racing and clean-emission technologies to show the world that being green does not mean being slow.

The FIM eRoadRacing series allows teams to showcase ground-breaking technology across three continents. Teams consistently push the boundaries of electric vehicles through a highly-competitive racing platform.

The technology developed through FIM eRoadRacing is at the forefront of technological breakthroughs within the electric-vehicle industry.

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