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A Ride On The Edge Is A Ride On The Wild Side of Life

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Whilst one can fully understand the self- serving motives of those who have for many years been successfully promoting the motorcycle racing in decline denial movement – one has to wonder if the damage the campaign has inflicted upon the sport is now beyond rectification. Proclaiming the killing of an estimated 100 million Native Americans wasn’t genocide or that the killing of six million Jews is a myth won’t turn absolute truth into fiction - claiming likewise that motorcycle road racing is a thriving sport won't alter the fact it is not.

The past is where it belongs; around the world, motorcycle road racing has to be reborn, reinvented, and rebranded. As opposed to the stars of golf, F1, football, NASCAR, snooker, baseball and the rest, motorcycle road racers can only be described as being non-entities – who but a few within the bikers circle of knowledge would recognise in any chosen street - Josh Hayes, Marc Marquez, Eugene Laverty, Shane Byrne, Elena Myers, Jorge Lorenzo, et al?

Earlier this year there was the Nascar Daytona 500 boring as paint drying spectacle which boasted attendance figures of 250000, and a personally triumphant weekend for Danica Patrick. Weeks later, held during Daytona Bike Week, the annual AMA Daytona 200 motorcycle road races allegedly hadn’t many more spectators than I’ve had sexual encounters, this despite the fact 300000 bikers where entertaining themselves nearby - probably sexually, which means what – sex is better than the spectacle of motorcycles being raced?

The fading MotoGP series has fared no better since going to the home of the NASCAR Indy 500 - Dorna achieved virtually nothing for the sport other than to highlight the stark popularity gap between a National Car Race Championship and what is billed as the Blue Riband, crème de la crème motorcycle road racing World Championship – grandstands and infields bursting at the seams v emptiness - at which event would you want to advertise your wares?.

If nothing else, all of the foregoing merely confirms that motorcycle racing in America is suffering the same as it is in Ireland, and the rest of the world, yet it continues to be the most exciting, and dangerous of all motorsports. Problem is though; it has no identity, no personality, it's as soulless as the numerous clueless military dictatorships masquerading as the Governing bodies of motorcycle racing around planet Earth.

Since the successful marketing of our sport is beyond the capabilities of the governing bodies/promoters, we have to therefore depend on visionary individuals – people like Stacy Sacra, a dedicated biker with a fiery desire to help promote our beloved sport to a worldwide audience. For nigh on 20 years Stacy has worked in television as a producer/videographer/editor, been nominated for four Emmy Awards - considered the television equivalent to the Academy Awards - and won two of those prestigious Emmys.

If ever there was a much respected person with the necessary qualifications and flair to produce a fun and energetic movie to publicise our sport to an audience that may not even be familiar with it, the award winning Stacy Sacra could be one of the savours our sport so badly needs. Likewise, motorcycle road racing needs you, for although work on the project is already underway, mostly self-financed by the great man himself, sponsorship donations are required - large, small or miniscule - so help save your sport now!

Go here to learn more about the film, and/or the benefits of donating to the worthwhile project A Ride on the Edge

Now have a look at the pitch video for A Ride on the Edge, a short film about motorcycle road racing. The speed, the sound and the passion!

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Save Our Sport From Evil

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