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UPDATED 14th March 2012

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited have allegedly been carrying out yet another review of safety practices at real road racing events and furthermore have allegedly given DCAL an undertaking to develop and publish a safety code of practice before the start of the 2012 season. All beginning to resemble an ongoing Hollywood epic.

If you’re wondering why the foregoing sounds all too familiar, simply cast your mind back to the beginning of the new millennium and Task Force 2000. Remember when as a direct result of serious concerns voiced by DCAL and the Department of the Environment about the number of fatalities that had occurred in motorcycle road racing in recent years - the MCUI in August 2000 established a Task Force to examine the safety issues within motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland?

When moi asked DCAL about the outcome of Task Force 2000 - they replied thus: 'DCAL may have received a MCUI Task Force report in December 2000 established to examine safety issues within the sport. However, no copy was held on our files.' Many fatalities and serious injuries later and we are once more asked to believe the MCUI-UC are capable of vastly improving safety at motorcycle races on our public roads – are they even interested? Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem.

Despite the blinkered opinions of the ever diminishing numbers of die hard fans - real road racing currently finds itself staring into the abyss - the future is bleak - if there is a future. Motorcycle real road racing on the public roads of the island of Ireland is being led down the proverbial garden path. There is now an urgent need for the allegedly shambolic Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and several of the Limited Companies currently organising and promoting motorcycle racing in the North of Ireland to be scrutinised.

All Limited Companies are required by law to keep a full record of income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities - these records must now be examined in detail by the Northern Ireland Audit Office. Motorcycle real road racing in Northern Ireland has been receiving huge amounts of taxpayers money for many, many years, therefore any suggestions that may have been made regarding alleged possible misuse of public money must now be fully and thoroughly investigated.

There is a strong case for the governing body of motorcycle real road racing in Ulster – the not fit for purpose MCUI-UC Limited to be decommissioned, along with the inept incompetent Roads Inspection Committee. The Northern Ireland Assembly has primary legislative powers over many areas – including Health and Safety – so why do our Government Ministers continue to fiddle while motorcycle real road racing self destructs. DCAL has a moral duty to take control of all motorcycle racing safety issues. Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem.

UPDATE: The MCUI-UC have now declared a new safety code of practice for motorcycle racing will be introduced later in 2012 rather than before the start of the 2012 season as recently stated by DCAL. Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem - and getting cheaper by the day. What next? Two for the price of one!

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