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First Amendment of the Constitution of Irish Motorcycle Sport

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As an alleged direct result of mismanagement coupled with sheer and utter incompetence, Irish motorcycle racing has become a massive stagnant Dinosaur infested pool resembling a third world open sewage system - spectators reel back from the lingering foul smelling stench – attendance figures for motorcycle racing events have been in sharp decline for years – can it be saved from extinction?

One of the objects within the MCUI Constitution reads - to promote motorcycling in its different forms - which obviously prompts one to suspect the aforementioned Constitution is nothing more than meaningless pretentious drivel. Clearly the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Southern Centre) Limited, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and the Motor Cycle Racing Association (Ireland) Limited have collectively spectacularly failed to promote, develop, and sustain the various disciplines of motorcycle sport as they exist in Ireland – barely exist to be more accurate.

For too many years - under the alleged auspices of a conglomeration of headless chickens, or should that be headless Dinosaurs - the sport of motorcycle racing in Ireland has been unsuccessfully endeavouring to survive. In order to save the sport of Irish motorcycling in its different forms, life saving major surgery is urgently required – the cancerous Dinosaurs have to be removed - bypass the NHS waiting lists, and go private.

Promoting Irish motorcycle racing to a new generation of corporate sponsors, competitors and fans will require strong, imaginative and inspiring leadership. Throughout the world, sport has become a business - a multi-billion dollar business empire the significance of which the unfit for purpose Governing bodies, and promoters have failed to grasp and/or act upon. The sport needs an all new leadership team whose visions for the future resonates with sponsors, competitors and fans alike. The alleged self-serving secret society dictatorship hierarchy must be overthrown by those whose imagination doesn’t involve winning MotoGP races on a Manx Norton.

Browse old photographs, watch any old film footage of Irish motorcycle road racing events, grass track meetings etc. and one can’t help but notice the huge crowds of enthusiastic spectators – those glory days though have faded into obscurity – but can we dare lay the blame at the feet of the MCUI whose tireless promotion of motorcycling in its different forms has allegedly generated healthy bank balances for its various Limited Companies?

The Governing body and motorcycle racing promoters here in Northern Ireland have a long and distinguished history of tapping into easy government money, a wholly understandable situation, after all, attracting new corporate sponsors, and paying spectators has proven to be far beyond the capabilities of the current leadership team. On the premise though, that importing second rate, often aging competitors to our shores will attract humongous numbers of spectators to motorcycle events and so boost the local economy, it is much easier for promoters to now invent outlandish fantasy attendance figures to impress local government for the sole purpose of acquiring taxpayers funding.

If it is to have a long term prosperous future - any future - Irish motorcycle racing will require an all new accountable leadership team – including marketing communicators, and creative visionaries with the capacity to rebrand the sport, deliver corporate partnerships, and a whole new generation of fee paying fans as opposed to the freeloading hedgehoppers, but most importantly – the safety of competitors and spectators has to be the number one priority.

Motorcycle racing in Ireland has paid a high price for the alleged policy of perceptibly not giving a damn about the lives of others – sponsors, competitors and fans have abandoned the sport in droves, removing the alleged dictatorial Dinosaurs from power will be a much easier task than winning back the disillusioned fans, competitors and sponsors – it can be achieved though, if the sport is to survive - sooner rather than later, it must be achieved.

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