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Sexercise Romps With Marilyn Monroe & Michael O'Leary!!!

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When allegedly responding to a question about posing nude, the late Marilyn Monroe wrote “The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.” A sentiment one whole heartedly agrees with – if he’s reasonably fit, ruggedly gorgeous, and available - I want to see what else is on offer. Needless to say, if one is satisfied with the available package, one would always reciprocate in kind, my body is much like an open library book - what about your body? Man or woman – should you perchance glimpse the reflection of your nude self in the mirror – might you see what others would see – flabbiness, beer belly, obesity – if so - embarrassing, or not?

You don’t have to be a nuclear physicist - common sense should tell you being overweight puts a severe strain on every part of your body – your joints, your organs - heart failure, heart attack, cardiac arrest – it matters not what the difference is – you’ll still most likely be dead. Surely the option of staying alive with improved health is preferable to dying before your time.

Transporting excess baggage is a painful, and expensive exercise – if you think not, you haven’t flown with Michael O'Leary Airways – carrying it around day in, day out, will drag you under, who will throw a lifeline when you’re drowning in the sea of life? Even if you have no desire to participate in fun runs, motorcycle track days, or sweaty sexual marathons - one should still nonetheless strive to be both mentally and physically prepared for the rest of your life. Just think what you could pack into an extra ten/twenty/thirty years of healthy living – use your own imagination!!!

As a result of the public’s increased awareness of health and dietary issues, the popularity of physical fitness and nutrition instructors has increased dramatically – they’re everywhere, taking over the world it seems – in your home, the workplace, the park, gym, schools and more, but for how much longer? For professional sportsmen/women, they’re essential to achieving success, for some they’re merely a status symbol, expensive eye candy - for others they’re simply unaffordable, but the reality is, sooner rather than later, they’re going to be vastly surplus to requirements – possibly apart from those who are what they claim.

For moi, it’s always been about staying fit and healthy without going overboard – financially or otherwise, which incidentally is now fast becoming the latest fitness to health trend. Back to basics is gathering pace, particularly so the ‘buddy system’ which for some, translates into taking your dog for walks – apart from those that earn their keep, I hate dogs, and cats – more popular though, and highly recommended is taking your fellow man, or woman for walks, or whatever keeps you fit. Walking groups are breeding like rabbits, as are jogging groups; one is as beneficial as the other – not only providing enhanced motivation but such a great way to extend your social circle - new men, new women, to revive your battered self-esteem.

Before the exercise though, there’s the eating of more junk food than your body can make use off, the beer, and the soft drinks to consider – junk the junk, and do it today. And now for what you should eat and drink - a small dose of everyday common sense is required - don’t get sucked into the latest inedible dietary foods scams, nor the counting of daily calories, staying fit and healthy should be enjoyed, not endured, it’s so much better to lose the pounds slowly and steadily by consuming real food, that way – keeping them off will be so much easier.

The dawn of each new working day finds moi walking/jogging the streets alone, breakfasting alone, in that order - no distracting stay overs - winter morning breakfasts are porridge with low-fat milk, fruit juice and black coffee whilst for summer mornings, when/if it arrives – it’s high-fibre cereal with fruit, yogurt and the obligatory black coffee.

Time permitting; despite sitting around on my ass for most of the day, a necessity is lunch - fruit and/or scrambled/poached egg with a piece of whole-wheat toast, and finally dinner menu can consist of fish, chicken, eggs, who knows which came first - very occasionally lamb or pork - brown rice  – pasta when extra energy is required the next day - vegetables, fruit, glass of red wine – I shouldn’t but I do, occasionally several glasses, especially after a trying week. Before and after dinner though, I walk and jog – sometimes with friends, sometimes not – if the weather is really foul – apartment floor push-ups, sit-ups, exhilarating sweat inducing sex.

Before plunging into your own physical fitness routine, there are the ground rules to consider, set yourself some targets, nothing drastic – certainly not the impossible - imposing burdensome expectations upon oneself is the road to disappointment and failure. Remember that any exercise is a whole lot better than none, living is about motion, without it, we stop living. Amongst other pleasurable things, the human body was designed to walk, and run – it’s easy, just like riding a bike or your first conquest – you never forget – just do it, and do it often.

And finally, despite brazenly promoting it before and again - there's the easiest most effective and pleasurable exercise of all which delivers a multitude of astounding health rewards from staying fit and burning 300 calories an hour, to combating cancer - raucous, mind-blowing, wild and wondrous sex. According to the UK National Health Service - the key to healthy living is a good bout of sexercise – allegedly it might possibly also cure all known afflictions – soothes pain, cures insomnia, reduces stress, lowers the risk of a heart attack and even puts a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye and so much more. Orgasms they also say, releases painkillers into the bloodstream, which helps keep mild illnesses like colds and aches and pains at bay, and produces extra oestrogen and testosterone hormones to keep your bones and muscles healthy - who needs doctors?!

So if as claimed by the NHS, one can burn off 300 calories an hour whilst indulging in a mind-blowing orgasmic sex session with a fit and healthy imaginative partner - wouldst involving an additional imaginative partner possibly burn off 600 calories per hour? Oh wait - having taken a moment to consider that most vexing question, perhaps one already know'st ......

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