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Death of Irish Motorcycle Road Racing - Are You Responsible?

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Ireland, the Emerald Isle world renowned for its spectacularly diverse scenery, dramatic rugged mountains, picturesque olde world villages, tranquil lakes and stunningly beautiful coastline - today though, our forty shades of green landscape has been severely ravaged by the worst recession since – the last one. Having by now cut costs to the bone in this austerity plagued world, many companies - potential sponsors - are still struggling to remain solvent which could very well be the final nail in the coffin - the sport of Irish motorcycle road racing is facing extinction.

Whether or not you concur with what you’re perhaps about to read is of no consequence, it had to be said - simple as that. Most of the negative perceptions many potential sponsors from the local business sector have of Irish motorcycle road racers are well deserved. In days of not so yore, some rider’s supporters clubs were so notoriously unsavoury - several former members are rumoured to allegedly now work for the Mafia or perhaps vice versa. The long-term damage inflicted on the reputation of Irish motorcycle road racing by those unscrupulous members will haunt the sport for many more years.

When one considers the more recent times very public childish outbursts and downright dangerous on track antics of a few of our less than professional riders – the task of reversing the negative perceptions of potential sponsors becomes all too painfully obvious. Such unacceptable behaviour must be dealt with - past personal glories nor past glories of related others should ever be considered as mitigating circumstances – without fear or favour, Governing bodies should show no quarter to sin or sinners.

Two very simple unpleasant facts - many Irish motorcycle road racers are facing early retirement - Irish motorcycle road racing is facing extinction. Most certainly one can blame those who have for years failed to implement effective safety measures for real road racing events that would radically reduce the unacceptable waste of human lives. One has to recognise that any competitors, and/or spectators, who are killed and/or maimed at real road racing events - are people - none of whom deserve to die as a result of the sheer incompetence of self-serving others.

Also, we can rightly blame, the equally ineptly incompetent self-serving anti-democratic Government, the promoting Clubs/Limited Companies, the ghoulish freeloading fans, dubious riders supporters clubs, the disreputable competitors who allegedly rode off into the sunset – with the cash, and at times, the bike – and of course, some equally questionable team owners. When future historians of the sport look back on this time, they will no doubt declare all of the aforementioned were equally responsible for the untimely demise of Irish motorcycle road racing.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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