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Prostitution - The Murkier Side of Motorcycle Road Racing

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Believe it or believe it not, this is a posting related to all disciplines of motorcycle racing – legal or otherwise – worldwide. As is often the case though, if you’re of a nervous disposition, easily offended, easily corrupted, a feminist, a sexist, or member of any other weird section of our diverse multicultural community – look away now - one will not be liable for any life-altering hallucinations you may, or may not experience.

Whilst many motorcycle racers secured placements within teams at the last of the last moments for the new season - numerous others have found themselves on an unplanned unpaid sabbatical. Worse than that, in the increasingly murky world of motorcycle racing – the team/rider relationship has descended into pay as you ride prostitution. For those female competitors though whose shameless self-promoting marketing skills are non-existent - raising large wads of sponsorship money to buy their unpaid place in an already cash strapped team has become an impossible task.

One makes no excuse for the clothes she wears, allegedly it’s a free world, if you think I dress like a slut, that’s your prerogative – likewise its mine to be a slut, or not – clothes have nought to do with it, it’s all in your mind. How I choose to dress doesn’t translate into ‘she’s asking for it’ – when I want it, I have no qualms about asking, likewise when a man wants it, he only has to ask – what’s the problem with that? I can only say ‘Yes!’ or ‘No!’ Sex though, isn’t the only thing you can procure by promoting oneself as a marketable brand – for moi it’s the use of motorcycles for track days, test sessions, free kit, free accommodation, meals, designer clothing,  products you’d rather not read about.

Born April 22nd 1912 Dot Robinson, the trailblazing First Lady of Motorcycling even way back then flaunted her femininity to good effect - fashionably dressed, immaculately applied make-up, ready for the cameras – a lesson in self-promotion the many girls now participating in motorcycle racing should take heed off. NASCAR, the current masters of marketing a motorsport series hasn’t missed many tricks with Danica Patrick who’s been given the media superstar treatment - who now doesn’t know of her fame, name, face – an overnight sensation, nearly.

What is wrong with our young female motorcycle racers, many have already proven to be competitive, yet still they are struggling for sponsorship, and/or a team place – don’t they realise how fortunate they are to be women in what was traditionally the sport of men? Joining the men doesn’t equate to having to become one - if you’re a woman, embrace your female form and be a real woman - if you don’t know how – seek advice. In these times of severe austerity one requires an edge over the opposition, new methods of acquiring sponsorship funding are a necessity, therefore one must be flexible, get outside of your comfort zone and flaunt yourself. One of course must congratulate Sandra Stammova for daring to take the plunge, now she must fully capitalise on her glamorous and exotic image and target a new fan base outside the motorcycle road racing fraternity.

One cannot finish without also questioning team principles, personal managers, PR companies, and whatever or whoever might be involved in guiding these young women through their short motorcycle racing career – how ineptly incompetent is it possible to be? Have these people no imagination, like it or not, glamour sells, use it to acquire mainstream news media coverage which will ultimately increase their visibility to a whole new audience - many are the creative things one can do to maximise publicity success. As an example, brolly girls are popular - already on my curriculum vitae - but imagine the publicity possibilities if Nicole McAleer were to appear on the grid at Brands Hatch with a scantily clad brolly man by her side!!!!!!

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