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Ireland – The Abortion Free-Zone of the Civilised World!

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So you’re reading about abortions and wondering what it’s got to do with the Irish motorcycle real road racing fraternity - the thorny abortion issue is actually very much relevant to the Irish motorcycling community as a whole. Motorcycles are ridden and enjoyed by both sexes, and in case you’re one of our self-serving local politicians, church leaders etc. - that translates into men and women. If it’s what you choose to believe, there has only ever been one woman who managed to get herself pregnant without any apparent assistance from a randy stud – allegedly - Mary conceived courtesy of some divine sexual intercourse from above. The rest of womankind get pregnant the old fashioned way, yet for the most part, it can often be those same men who having enjoyed their brief minute of pleasure, are hell bent on destroying the lives of the women they impregnated.

The lives of women living on the island of Ireland are being put at serious risk on a daily basis, and not only because moi has yet to see any tangible evidence that safety at Irish real road racing events is being taken seriously by the MCUI Dinosaurs. Amongst the other culprits are the Governments on either side of the border - neither of which appears to have any regard for the lives of pregnant women on this island who require an abortion. These two Governments continue to sweep the abortion issue from their inadequate tiny minds – sounds like something else to a few I imagine. Here in Northern Ireland for instance, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, the 1967 Abortion Act simply does not apply whereas in Southern Ireland – for all intents and purposes, abortion is banned altogether no matter what the circumstances might be – which has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of innocent women.

Marie Stopes International, the sexual health charity, recently opened a clinic in Belfast to offer non-surgical abortion services to pregnant women from the whole of Ireland. This provoked fury amongst the anti-abortion brigade - including the Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin who intervened in the abortion debate by offering his allegedly biased advice to the clowns of Stormont on the hill. This very same Mr Larkin, on a local radio programme in 2008, compared the termination of a pregnancy where a child would be born extremely disabled as "putting a bullet in the back of the head of the child two days after it's born".

Whilst a mere QC at the time, Mr Larkin was obviously entitled to his personal views, like the rest of us, but as attorney general - chief law officer for each and every single citizen of Northern Ireland whether they be ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ on the abortion issue – he does not have the right to make any further despicable verbal attacks on womankind. Perhaps for Northern Ireland, Mr Larkin would wish to create a new society of unequals – them and us - men and women. Moi would suggest a cotmpromise though - if women are to be denied the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies by the pro-life lobby - the perpetrators responsible for creating those unwanted pregnancies - should be castrated.

It matters not if you are pro-life or pro-choice, the choice ultimately belongs to the woman desperately requiring a pregnancy termination – it’s her body, her well-being, her life, not yours, and nor is that of John Larkin, Edwin Poots, Sean Brady, Enda Kenny, Peter Robinson, Martin McGuiness et al – who, rather than playing the populist political card, should be serving their respective communities by bringing to justice the countless child abusers and rapists that this country has been infested with for to many years.

This island has more than its fair share of self-serving pompous hypocritical buffoons spouting sanctimonious comments on immorality whilst defending and protecting the guilty from justice. Whereas in other countries the debate is between the pro-life and pro-choice lobbyists - in Southern Ireland there is simply No-Choice – a scenario we could very soon experience in Northern Ireland. The personal opinion of moi should be obvious, I firmly believe that individuals should have unlimited autonomy with respect to their own reproductive systems.

In some cases though, these problems can be lessened somewhat - instead of indulging in unprotected sex without any suitable method of contraception, practice safe sex as moi does – as often as is possible. Sadly though, the innocent victims of vile child abusers and rapists are not afforded the opportunity to take such precautions – to many women in this part of the world are being accosted by illiterate low-life males who are incapable of grasping the meaning of one particularly simple word - ‘No!

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