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The Psychology of Motorcycle Racing & Sexual Performance

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Despite the passing of time many can still apparently recall being there, witnessing it first hand –not moi, to young - chain smoking, beer guzzling motorcycle road racers, as if the sport didn’t present enough dangers. Many stars of yesteryear played Russian roulette with lung cancer, then inebriated in charge of a high speed motorcycle, endangered the lives of others – and their own - many are no longer with us. Throughout Ireland it sometime seems little has changed – apart from the drugs related scourge which continues to blight most sport.

Elsewhere around the world, sport has become a business, winning is now a science – today, if you’re not 100% spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared you will not be one of the winners. To control a high powered motorcycle – likewise a sexually highly charged woman – moi for instance, one has to be more than physically fit, one has to possess self-confidence, be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed - as long as it's fair and legal, even moi is willing.

It has been proven time and time again, when the machine has become an extension of the body, almost an extra limb, you have arrived in the fast zone - an unstoppable winning combination is a rider in perfect harmony with his/her machine. Problem is though, whilst with the assistance of obligatory laptop, highly advanced technology machine problems are often magically diagnosed and rectified – reprogramming that altogether more complex machine – the human mind – isn’t ever quite so straightforward.

While it’s true that being physically fit will enable you to wrestle a high powered motorcycle around a race track, to be truly competitive also requires mental fitness. Many amateur and professional riders suffer from psychological problems – some more deep rooted than others – confidence usually being the numero uno hindrance to success, or to be more precise - a lack of confidence.

The increasing number of sport scientists and performance consultants being gainfully employed by professional motorcycle road racers is an indication of how competitive the sport has become in recent times, achieving the best results possible – winning - the top priority. To help riders perform better and more consistently, psychologists examines what motivates them – including their choice of music - explores their emotions, thoughts, beliefs – perhaps more importantly though - does any of this psychology improve their sexual performance?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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