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Isle of Man TT Races - An Al Jazeera IOMTT Fatal Attraction

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More than likely there are many who would now dispute the widely held view that the Isle of Man TT motorcycle real road race course is the world’s most dangerous – moi being one of those people. Those who still retain that view obviously haven’t been to Ireland – North or South - to witness truly horrendously dangerous public roads realroadracing circuits – real killers.

Problem is of course, finding anybody who genuinely cares one way or the other is nigh on impossible – likewise if one should attempt to establish the answer to another question – all concerned take extraordinary measures to wash away their responsibility – blood stained hands though are notoriously difficult to clean.

In a recent letter, DCAL unambiguously declared that safety arrangements for motorcycle road racing are not for Government, but fall entirely within the domain of the promoters/governing body of the sport, associate clubs and those who (for whatever reason) choose to take part in the sport.

For a definitive answer, moi suggests Al Jazeera should have asked DCAL and the MCUI-UC if motorcycle real road racing on public roads is a fatal attraction.

Al Jazeera @ Isle of Man TT - A Dangerous Addiction

'Motorcycle road racing is recognised as a dangerous sport involving riders and their machines travelling at speed around roadways that are normally used by private and commercial vehicles.’ MCUI-UC 2012

'Irish motorcycle real road racing can be safer, substantially so, problem is though, those with the responsibility to do so - (for whatever reason) - are either unwilling or incapable - possibly both - of taking the necessary positive action, allegedly.’
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Save Our Sport From Evil

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