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Motorcycle Racing Right to Freedom of Opinion and Free Sex

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'Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, and to seek, receive and impart information through any media and regardless of frontiers.'

More like - everyone should have the right, but don’t because the reality is so much different, and those who actively live their lives communicating to the wider World via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs and possibly millions of message boards, should know that not only can the Internet damage your health, it has the potential to also damage your wealth.

Whilst the civilised world basks in the warmth of charismatic North Korean Eternal President Kim Jong-Un, his poverty stricken subjects continue with their daily lives in an environment totally devoid of free expression and speech. It’s an ideal that for various reasons many will quite obviously never agree with, but no matter where in the world one might reside - every person should have the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Sadly though, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea isn’t the only anti-democratic country in which undesirable consequences will ensue should one dare voice an unwanted opinion - Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Zimbabwe, Syria, Cuba, China, Northern Ireland, and so the list of countries with authoritarian governments – all with much to hide – goes on and on.

For addicted Internet users, unless precautions are taken – depending where one resides - exercising your right to freedom of opinion could potentially bring upon oneself a civil action in a court of law, or worse. Remember there are basically two types of defamation - libel and slander. Slander is when you speak your mind in public - libel is when it’s written – posted on the Internet for instance.

Many are those who unwittingly, or perhaps not, publish practically every day of every week - libellous statements which have either simply been ignored, or not yet been acted upon. But what is libel - if moi were to publish a comprehensive list of all the men she’s had delicious sex with - could it be argued that the posting libelled the sexual partners of moi? Not if truthful, but it could possibly do more harm than if it were lies – in the heat of the moment, one never questions marital status, and besides, which law states - after marriage, free sex with another like-minded participant is an offence.

Would it also be libellous or not, if one was to allege Harris Healey was a member of the MCUI-UC Roads Inspection Committee allegedly responsible for the creation of the now infamous chicanes at the Tandragee 100 and Ulster Grand Prix - both of which subsequently became the locations of wholly preventable fatalities? If published on this blog it would most likely be considered libellous, especially if untrue – but is it?

Perhaps one should now seize this opportunity to ask why - apart from incompetence within the highest echelons of power - the MCUI-UC decided the same Harris Healey who was allegedly involved in the original notorious Task Force 2000 safety farce – was also an appropriate choice as a Task Force Review delegate?

Also, might the aforementioned Governing Body of all things motorcycling in Ulster, kindly advise how many lives have been lost as a direct result of adequate safety recommendations not being implemented, or don't they care?

Whether or not what subject you might be inclined to be publicly opinionated about via any social media platform, is wholly truthful – ensuring you possess substantiating documentation is if nothing else, an essential legal precaution. How you obtain such documentation matters little, unless perhaps one indulges in a spot of hacking, thieving, or corruption of public officials.

Whereas in the United States, so as to protect their journalists' et al from absurd foreign libel judgments, the Speech Act was signed into law – here in Northern Ireland, our autocratic double act presidential rulers have decreed this tiny corner of the United Kingdom, and Europe to be the libel tourist hotspot of the world.

Having criminal activities to hide can be no excuse for any politician to block any law which ensures the right to freedom of opinion and expression - fair comment must be a defence of honest opinion.

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