Monday, 19 March 2012

Wild Wild Stories of Bikes, Buddies and the Open Road

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We've all heard them, at least a dozen times, probably told a few of our own - stories of wild wild bikers, insane exploits - usually when we've had one to many of the Devil's Brew. Whilst allegedly not under the influence, Kevin Moore in an inspired moment, or perhaps a moment of madness after hearing one to many of those stories, started a new website for all of those stories about motorcycles, friends, family and the open road called  - Bikes and Buddies

Kev's site is for true stories - perhaps even unbelievable stories, and is for all types of riders - motorcycle riders - I think. Already there’s a story about how Gilby Clarke from Guns n' Roses, a Brit named Dave and Kevin almost blew up the town of Twentynine Palms due to sheer stupidity, whilst another is about motocross.

Motorcycle stories are freely traded by word, but few are ever put down in writing, not even the really great stories. This has left a void in the landscape of motorcycle literature, both pulp and the internet based. Part humor, part thought provoking, Kevin Moore’s masterful writing makes the reader first laugh out loud then contemplate the social implications of motorcycles and the folks who ride them. His prose transcends any one kind of bike, tearing back the veil to reveal the culture of two-wheeled travel, so go treat yourself to an enjoyable humorous motorcycle story every four weeks.

Also coming soon from the pen of Kevin is a book on motorcycles and becoming a dad called “Motorcycles and a Baby: Stories of a Geardhead’s Roadtrip to Fatherhood.” Me thinks it's time I made contact with a publisher for my own book, an alleged work of fiction: "Dinosaurs Killed The Real Road Racers"

A website for discerning motorcyclists - Bikes and Buddies - Online Now!

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