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Sponsors Bitten by Dinosaur Snappers Strategic Alliance?

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So who amongst us had been hoping with the official arrival of summertime and the return of motorcycle road racing, everything in the Irish real road racing garden would be coming up roses? It won't happen my friends, for already the roses are wilting, the violets are dead and motorcycle racing lies bleeding on the real roads of Ireland.

Just recently much ado was being made by real road racing aficionadas about a multifaceted problem with no easy solution - unless of course one was under the impression that a £60.00 press accreditation fee was the real problem - as opposed to merely being the smoke screen behind which allegedly lurked the assorted protagonists.

Whilst already on a downward spiral to eventual extinction, Irish real road racing has found itself embroiled in yet another bitter power struggle which could yet deliver the fatal blow a whole lot sooner than many amongst us ever imagined. Amongst the aforementioned protagonists involved in this farcical one-upmanship spat we have of course the usual suspects - the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - a few of those alleged dictatorial freeloading officials we all love to loathe - the Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association - a bevy of assorted photographers, and just for good measure - a few organising clubs/limited companies.

The root cause is of course all a matter of allegiances, or perhaps it’s more a case of what cause and/or organisation/limited company some of the protagonists claimed to have sworn their undying allegiance to, or should that be – to whom did some swear their allegiance to – perhaps themselves for instance.

We now all know the MCUI-UC introduced a new £60 press accreditation fee, without which the assembled throngs of alleged photographers and their assistants would be denied their God given right to park themselves wheresoever they chose around our real public roads race tracks for a free show on the pretext of – taking photographs.

Concerns about the adverse effect such a scheme would have on their prepaid publicity, those the sport needs the most immediately drew clear battle lines over the ill-thought out, but typical MCUI-UC ludicrous proposal. Major motorcycle racing sponsor Adelaide Insurance Services threatened to stop the flow of cash, and rightly so, whilst some newspapers further fuelled the flames by threatening to withdraw event coverage - two threats which ultimately led to the MCUI-UC being forced into performing an embarrassing u-turn, but is that the end of the sordid episode?

When one accepts the proposed £60.00 fee was to be levied on photographers in an attempt to ensure they were properly accredited and because the MCUI want to allegedly drastically reduce the number of photographers at events, and that furthermore, members of the IMPA - Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association - were present when the unanimous decision was made - one then realises the answer to my question is simple - it is most definitely not over.

The MCUI-UC have since declared there are alternative ways to reduce the number of photographers, for example by making the accreditation process more stringent, and that is what they might well do for next year, but why not this year? There are after all to many freeloaders claiming to be photographers, therefore if only for safety reasons, there is an urgent requirement to separate the wheat from the chaff. But why should anyone worry, like Task Force 2000, positive decisions will probably never be taken.

Before the annomynous emails are dispatched from the army of irate photographers out there, perhaps they should first pause and ask for whose benefit the Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association were acting in this ongoing alleged charade, and who amongst the IMPA members present at MCUI-UC meetings might allegedly benefit from less competition at Irish motorcycle road racing events?

Is it possible we might soon witness one single MCUI-UC appointed company monopolising all things 'media' at our Irish motorcycle road race events? Should, or when that scenario comes to pass, will Adelaide Insurance Services and other loyal sponsors of our sport, enthusiastically pay the asking price of whosoever the sole piper might be?

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