Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Case of the Married Virginal Dinosaurs Extramarital Affairs

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More than likely there are those people who are convinced that Barbiegirl – moi – is of the opinion real road racing should be banned without further ado - to many serious injuries, to many deaths. Not the case, the real issue is the MCUI-UC aka Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited – moi believes its very existence is threatening the sport, not to mention the lives of numerous riders and spectators. Real road racing safety simply has to be drastically improved, a feat the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs have ably demonstrated they are incapable of achieving – Task Force 2000.

Rest assured though, the sport will probably - possibly - continue for as long as there are those people at the helm who are more than willing to sacrifice the lives of others for their own ends, and can afford to do so - without fear of hindrance. If the time ever comes though, when our anti-democratic government decides to enforce safety regulations upon the sport, it will no doubt obviously grind to a halt, but it is never going to happen.

Approaching fast though - a much greater threat to its existence - the ongoing deep recession which could ultimately starve the promoting Clubs/Limited Companies of their only income source - sponsors. Losing sponsors would be akin to severing the artery which carries the lifeblood of the sport - cash - without which, the sport will surely die a not so lingering death.

Banning motorcycle real road racing altogether is not an option our anti-democratic dysfunctional Government can afford to even contemplate either, next would be demands for the banning of alcohol, cigarettes – please ban cigarettes – equine burgers, laundered fuel, illegal drugs, abortions, sex – a sex ban – I’d rather die!

According to a report, many are those who die as virgins – not specified was how many were nuns and/or priests – more worrying though is the number of men who die whilst indulging in sexual activities, and not all were engaging in erotic asphyxiation play – those eejits deserve to die anyway. Listed amongst the many who have simply succumbed to cardiac arrest whilst having their way with a willing female - Attila the Hun and Nelson Rockefeller.

Of some assurance to some - though not to moi - is the alleged fact that those most at risk of sudden death during sex - are the married men playing away from the marital bed. Unlike those though, who care nought about the lives of others - until possibly the next time, for moi, married men are off the menu – a la carte included - unless of course they can produce certified medical declaration confirming fitness to participate in extreme physical exertion. One would much prefer her chosen men not die doing something they truly enjoy – whether that be riding a motorcycle or moi – surely it is better to die doing something altogether less exhilarating - far less memorable.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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