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The Down Syndrome Ireland Motorcycle Challenge 2013

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It’s been said a pessimist is a misunderstood realist, who would like to visit the planet optimists live on, but wouldn't like to live there, and a pessimist is apparently what an optimist calls a realist which is what I believe myself to be - a realist. Perhaps that should be a pessimistic realist. That being so, the Elbert Hubbard quote, is in my case true, I’ve had such one night relationships: ‘A pessimist is one who has been intimately acquainted with an optimist.’

When asked for instance to make a financial contribution to some charitable institution or whatever – I generally don’t. Instead the culture of exorbitant salaries would surface, the luxuriously decadent palatial headquarters, the obscenely scandalous expenses, the offshore bank accounts. Rather like when one hears the MCUI-UC are to publish another raft of motorcycle real road racing safety policies – one simply rolls her eyes and laughs, as indeed she does as she reads the contents of every letter which arrives from – choose practically any Stormont Government Department – now there is a wonderful venue for the storage of nuclear waste.

Fortunately though, not all charities fall into the aforementioned quagmires - founded in 1971, the Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) is a national charity representing people with Down Syndrome and their families. It is the largest organisation in Ireland supporting people with an intellectual disability, its purpose is to ensure people with Down Syndrome rightly reach their full potential as members of society.

As a motorcyclist, to support Down Syndrome Ireland you can sign up to participate in the Rev-up4DSI annual charity motorcycle challenge which started in 2005 when two kindred spirits (Michael McCormick and Aidan Lynam) met. Both are Dads to young girls born with Down Syndrome (Megan and Robyn respectively) and - both are fellow keen motorcyclists requiring our support.

In May 2006 the inaugural event set off from Joe Duffy’s BMW dealership with 94 bikes in tow, about half of whom were carrying pillions and all were bedecked in DSI shirts, badges and stickers. Raising in excess of €200,000 at the first attempt was an absolutely astounding achievement by all the participants and truly humbled all who were involved.

Continuing to grow in size since its humble beginnings and now firmly stamped into the Irish biking calendar as one of the premier motorcycle charity events, Down Syndrome Ireland hope to see you all at Joe Duffy BMW in Dublin on Saturday May 4th 2013 to “SHARE THE JOURNEY”

If you should require any further information: or check out both Twitter @Revup4DSI and Facebook ‘2013 Rev Up 4DSI’

A pessimist is allegedly also a Dinosaur who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.

A Happy New Year to nearly everyone, good luck with your resolutions - I resolve to be a good girl in 2013 – actually, that’s a lie!

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