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Will Gay & Lesbian Community Embrace Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton & Kevin Schwantz?

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Apart from the blinkered variety of motorcycle road racing fan with head firmly buried in the red sand of Planet Mars, the rest of us have long since realised that worldwide - our beloved sport is beset with numerous fundamental problems. Whilst with the obvious exception of the depressing recession - we can always lay the blame for many of the other issues at the feet of those in control of all aspects of the sport – the multitude of self-serving pensioners with less imagination and knowledge of motorcycle road racing than a plucked pheasant.

The lowly turnout of 60,000 people for the inaugural MotoGP at COTA, Texas probably had much to do with the invisible advertising campaign as recently mentioned by former World Champion Kevin Schwantz when writing about the dearth of American riders in motorcycle road racing World Championship events. Whilst what he says is true, apathy towards motorcycle road racing isn’t confined to America, it’s a worldwide disease – the root cause of which one could also claim was the non-existent Public Relation skills of those charged with promoting the sport – the governing bodies – sadly though, there are the other culprits – the current crop of aging psychotic fans.

You have to admire them - Americans are such a patriotic breed, if they had any seriously competitive riders at World Championship level, most likely they would be wholeheartedly supported - unlike those psychotic British motorcycle road racing fans, many of whom have a craving for home grown heroes, who they then place on pedestals for the sole purpose of destroying them – perhaps it’s a mass inbuilt insecurity issue – for sure it’s not patriotism.

Our sport is haemorrhaging disillusioned sane fans and sponsors alike - if ever the time was right for a social media campaign to raise positive awareness of motorcycle road racing, it is now. The adverse publicity being generated daily on any one of the multitude of motorcycle road racing forums/message boards scattered throughout cyberspace has to be reversed – many of the resident posters obviously have serious psychological problems. Most certainly they are not the type of people one would recommend as ambassadors for the sport – while many are nothing more than ill-informed trouble making morons – others appear to have an unhealthy fixation with one particular Italian, perhaps it’s a male bonding thing – either that or closet homosexual armchair biker behaviour syndrome.

The world of motorcycle road racing has to reinvent itself, present itself both as an acceptable all sing, all dancing, family friendly sporting occasion, and a magnet for the hordes of social media savvy teens of today. Love them or loathe them, motorcycle road racing promoters must take steps to entice the Justin Biebers and Paris Hiltons of this world to their events - these ‘celebrities’ have in tow huge followings of devoted young fans with disposable cash. Those who allegedly shunned Paris Hilton at MotoGP should have first considered her 10000000+ Twitter followers, not all of whom are teenagers – many are of the more mature adult male variety with a yearning to enter into her - knickers – if she so happens to be wearing any.

Teenage girls, and not so teenage girls also have a yearning – a natural desire for clean-cut presentable young men - motorcycle road racing has an abundance of such desirable young men, so why are they not attracting a large teen following? Likewise the young women of motorcycle road racing, and lest one is accused of discrimination – let us not forget the gay and lesbian community – both sexes - all sexes - have to be catered for in the sport of motorcycle road racing. Like it or not - sex sells, it always has, always will - anybody who believes teenage girls love Justin Bieber solely because of his wonderful singing voice - really should get out and visit the real world - try it today, you'll love it!

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