Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Phenomenal Sexploits of Waddling Drunken Ducks

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Just why humans evolved to walk upright is still unclear, leastways to moi - most certainly though, we may reasonably surmise we did not evolve to waddle like a drunk duck – an eerie phenomenon moi has actually witnessed. When George Bernard Shaw declared “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - one doubts he was suggesting we should create a world of humanlike walruses – no offence to walruses – leastways their blubber is required to survive sub-zero cold weather conditions.

Whilst it has reached epidemic proportions, referring to it as a disease is an obscenity – an insult to people who actually do care for their body, the only body you will ever possess – abuse it at your peril.

Approximately two billion plus weak minded people worldwide are obese – fifty million plus are children, but perhaps most startling is the fact that more people are now dying from obesity, or obesity related illnesses, than from malnutrition. In this modern caring age in which we live, and die - whilst two billion people are committing suicide by gorging – another one billion people are dying of starvation - truly shocking statistics.

Most certainly one has to pity the millions of obese children, condemned to a life of misery by their stupendously moronic parents - all enroute to an early grave. Very obviously one has little sympathy for the adults whose obesity has been self-inflicted – even though they never will have the opportunity to experience the exhilarations of riding a high powered motorcycle at speed, nor participate in a mind blowing orgasmic marathon romp with a physically fit, lean and energetic member of the opposite sex.

Multinational companies have been capitalising on the weaknesses of people for years, fat profits from fat people - billions of dollars/pounds sterling/euros. Sales of fat inducing soft drinks, fast foods, sweet foods, treats – all highly addictive – sugar, fat, salt, and high fructose corn syrup, an alarming ingredient now estimated to be in at least 60000 plus food products – all highly recommended as essential for diet-induced obesity.

On the plus side though, leastways for some, obesity has spawned a whole new industry, self-serving diet gurus have turned themselves into global brands churning out dubious diet books, diet plans, and weight loss programs. Add fitness gurus and their equally nonsensical merchandise to the list and whilst many of these gurus often disappear, mainly they do so with your hard earned money – all of them, the multinational companies and the individuals - vultures preying on the vulnerable members of society. Are you one of those two billion obese people ? Are you sure you're not?

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