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This Television Programme Features Sex, Dinosaurs & Kids!!!

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It's not that I've not had them previously, and since - invites to participate in local media interviews - of my own volition I turned them down, then and now. Not so the alluring invitation to appear on national television, superior forces swiftly thwarted that opportunity. Whilst the publishing of ones opinions on a personal blog - encouraged and supported - the very suggestion though of moi airing them on live nationwide television - a step to far – especially so when the main subject matter was casually mentioned.

Apart from the obvious subject, also to be discussed - not that I have or intend to have any - who should be giving moral guidance to our children? Apparently some are of the opinion I more than most have the necessary qualifications to pass judgement on the subject, being obsessed as I am with sex, after motorcycles - although in the off-season, frequently it's the other way around.

With consummate ease my reputation has seemingly gone global, not that I’m complaining, a reserved innocent wall flower I’m not. It is after all true, circumstances permitting; I love a good socialising evening out, having a drink or three of red wine whilst verbally and nonverbally communicating with an available intelligent virile male, the climax of the night being some serious physical interactions.

Enjoying a healthy heterosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean though that I am without morals which would be amoral, which I most certainly am not. To my knowledge there is no ultimate standard of morality, but personal sexual encounters aside, in my chosen profession – I consider my professional moral standards to be higher than most, if not all.

Whether anyone believes I should be offering moral guidance to kids hardly matters, leastways to me, more important is who in Northern Ireland – should NOT be preaching to our kids about morals. The list is long, to long for this posting, naming individuals would take forever, not so the various collective bodies to which the culprits belong perhaps.

Stormont, our sham Government in residence on the hill – which would you prefer – Homer Simpson offering guidance to your child or a reprobate with criminal record, a dubious past and present life? They’ve much more important agendas to deal with anyway – their own – how to waste our money, keep themselves, and cronies, in the undeserved lavish lifestyle afforded to them by having unrestricted access to great chunks of others hard earned cash.

While many voters believe the politicians make all the decisions that affect their day to day life, many know better – it’s the faceless bureaucratic civil servants who make the majority of governance decisions for which they are never held accountable. One wouldn’t be that bothered if not for the fact many of these masters of delivering the most annoying, pretentious meaningless nothingness – know next to zero about the issues they profess to be rectifying on behalf of toothless government departments. One would suggest A-Level Morals isn’t a qualification that many of these people possess.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland aka The Pissnees not much loved by many, although one must defend the many excellent officers in the force, sadly there are still to many to whom the job is no longer a vocation, it’s just a dead end thankless job. Mainly though the problem has been caused by those at the top of the unstable ladder, rather than being concerned with the morals of our kids, they’re obsessed with meaningless managed statistics – the real statistic though is being kept under wraps – many are those who wouldn’t sleep in their beds if only they knew the truth – how many active police officers this wee country actually has, or more to the point – has not.

Some might say immorality is rife – out of control in this world which we inhabit for a short moment in time – unscrupulous, unethical, unprincipled, incompetent, villainous, corrupt – it has been proven time and time again that any one of these six words, perhaps all six, could be used when referring to many in the ‘professional’ ranks of this country – far too many for comfort. We all know who they are, we've probably all met or at least know of immoral bankers, legal eagles, political figurines, social representatives, financial advisers, accounting vultures - add to the list at your leisure.

Needless to say if asked for an opinion moi would probably also allege that should a morality litmus test ever be made available, in the governing body of our chosen sport, there would allegedly be those 'unprofessional' Dinosaurs who would fare no better than those already mentioned immoral ‘professionals’.

May I wish those in our midst with morals, a Very Merry Xmas, and please remember to practice safe sex - after all - doesn't practice make perfect?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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