Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Belfast Flag Protests, Dinosuars, Stormont & Task Force 2000

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Despite currently being elsewhere, the news from Belfast is as usual, no less depressing – everything from flag protests to the Government’s latest phase of Operation Gridlock – as if the continuing severe recession wasn’t enough for the city traders to contend with.

Before being lambasted for daring to mention the long running Belfast flag protests, one does defend the right to peaceful protest which is after all a vital part of a democratic society - likewise the right to free speech and freedom of expression which has been incorporated into United Kingdom law by the Human Rights Act 1998.

Whilst for moi, the violence at these protests is no doubt a worrying development which has to cease, probably of more concern to many is our alleged holier than holy Leicestershire Constabulary refugee Chief Constable Matt Baggott, who along with other senior officers – allegedly appears to be increasingly under the impression Germany won World War Two!!

Perhaps more interesting though was a seemingly innocuous little reported news item from Stormont regarding the defeat of a DUP amendment to remove any reference to the Belfast Agreement - the very same ambiguous anti-democratic Belfast Agreement that spawned what is surely the most anti-democratic government in the civilised western world. A fact which prompted moi to compare the foregoing with Task Force 2000 and the MCUI-UC aka Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, which governs motorcycle racing in this wee country of ours – much like one would compare the meerkat.

Whilst Task Force 2000 has had its alleged prequels and still on-going nonsensical sequels – the Belfast Agreement, also occasionally lovingly referred as the Good Friday Agreement, was nonetheless Sunningdale for slow learners. And the similarities continue with the sequels - the St Andrews Agreement, the Hillsborough Castle Agreement along with numerous other ambiguous agreements and disagreements – yet the status quo remains unchanged. Northern Ireland is a divided society, with too many alleged self-serving politicians at the helm of an unfit for purpose undemocratic government.

If not mirror images of each other, there are for sure many startling similarities between the Stormont pantomime and the alleged farcical Task Force 2000 and MCUI-UC. The Dinosaurs appear to be either incapable or unwilling to seriously tackle the motorcycle real road racing safety issues, or is it perhaps because they simply aren’t all that interested?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Joanna Lumley's Absolutely Fabulous Piece of Trash

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Strange is it not that as children, many can distinguish between fantasy and reality yet as adults, many struggle to differentiate between the two. One example would be Joanna Lumley who appears to have magically morphed into the perennially drug and alcohol fuelled Ab Fab fictional piece of trash - Patsy Stone - for the sole purpose of attacking the morals of today’s modern young women.

Ms Lumley, or perhaps it was Ms Stone who recently took time out from her binge drinking to urge young women to stop behaving badly and take more responsibility for their actions - hypocritically warning that binge drinking and dressing ‘like trash’ made them vulnerable. It would seem that being sick in the gutter at midnight whilst wearing a silly dress with no money to get a taxi home isn’t the recommended behaviour for young ladies - somebody will take advantage of you, possibly rape you, knock you on the head, rob you.

For a brief moment though her attention did turn to the male of the species whose raucous behaviour she did not approve of either, but added girls were more vulnerable and had to be aware of predators. What was this woman on at the time of her much publicised rant – surely not drink and drugs? Dressing like somebody’s 100 year old grandmother along with taking a vow of sobriety and celibacy - won’t lessen the odds of being raped – it’s an established fact –wearing a ‘skimpy outfit’ for a night out on the town does not translate into me being in a state of pre-rape.

Rape is an extreme violent act carried out by a vile sadistic male perpetrator, and the majority of rapes are perpetrated by someone the woman already knows – within their homes and workplaces - whereas less than 10% of rapes are committed by strangers. Rather than adding her name to the growing band of victim blaming rape apologists Joanne Lumley aka Patsy Stone should remember that no man has the right to rape you - no matter how micro your skirt, how inebriated you might be – no matter where you are.

The clothes we wear are irrelevant, likewise how drunk we might be - how many of us are raped while sunbathing topless, or nude whilst abroad on summer vacations? Perhaps though, some apologist will soon be in contact to inform me that these vile low-life individuals from all ranks of society don’t actually take vacations – they’re much too busy abusing and raping their victims at home.

Claiming there is something in our society which is causing young women to behave badly is downright obscene, but society is most certainly failing women – all too often it is the women – the victims - who are blamed whereas in reality there does exist a misguided macho culture which leads the perpetrators of violence against women to believe they have an entitlement to do so. Any act of gender-based violence directed against a woman whether in public or in private life – occurs for one simple reason – because she is a woman.

And now for the last but not least moment – let us not forget the defenceless young woman savagely gang-raped and murdered on a bus in Delhi – she was neither drunk nor dressed like a slut – and the 7 years old girl also recently reported as having been abducted, raped and murdered in India - what had made this poor child so enticing to the perpetrator – she’d been on her way to tuition classes?!?!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Isle of Man TT Races - An Al Jazeera IOMTT Fatal Attraction

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More than likely there are many who would now dispute the widely held view that the Isle of Man TT motorcycle real road race course is the world’s most dangerous – moi being one of those people. Those who still retain that view obviously haven’t been to Ireland – North or South - to witness truly horrendously dangerous public roads realroadracing circuits – real killers.

Problem is of course, finding anybody who genuinely cares one way or the other is nigh on impossible – likewise if one should attempt to establish the answer to another question – all concerned take extraordinary measures to wash away their responsibility – blood stained hands though are notoriously difficult to clean.

In a recent letter, DCAL unambiguously declared that safety arrangements for motorcycle road racing are not for Government, but fall entirely within the domain of the promoters/governing body of the sport, associate clubs and those who (for whatever reason) choose to take part in the sport.

For a definitive answer, moi suggests Al Jazeera should have asked DCAL and the MCUI-UC if motorcycle real road racing on public roads is a fatal attraction.

Al Jazeera @ Isle of Man TT - A Dangerous Addiction

'Motorcycle road racing is recognised as a dangerous sport involving riders and their machines travelling at speed around roadways that are normally used by private and commercial vehicles.’ MCUI-UC 2012

'Irish motorcycle real road racing can be safer, substantially so, problem is though, those with the responsibility to do so - (for whatever reason) - are either unwilling or incapable - possibly both - of taking the necessary positive action, allegedly.’
Barbiegirl 2013

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Martin Cardenas & Chris Clark Join Yoshimura Suzuki

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

With the start of the 2013 AMA Pro Superbike Championship season quickly approaching, Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing is excited to welcome newest team member Martin Cardenas to its extremely successful ranks. Cardenas joins returning rider Chris Clark in contesting the championship-winning Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 in the premier AMA Pro Superbike class, starting with round one at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL, March 14 - 16.

AMA Pro Superbike Martin Cardenes Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing
Cardenas comes to Yoshimura Suzuki after securing the AMA Pro Daytona SportBike titles in 2012 and 2010 while riding for a Suzuki satellite team contributing to Suzuki’s sweep of the last three championships. Cardenas captured eight wins en route to the 2012 title, nine wins in 2010 and he holds the all-time win record in the class with 24. In between 600cc championships, Cardenas raced one year of Superbike, where he finished fourth overall in points and carded a rookie season victory. Now, Cardenas is looking forward to returning to the premier class, this time on the Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000.

AMA Pro Superbike Chris Clark Yoshimura Suzuki Factory Racing
"I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to race for one of the best, if not the best, Superbike teams in the U.S.," said Cardenas. "It's really a dream come true to become part of the Yoshimura Suzuki team. I will give everything I have to try to obtain the best results for the team and for me. And hopefully I will be in the mix for the top spot in the championship."
The upcoming year marks Clark’s sophomore season with Yoshimura Suzuki. In 2012, Clark worked closely with his new team and familiarized himself with the Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000. Looking at the season as a learning curve, Clark picked up nine top-10 finishes and his best results were three seventh-place finishes. Clark missed the last few rounds due to illness, but wound up 12th in the overall championship points.

"I’m really excited to start my second season with Yoshimura Suzuki," said Clark. "Last year was definitely a learning year for me; not only learning a new bike and team, but learning where I need to improve as a rider. I believe I showed some really good speed toward the end of the season, now I just need to translate that into good results. I’d like to thank everybody at Yoshimura and Suzuki for this opportunity, and I can't wait for Daytona and the rest of the season on my 2013 Suzuki GSX-R1000." Good luck guys, go grab that championship by the scruff of the neck again. Jo

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Monday, 21 January 2013

MCUI-UC Financial Investments v Irish RRR Rider Safety

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Isn’t it wonderful how when reasonably inebriated, we at times tend to see life from a different perspective? Despite the pounding headache though, this morning in the cold light of day following the night before, one soon realised it hadn’t been the demon alcohol that had led moi to believe some of the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs might quite possibly be blessed with a wonderful sense of humour. The 'important Safety documents' in draft form relating to Rider Safety truly is a joke of monumental proportions – for those fans of sick Irish jokes, it’s a real cracker – so sick it’s terminally ill.

Many will no doubt recall a few of the previous glitzy realroadracing safety productions from the MCUI-UC – the Task Force 2000 Saga for instance, which included an alleged interquel, prequel, sequel, midquel, triquel and fourquel. Now though, these great storytellers of old have surpassed themselves and presented us with the ultimate literary work, the spiritual successor – an alleged ambiguous tale of Dinosaurs, high finance and the non-implementation of imaginary safety improvement measures.

In order to set the scene though, we must first take a short step back in time to January/February 2010 when as a direct result of two unacceptable tragedies, both of which were wholly preventable - John Donnan and Martin Finnegan so cruelly taken from their loved ones, and being discussed by the Dinosaurs - safety at road races, yet again. The following extracts from official MCUI-UC 2010 documentation will remind fans of the aforementioned Task Force 2000 Saga - that it’s simply more of the same old ambiguous rhetoric from the same tired old Dinosaurs.

'These races are held on public roads closed for the purpose. It is unclear to me whether any particular individual or body has to be satisfied by law that the safety measures put in place are adequate to protect, as far as reasonably possible, competitors and particularly members of the public. For instance is there any oversight by any official governmental body?

Whilst safety measures may be put in place by officials of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland acting in conjunction with officials of the local motor cycle club (in this instance the North Armagh Motor Cycle Club), I am unaware of any statutory requirements in relation to the discharge of their functions or what criteria must be applied in assessing and implementing safety measures.

The footage shown on the two DVDs illustrates that many non-competitors, including race officials and spectators, were at a very serious risk of injury or death. This situation has been acknowledged for several years now and the implementation of improvement measures has been under continuous review.

The Chairman said that he understood that DCAL feels that the most important matter to be progressed is the appointment of an independent external assessor.

Harris Healey indicated that the 2000 Task Force requirements stated that independent risk assessments were to be carried out every five years but to date these have not been done.’

Are these people for real - sorry, that should be, are these Dinosaurs for real? One can now only rationally deduce the Dinosaurs are as committed to improving Irish motorcycle real road racing safety, as moi is committed to allowing herself to be impregnated – it is not going to happen. But let’s return to those meetings of the Dinosaurs for the the hot topic of the evening – the 2010 reinvestment of Bonds, and Bank Investments. 'The Hon Treasurer reminded the members that a number of their investments with the Ulster Bank were due to mature in 2010, the first in February. The Hon Treasurer had arranged with the Bank for Investment Officers to attend the January meeting to set out their recommendations for reinvesting the resulting monies while also highlighted was an alleged £750000 underspend of Government grant funds.'

Lest one is misunderstood, moi is definitely not suggesting it was because of some misguided cost cutting exercise that cheap unfit for purpose straw bales were used to construct the infamous Tandragee 100 public roads circuit - killer chicane. On the other hand though, the alleged financially astute Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited is not a charity, it’s an alleged profit making Limited Company which appears to be capable of making healthy profits in these austere times, so therefore must be congratulated - even if one might be tempted to believe lives are being sacrificed for profits.

Fast forward back to the present and the following two excerpts from the latest draft safety proposals insultingly titled ‘Rider Safety’ which sets the tone for the whole of the Dinosaurs most recent reincarnation of their ludicrous revolving door Task Force 2000 Saga safety proposals.

'The potential for an accident is likely to be reduced by adopting a number of measures including the design of the circuit, and ensuring that machines used are in a race worthy condition. The impact of an accident can be reduced by adopting a number of measures including the provision of protective barriers and by riders being required to wear protective clothing and equipment. These issues are considered in other chapters. This chapter will address the issue of rider’s competencies and related matters.
The primary responsibility for ensuring the competency of a rider rests with the individual, however particularly as other riders and other persons may be affected in the event of an accident there is also a responsibility on the MCUI and on Race Promoters to ensure that all riders are competent to compete at an event. The MCUI should operate a licensing system whereby Race Promoters will not permit a rider to participate in an event who does not hold a license as issued by the MCUI confirming that they have been assessed, and are considered as being competent to compete in a given class of race.'

Many questions will be asked, many comments will be made - later - but for now, equally appalling is an admission from DCAL that within the limits of its remit, they are powerless to do anything other than attempt to persuade Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited to develop and publish a Safety Code of Practice for motorcycle racing on the public roads of Northern Ireland – they do not have the authority to enforce any new safety rules etc upon the MCUI-UC, a fact the Dinosaurs allegedly appear to be using to their advantage - an alleged strategy one suggests would allegedly be akin to playing games with the lives of riders and fans - if true.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Spectator RRR Safety - An MCUI-UC Fictional Production

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Heard the great Irish joke about the release of a number of 'important Safety documents' in draft form relating to Codes of Practice for Road Races for which your comments were requested - to be allegedly disregarded into the nearest trash can by the alleged authors, the MCUI, one imagines. As a work of fiction the aforementioned documents aren't likely to bother Fifty Shades Of Grey author E. L. James although the fictitious novel The Codfather by the alleged fantasist Austin Tweed might be given a serious run for it's money.

For now, moi intends to deal with only two of the six documents, and we'll begin with 'Spectator Accommodation', before moving swiftly on to 'Rider Safety' - not that these aforementioned two documents contain anything less nothingness than the others, rather that they refer to riders and spectators – those still with us.

Apart from approximately two paragraphs, all six documents overfloweth with pretentious boring regurgitated drivel - all quite obviously aimed at the toothless, almost motionless DCAL, and the DRD who have also already admitted they have no in-house expertise to advise what reasonable measures of safety are required for such a dangerous extreme sport.

It's perhaps understandable for moi to assume the six 'important Safety documents' appear to have emanated from a nonentity with an infertile imagination, or worse - nonenties once again allegedly displaying their alleged contempt and wanton disregard for the lives or safety of motorcycle real road racing riders and fans alike.

The real problems associated with safety at motorcycle real road racing events on the public roads of Northern Ireland are neither addressed or even mentioned - the unfit for purpose public roads for instance. A particularly contentious issue rather eloquently addressed by Senior Coroner John Leckey when he acknowledged - that motorcycle road races did not have the same safety measures in place as other motor sport venues here in Northern Ireland and allegedly then said - 'if it cannot be made safe to a requisite standard, then the question has to be asked - should motorcycle racing on public roads take place at all?' He was of course referring to the infamous Tandragee 100 circuit and the issue of run off areas or more to the point - the absence of run off areas.

Read these proposals and one thing becomes clear though, the days of a free day out at a Northern Ireland motorcycle real road racing event are about to end. The MCUI-UC are hoping new legislation - similar to that already in use for the Ulster Grand Prix - will be passed by 2015, which obviously equates into admission fees - a cash injection they believe will pay for, amongst other things – huge hikes in insurance premiums.

And who will also be expected to cough up their hard earned cash for the proposed grandstand seating - 'spectator accommodation' etc? Hardly the promoting Clubs/Limited Companies, leastways not those that are for all intents and purposes, allegedly technically insolvent. Ultimately, it’s the fans who will be expected to bail out the allegedly ineptly incompetent Dinosaurs – those who have brought motorcycle real road racing to it’s knees - but if the hordes of freeloader 'fans' refuse and go elsewhere for their free entertainment - are there truly enough die-hard Irish real road racing fans out there with the necessary very deep pockets that will enable motorcycle racing on our public roads to continue? Very doubtful one suspects.

To begin, presumably for the slow learners in our midst, the MCUI-UC remind us that: 'Motorcycle road racing is recognised as a dangerous sport involving riders and their machines travelling at speed around roadways that are normally used by private and commercial vehicles. Although a number of safety measures are adopted for a race meeting there is always the potential for an accident to occur. Although an accident may involve a number of groups including spectators and officials, it is often the rider involved in an accident and his fellow competitors that are likely to sustain injury. It is a dangerous sport where motorcycles travel at various speeds along roads, generally open to the public. It is therefore important that careful planning and consideration is given to the location and types of spectator accommodation around the circuit, and that suitable means of protection are utilised to ensure that spectators are not placed at risk.'

Most interesting, as already mentioned, is the provision of modular seating - spectator accommodation: 'The location of these temporary demountable structures to accommodate spectators should be carefully considered. They should only be located at areas that are considered to be safe and not likely to obstruct the view of riders or officials. A risk assessment should be undertaken with attention to be given to the location, construction, access and egress arrangements for the structure. Seating accommodation should be erected on level, stable ground. Temporary demountable structures should be erected by a competent person, structurally sound and well maintained, and certified as safe for use in that location by a person with relevant qualifications and experience such as a structural engineer. The back, front and sides of the structure should be guarded by members of appropriate strength and dimension to prevent persons falling. The spectators accommodated in the structure should be monitored by marshals to ensure that suitable crowd management arrangements are in place. An assessment should also be undertaken to consider if barriers should be provided to the sides of the racing circuit so that all reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that motorcycles or riders involved in an incident do not stray off the circuit and onto a spectator area. Barriers should be of appropriate design and are properly located.'

One has to assume more thought for life and limb will go into the placement of the aforementioned mentioned barriers than for the infamous killer straw bales chicane as used at the Tandragee 100 The same applies to the 'Standing Area' proposals where even more barriers are being - proposed - don't these clowns know obstacles such as barriers can kill and maim motorcyclists? Obviously they don't!

'Having completed a risk assessment areas considered to provide suitable standing viewing accommodation should be identified. The assessment should also identify if protective barriers should be provided between the racing circuit and the viewing areas. Again any barriers used should be of appropriate design and be properly located. Consideration should be given to the access and egress arrangements of all standing viewing areas. The ground should be level, free from trip hazards, and in a stable condition. Private Land Some areas of private land may be adjacent to a road racing circuit. This has the potential to create problems as the Race Promoters do not have control over such areas. However Race Promoters should carry out a risk assessment of these areas to identify if it is safe for persons to view from these areas of private land. It is important that the race promoters meet with the owners of the private land and advise them of the findings of their risk assessment. They should seek agreement from the land owners to ensure that persons do not gain access to these areas. The race promoters will have a duty to monitor these areas and if persons do gain access they should have a system in place to inform the Clerk of Course to enable racing to be suspended until the persons are removed from the said areas. Alternative control measures could be implemented by erecting suitable barriers of appropriate strength and dimensions. Provisions for Disabled Persons Race Organisers must be aware of the provisions of the Disability Discrimination (Northern Ireland) Order 2005 and should ensure that suitable arrangements are put in place for persons with disability.'

The opinion of moi, and others, is that these proposals from the Dinosaurs are potentially extremely dangerous - if they are even remotely serious about protecting spectators at motorcycle real road racing events, which I do not believe they are - spectators have to be moved a safe distance away from high speed motorcycles which can kill. Placing barriers around the courses will only serve to increase the likelyhood of more riders being killed and seriously injured - these 'safety' proposals from the Dinosaurs - border on insanity!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Monday, 14 January 2013

Ireland – The Abortion Free-Zone of the Civilised World!

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

So you’re reading about abortions and wondering what it’s got to do with the Irish motorcycle real road racing fraternity - the thorny abortion issue is actually very much relevant to the Irish motorcycling community as a whole. Motorcycles are ridden and enjoyed by both sexes, and in case you’re one of our self-serving local politicians, church leaders etc. - that translates into men and women. If it’s what you choose to believe, there has only ever been one woman who managed to get herself pregnant without any apparent assistance from a randy stud – allegedly - Mary conceived courtesy of some divine sexual intercourse from above. The rest of womankind get pregnant the old fashioned way, yet for the most part, it can often be those same men who having enjoyed their brief minute of pleasure, are hell bent on destroying the lives of the women they impregnated.

The lives of women living on the island of Ireland are being put at serious risk on a daily basis, and not only because moi has yet to see any tangible evidence that safety at Irish real road racing events is being taken seriously by the MCUI Dinosaurs. Amongst the other culprits are the Governments on either side of the border - neither of which appears to have any regard for the lives of pregnant women on this island who require an abortion. These two Governments continue to sweep the abortion issue from their inadequate tiny minds – sounds like something else to a few I imagine. Here in Northern Ireland for instance, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, the 1967 Abortion Act simply does not apply whereas in Southern Ireland – for all intents and purposes, abortion is banned altogether no matter what the circumstances might be – which has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of innocent women.

Marie Stopes International, the sexual health charity, recently opened a clinic in Belfast to offer non-surgical abortion services to pregnant women from the whole of Ireland. This provoked fury amongst the anti-abortion brigade - including the Northern Ireland Attorney General John Larkin who intervened in the abortion debate by offering his allegedly biased advice to the clowns of Stormont on the hill. This very same Mr Larkin, on a local radio programme in 2008, compared the termination of a pregnancy where a child would be born extremely disabled as "putting a bullet in the back of the head of the child two days after it's born".

Whilst a mere QC at the time, Mr Larkin was obviously entitled to his personal views, like the rest of us, but as attorney general - chief law officer for each and every single citizen of Northern Ireland whether they be ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ on the abortion issue – he does not have the right to make any further despicable verbal attacks on womankind. Perhaps for Northern Ireland, Mr Larkin would wish to create a new society of unequals – them and us - men and women. Moi would suggest a cotmpromise though - if women are to be denied the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies by the pro-life lobby - the perpetrators responsible for creating those unwanted pregnancies - should be castrated.

It matters not if you are pro-life or pro-choice, the choice ultimately belongs to the woman desperately requiring a pregnancy termination – it’s her body, her well-being, her life, not yours, and nor is that of John Larkin, Edwin Poots, Sean Brady, Enda Kenny, Peter Robinson, Martin McGuiness et al – who, rather than playing the populist political card, should be serving their respective communities by bringing to justice the countless child abusers and rapists that this country has been infested with for to many years.

This island has more than its fair share of self-serving pompous hypocritical buffoons spouting sanctimonious comments on immorality whilst defending and protecting the guilty from justice. Whereas in other countries the debate is between the pro-life and pro-choice lobbyists - in Southern Ireland there is simply No-Choice – a scenario we could very soon experience in Northern Ireland. The personal opinion of moi should be obvious, I firmly believe that individuals should have unlimited autonomy with respect to their own reproductive systems.

In some cases though, these problems can be lessened somewhat - instead of indulging in unprotected sex without any suitable method of contraception, practice safe sex as moi does – as often as is possible. Sadly though, the innocent victims of vile child abusers and rapists are not afforded the opportunity to take such precautions – to many women in this part of the world are being accosted by illiterate low-life males who are incapable of grasping the meaning of one particularly simple word - ‘No!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Do Not Text While Driving In 2013 - Look Out For Bikers!

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Believe it or not - a survey recently revealed the shocking statistic that a quarter of motorists text while driving! Throw into the mix those who make phone calls, apply makeup, ogle pretty girls and/or nice boys, play with their in-car entertainment which isn't always a music system - some even play with themselves. It's true!

Forget about the financial penalties, the points on your licence - these lunatics obviously already have - think instead about your life if you will - about the lives of the other unsuspecting innocent people you are about to kill, or maim - families, children -  your family, your children.

This shocking video from a police vehicle graphically demonstrates how texting whilst driving can end your life in an instant. Not for the faint-hearted!

Drive carefully in 2013, and please look out for bikers, some of us would rather not be picking up the pieces. 

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Irish Real Road Racing 2013 + Irish Short Circuit 2013 Dates

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Calendar listing of all Irish Real Road Racing 2013 Dates plus all Irish Shorth Circuit 2013 Dates for your diary. Any changes will be updated when made available. Further information may or not be available by contacting the MCUI-UC although as usual don't blame moi if your request is ignored. On the other hand, it's probably just information requests from moi that are ignored. Can't really imagine why!
Date Short Circuit Event
16th March Nutts Corner
24th March Mondello Park
30th March Bishopscourt
1st April Kirkistown
6th April Mondello Park
7th April Mondello Park
20th April Nutts Corner
7th May Bishopscourt
25th May Mondello Park
26th May Mondello Park
1st June Kirkistown
22nd June Mondello Park
23rd June Mondello Park
20th July Bishopscourt
3rd August Mondello Park
4th August Mondello Park
10th August Bishopscourt
31st August Mondello Park
1st September Mondello Park
7th September Kirkistown
21st September Bishopscourt
5th October Mondello Park
6th October Mondello Park
11th October S/f Bishopscourt
12th October S/f Bishopscourt
Date Real Road Race Event
26/27th April Cookstown 100
3/4th May Tandragee 100
14/16/18th May North West 200
Cancelled Bush Road Race
5/6th July Skerries 100
13/14th July Walderstown Road Race
Cancelled Kells Road Race
26/27th July Armoy Road Race
2/3rd August Mid Antrim 150
10/11th August Athea Road Race
14th August Dundrod 150
15th August UGP/Dundrod 150
17th August Ulster Grand Prix
24/25th August Cork Road Race
7/8th September Killalane Road Race

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Friday, 4 January 2013

The Down Syndrome Ireland Motorcycle Challenge 2013

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

It’s been said a pessimist is a misunderstood realist, who would like to visit the planet optimists live on, but wouldn't like to live there, and a pessimist is apparently what an optimist calls a realist which is what I believe myself to be - a realist. Perhaps that should be a pessimistic realist. That being so, the Elbert Hubbard quote, is in my case true, I’ve had such one night relationships: ‘A pessimist is one who has been intimately acquainted with an optimist.’

When asked for instance to make a financial contribution to some charitable institution or whatever – I generally don’t. Instead the culture of exorbitant salaries would surface, the luxuriously decadent palatial headquarters, the obscenely scandalous expenses, the offshore bank accounts. Rather like when one hears the MCUI-UC are to publish another raft of motorcycle real road racing safety policies – one simply rolls her eyes and laughs, as indeed she does as she reads the contents of every letter which arrives from – choose practically any Stormont Government Department – now there is a wonderful venue for the storage of nuclear waste.

Fortunately though, not all charities fall into the aforementioned quagmires - founded in 1971, the Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) is a national charity representing people with Down Syndrome and their families. It is the largest organisation in Ireland supporting people with an intellectual disability, its purpose is to ensure people with Down Syndrome rightly reach their full potential as members of society.

As a motorcyclist, to support Down Syndrome Ireland you can sign up to participate in the Rev-up4DSI annual charity motorcycle challenge which started in 2005 when two kindred spirits (Michael McCormick and Aidan Lynam) met. Both are Dads to young girls born with Down Syndrome (Megan and Robyn respectively) and - both are fellow keen motorcyclists requiring our support.

In May 2006 the inaugural event set off from Joe Duffy’s BMW dealership with 94 bikes in tow, about half of whom were carrying pillions and all were bedecked in DSI shirts, badges and stickers. Raising in excess of €200,000 at the first attempt was an absolutely astounding achievement by all the participants and truly humbled all who were involved.

Continuing to grow in size since its humble beginnings and now firmly stamped into the Irish biking calendar as one of the premier motorcycle charity events, Down Syndrome Ireland hope to see you all at Joe Duffy BMW in Dublin on Saturday May 4th 2013 to “SHARE THE JOURNEY”

If you should require any further information: fundraising@downsyndrome.ie or check out both Twitter @Revup4DSI and Facebook ‘2013 Rev Up 4DSI’

A pessimist is allegedly also a Dinosaur who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself, and hates them for it.

A Happy New Year to nearly everyone, good luck with your resolutions - I resolve to be a good girl in 2013 – actually, that’s a lie!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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