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MCUI-UC Financial Investments v Irish RRR Rider Safety

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Isn’t it wonderful how when reasonably inebriated, we at times tend to see life from a different perspective? Despite the pounding headache though, this morning in the cold light of day following the night before, one soon realised it hadn’t been the demon alcohol that had led moi to believe some of the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs might quite possibly be blessed with a wonderful sense of humour. The 'important Safety documents' in draft form relating to Rider Safety truly is a joke of monumental proportions – for those fans of sick Irish jokes, it’s a real cracker – so sick it’s terminally ill.

Many will no doubt recall a few of the previous glitzy realroadracing safety productions from the MCUI-UC – the Task Force 2000 Saga for instance, which included an alleged interquel, prequel, sequel, midquel, triquel and fourquel. Now though, these great storytellers of old have surpassed themselves and presented us with the ultimate literary work, the spiritual successor – an alleged ambiguous tale of Dinosaurs, high finance and the non-implementation of imaginary safety improvement measures.

In order to set the scene though, we must first take a short step back in time to January/February 2010 when as a direct result of two unacceptable tragedies, both of which were wholly preventable - John Donnan and Martin Finnegan so cruelly taken from their loved ones, and being discussed by the Dinosaurs - safety at road races, yet again. The following extracts from official MCUI-UC 2010 documentation will remind fans of the aforementioned Task Force 2000 Saga - that it’s simply more of the same old ambiguous rhetoric from the same tired old Dinosaurs.

'These races are held on public roads closed for the purpose. It is unclear to me whether any particular individual or body has to be satisfied by law that the safety measures put in place are adequate to protect, as far as reasonably possible, competitors and particularly members of the public. For instance is there any oversight by any official governmental body?

Whilst safety measures may be put in place by officials of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland acting in conjunction with officials of the local motor cycle club (in this instance the North Armagh Motor Cycle Club), I am unaware of any statutory requirements in relation to the discharge of their functions or what criteria must be applied in assessing and implementing safety measures.

The footage shown on the two DVDs illustrates that many non-competitors, including race officials and spectators, were at a very serious risk of injury or death. This situation has been acknowledged for several years now and the implementation of improvement measures has been under continuous review.

The Chairman said that he understood that DCAL feels that the most important matter to be progressed is the appointment of an independent external assessor.

Harris Healey indicated that the 2000 Task Force requirements stated that independent risk assessments were to be carried out every five years but to date these have not been done.’

Are these people for real - sorry, that should be, are these Dinosaurs for real? One can now only rationally deduce the Dinosaurs are as committed to improving Irish motorcycle real road racing safety, as moi is committed to allowing herself to be impregnated – it is not going to happen. But let’s return to those meetings of the Dinosaurs for the the hot topic of the evening – the 2010 reinvestment of Bonds, and Bank Investments. 'The Hon Treasurer reminded the members that a number of their investments with the Ulster Bank were due to mature in 2010, the first in February. The Hon Treasurer had arranged with the Bank for Investment Officers to attend the January meeting to set out their recommendations for reinvesting the resulting monies while also highlighted was an alleged £750000 underspend of Government grant funds.'

Lest one is misunderstood, moi is definitely not suggesting it was because of some misguided cost cutting exercise that cheap unfit for purpose straw bales were used to construct the infamous Tandragee 100 public roads circuit - killer chicane. On the other hand though, the alleged financially astute Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited is not a charity, it’s an alleged profit making Limited Company which appears to be capable of making healthy profits in these austere times, so therefore must be congratulated - even if one might be tempted to believe lives are being sacrificed for profits.

Fast forward back to the present and the following two excerpts from the latest draft safety proposals insultingly titled ‘Rider Safety’ which sets the tone for the whole of the Dinosaurs most recent reincarnation of their ludicrous revolving door Task Force 2000 Saga safety proposals.

'The potential for an accident is likely to be reduced by adopting a number of measures including the design of the circuit, and ensuring that machines used are in a race worthy condition. The impact of an accident can be reduced by adopting a number of measures including the provision of protective barriers and by riders being required to wear protective clothing and equipment. These issues are considered in other chapters. This chapter will address the issue of rider’s competencies and related matters.
The primary responsibility for ensuring the competency of a rider rests with the individual, however particularly as other riders and other persons may be affected in the event of an accident there is also a responsibility on the MCUI and on Race Promoters to ensure that all riders are competent to compete at an event. The MCUI should operate a licensing system whereby Race Promoters will not permit a rider to participate in an event who does not hold a license as issued by the MCUI confirming that they have been assessed, and are considered as being competent to compete in a given class of race.'

Many questions will be asked, many comments will be made - later - but for now, equally appalling is an admission from DCAL that within the limits of its remit, they are powerless to do anything other than attempt to persuade Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited to develop and publish a Safety Code of Practice for motorcycle racing on the public roads of Northern Ireland – they do not have the authority to enforce any new safety rules etc upon the MCUI-UC, a fact the Dinosaurs allegedly appear to be using to their advantage - an alleged strategy one suggests would allegedly be akin to playing games with the lives of riders and fans - if true.

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