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Irish Real Road Racing and the Neanderthal Dinosaurs

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The MCUI-UC Dinosaurs are not alone in their alleged efforts to kill off real road racing – ably aiding and abetting - members of a previously thought to be extinct human subspecies. These cretinous creatures can be observed lamenting the rising price of the beer they’ve been sitting around drinking for most of the winter months - whilst crying about the impending demise of their favourite summer pastime - pouring beer down their throats whilst through an alcoholic haze - they enjoy their day of free entertainment.

These freeloading Neanderthals appear to believe draping themselves provocatively over some gilded hedge to invite an albeit brief, but nonetheless satisfyingly dangerous intimate relationship with a passing high speed motorcycle - is an integral part of their long extinct culture. On the seventh day, or was it the eighth – God allegedly decreed these freeloader cretinous Neanderthals had the right to endanger the lives of many, including their own. Contrary though to what these parasites also seemingly choose to believe - the hedges around our public roads motorcycle race circuits are not part of any real road racing ancestral Neanderthal domain – they’re merely best forgotten mythological tales of their freeloader Neanderthal forefathers.

Greed also can, and does destroy sport, as can professionalism - something the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs could never be accused of being. To a profit making Limited Company though, the sport of real road racing is a business - the bottom line of which is, as one would expect – financial gain. The money madness of the few is destroying our sport, the MCUI-UC aka Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited for instance, have allegedly now introduced financial penalties for those already cash starved Clubs/Limited Companies that would dare to cancel their planned event.

Might one boldly suggest the alleged self-serving financially astute Dinosaurs are on this occasion – how is it possible for moi to put this without causing offence – moronically stupid perhaps - allegedly? How would it be possible for promoting Clubs/Limited Companies – some of which are already allegedly technically insolvent - to financially award the MCUI-UC when they cannot even procure the necessary meagre funding to stage their traditional real road racing events? Hardly will they ever raise even an infinitesimal amount of funding from the freeloading parasite Neanderthal ‘fans’ who have as much specific knowledge of the sport as the Dinosaurs – which one would suggest as being next to nought or to put it more bluntly, on a par with the Dinosaurs alleged knowledge of the sport.

For the uninformed - Barbiegirl isn’t the only person who is of the opinion the Dinosaurs interest in resolving anytime soon the serious safety issues of real road racing is disingenuous. Other warnings were allegedly also voiced in 2012 that real road racing faced the axe if drastic changes were not implemented before the 2012 season got underway. The infamous Roads Inspection Committee of the MCUI needed a shake-up, and had to take on board the views of experienced riders – they don’t listen to the riders and no-one on the committee knows what it is like to ride a modern-day Superbike or the potential for what can happen if something goes wrong.

King of the Roads Ryan Farquhar allegedly also went on to authoritively suggest that Superbikes and even Supersport machines have become too powerful for national road races, and allegedly continued by stating there was supposed to have been big changes made in 2012 but what happened – a few more prohibited areas were introduced plus a couple of chicanes and that was about the height of it.

When the findings of two independent track inspections of each and every one of Northern Ireland’s motorcycle real road racing circuits (conducted in 2011 and 2012) were recently compared, the evidence revealed - was as one expected. Apart from the road surface deterioration that simply beggars belief – there was no evidence whatsoever of any track safety improvements – although one does admit it is perhaps possible the MCUI-UC safety improvements are so devilishly subtle they're invisible to the naked eye. Will the 2013 Irish real road racing season bring forth any meaningful life saving improvements from the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs - or will we be witnessing other grieving families erect roadside memorials to their departed loved ones?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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