Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Do Not Text While Driving In 2013 - Look Out For Bikers!

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Believe it or not - a survey recently revealed the shocking statistic that a quarter of motorists text while driving! Throw into the mix those who make phone calls, apply makeup, ogle pretty girls and/or nice boys, play with their in-car entertainment which isn't always a music system - some even play with themselves. It's true!

Forget about the financial penalties, the points on your licence - these lunatics obviously already have - think instead about your life if you will - about the lives of the other unsuspecting innocent people you are about to kill, or maim - families, children -  your family, your children.

This shocking video from a police vehicle graphically demonstrates how texting whilst driving can end your life in an instant. Not for the faint-hearted!

Drive carefully in 2013, and please look out for bikers, some of us would rather not be picking up the pieces. 

Save Our Sport From Evil

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