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MCUI-UC Dinosuars - The Saviours of Irish Real Road Racing!!

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The recession hasn’t gone away you know, nor will it any time soon – the truth is – it’s going to get much worse before it gets even slightly better – for many – it’s depressing, seriously depressing. Thanks to record inflation the cost of living is rocketing skywards – perhaps towards deep space – budgets are being squeezed, except of course for the mega rich, and the financially astute that were prepared for it - surviving the recession is proving to be somewhat easier. If one was to believe the hype though, just as they allegedly failed to take action to improve Irish motorcycle real road racing safety – the MCUI-UC are not recession proof which could very well sound the death knell for the sport.

Real Road Racing DinosuarThe Northern Ireland economy has been shrinking for quite some time, with some experts predicting meltdown - individuals and families are struggling as their disposable income continues to plummet. Unemployment levels are rising at an alarming rate - basic essentials like food, fuel, alcohol, skimpy dresses, and so much more – all rapidly progressing toward a higher level, including my dresses - and the insurance without which motorcycle real road racing will flounder and die. Will any other scheduled 2013 real road racing events fall victim to alleged MCUI-UC indifference?

The Motorcycle Union Of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited whose business activities are officially recorded as Activities Of Sport Clubs – reportedly had in its latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/08/2011 - 'cash at bank' of £92,708, 'liabilities' worth £19,263, 'net worth' of £159,610 and 'assets' worth £167,192.

Whether those figures included the Bonds, and Bank Investments as mentioned in MCUI-UC Financial Investments v Irish RRR Rider Safety is unclear, but for sure – if the MCU-UC aka Motorcycle Union Of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited was anything other than a profit making company and halfway interested in the future of motorcycle real road racing in Northern Ireland – it would surely be subsidising the promoting clubs to help pay for the huge hikes in insurance premiums.

Whilst one could possibly quite easily be tempted to allege that the foregoing is not a route the MCUI would ever choose to take, the fact allegedly remains that had the Dinosaurs actually acted to drastically improve safety for competitors and spectators alike – the ever increasing number of claims now being made by bereaved families, riders, and fans - would be nothing more than a bad dream. Task Force 2000 was an opportunity missed – the Dinosuars have themselves now sounded the death knell for realroadracing in Northern Ireland.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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