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And God Created Sexual Misfits & Morally Repugnant Officials

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Anatomically modern homo sapiens are strange creatures - as humans we share a common ancestry or to put it another way - mongrels are what we are, each and every one of us – like the dogs in the street or as Charles Darwin argued - the great African apes. Research suggests though that this inbreeding amongst humans in the distant past - much of which was as a result of religious doctrine - has made us vulnerable to genetic diseases - everything from cancer to mental illness. Many will no doubt recall though that Adolf Hitler - ironically probably due to those same inbred mental health issues - famously of course recognised there was problem, even attempted unsuccessfully to correct it with his insanely misguided Aryan race solution.

Whatever one chooses to believe about the process of evolution which has often been referred to by the misguided - as God's method of creation - in this universe, one has to accept we’re most certainly an incomparable bunch of uniquely different misfits – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yet even as individuals we’re an integral part of an intricately complex global patchwork quilt – therefore the decisions and actions of any one individual can have far reaching consequences for many, as has recently been highlighted during the inquest of North West 200 competitor Mark Buckley.

Consider moi as another example - friends and colleagues would claim she has a highly idiosyncratic personality – unpredictable and weird. Whilst liberated, reasonably educated and employed, this female misfit strives to be attractive to males on a purely physical level, but sex isn’t the only pleasure she can acquire when dressed like a high class slut - she has no qualms regarding decisions enacted upon to exchange sexual favours for objects of her desire. Thus far though, whilst many of my decisions and actions have affected many people, none to my knowledge - have resulted in fatalities – mainly one would instead suggest pleasure is being distributed reasonably equally amongst members of the opposite sex.

In the quest for sexual satisfaction though, one has to endure fleeting encounters with an array of strange undesirable misfit males of the species - in bars/pubs – mainly they’re in packs, fearful, insecure, inadequate and so boringly predictable. The pack leader though - there’s always the obligatory self-appointed loud-mouthed obnoxious clueless leader spewing out vulgar sexual innuendoes interlaced with crass sexual comments about women's bodies – if nothing else he’s easily put down – getting into ones knickers isn’t ever that easy – leastways for the inexperienced.

Generally one either visits the bars/pubs of Belfast to socialise with friends – girlfriends – which does not translate into ‘dyke/lesbian’ in any language, though some of those friends might be so inclined – or she goes alone for the sole purpose of becoming acquainted with a desirable man – a one night stand like-minded misfit - one who is very much genuinely attached to the idea of being masculine – a reasonably intelligent, presentable, honest, humorous, self-assured and assertive normal sane misfit. She doesn’t go in search of the sociopathic misfits of society – those without a sense of moral responsibility and/or a social conscience can be encountered on every street corner, the workplace, the motorcycle road race tracks of the world – and here in Northern Ireland.

These sociopaths are easily recognised, they can be pretentious undesirable domineering verbal thugs, dictators, thirsty for power and hungry for authority - their arrogance though has nothing to do with greatness - in the face of adversity – when the going gets tough, like the cowards they always are - they flee to hide from whence they had first crawled. Other individuals issue crass misrepresentation of the facts – some allegedly claim that for the construction of a motorcycle road race chicane - there was nothing more stable than straw bales available in 2007.

And then we have the suggestion that enhanced precautions may have prevented the death of father-of-four Mark Buckley whilst competing in the North West 200 – to which race director Mervyn Whyte allegedly claimed “We carry out numerous risk assessments on the course, safety is a number one priority --- We work to make sure it is as safe as we possibly can." Obviously not safe enough though, which leads one to wonder about the decisions being made by the much vaunted independent external safety assessor, and to ask from which category of misfit individuals was this imaginary person plucked by our self-serving motorcycle road racing unfit for purpose misfit officials?

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