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Joanna Lumley's Absolutely Fabulous Piece of Trash

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Strange is it not that as children, many can distinguish between fantasy and reality yet as adults, many struggle to differentiate between the two. One example would be Joanna Lumley who appears to have magically morphed into the perennially drug and alcohol fuelled Ab Fab fictional piece of trash - Patsy Stone - for the sole purpose of attacking the morals of today’s modern young women.

Ms Lumley, or perhaps it was Ms Stone who recently took time out from her binge drinking to urge young women to stop behaving badly and take more responsibility for their actions - hypocritically warning that binge drinking and dressing ‘like trash’ made them vulnerable. It would seem that being sick in the gutter at midnight whilst wearing a silly dress with no money to get a taxi home isn’t the recommended behaviour for young ladies - somebody will take advantage of you, possibly rape you, knock you on the head, rob you.

For a brief moment though her attention did turn to the male of the species whose raucous behaviour she did not approve of either, but added girls were more vulnerable and had to be aware of predators. What was this woman on at the time of her much publicised rant – surely not drink and drugs? Dressing like somebody’s 100 year old grandmother along with taking a vow of sobriety and celibacy - won’t lessen the odds of being raped – it’s an established fact –wearing a ‘skimpy outfit’ for a night out on the town does not translate into me being in a state of pre-rape.

Rape is an extreme violent act carried out by a vile sadistic male perpetrator, and the majority of rapes are perpetrated by someone the woman already knows – within their homes and workplaces - whereas less than 10% of rapes are committed by strangers. Rather than adding her name to the growing band of victim blaming rape apologists Joanne Lumley aka Patsy Stone should remember that no man has the right to rape you - no matter how micro your skirt, how inebriated you might be – no matter where you are.

The clothes we wear are irrelevant, likewise how drunk we might be - how many of us are raped while sunbathing topless, or nude whilst abroad on summer vacations? Perhaps though, some apologist will soon be in contact to inform me that these vile low-life individuals from all ranks of society don’t actually take vacations – they’re much too busy abusing and raping their victims at home.

Claiming there is something in our society which is causing young women to behave badly is downright obscene, but society is most certainly failing women – all too often it is the women – the victims - who are blamed whereas in reality there does exist a misguided macho culture which leads the perpetrators of violence against women to believe they have an entitlement to do so. Any act of gender-based violence directed against a woman whether in public or in private life – occurs for one simple reason – because she is a woman.

And now for the last but not least moment – let us not forget the defenceless young woman savagely gang-raped and murdered on a bus in Delhi – she was neither drunk nor dressed like a slut – and the 7 years old girl also recently reported as having been abducted, raped and murdered in India - what had made this poor child so enticing to the perpetrator – she’d been on her way to tuition classes?!?!

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