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The Outlaw Gunslinger Tyler Linders @ Chuckwalla

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Press release for Outlaw/ADR Racing
On March 10th and 11th Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA) hosted it’s first event of 2012. The Chuckwalla Valley raceway 2.68-mile track is the newest in Southern California. Designed by Ed Bargy, the track is wide, smooth, and features spacious runoff areas which allows this track to run in both directions but this weekend it was running clockwise. The Outlaw racing team, comprised of Tyler Linders, Hunter Coffin, Daytona Anderson, Ben Truslow, Jason Aguilar and Andre Ochs have already completed 2 races this season with WERA and were ready for the CVMA event. With WSMC no longer an option, riders flocked to Chuckwalla for what looked to be a record breaking turnout.

The top Outlaw racing qualifiers on Saturday were Tyler Linders 2nd and Ben Truslow in 4th. When the green flag dropped for the Formula Middleweight class the Outlaws were in full force as Tyler Linders took 2nd, Ben Truslow 4th, Hunter Coffin 5th and Daytona Anderson 8thwhich gave Outlaw racing 40% of the top 10. In the SuperSport Middleweight class it was another close battle between Jeffrey Tigert and Tyler Linders, Tigert pulled out a narrow victory while Linders was only a bike length behind him in 2nd place. Ben Truslow finished 4th, Hunter Coffin 7th and Daytona Anderson 8th.

If you were watching the races on Sunday, you were watching the Tyler Linders show. Nick named “the Law” back in 2009 for chasing down opponents the way a cop flips a U-Turn and chases down the bad guys, this 15 year old rising star was in hot pursuit of the top spot on the podium and no one was able to out run him. Outlaw racing had a great showing in the Formula Middleweight class, “the Law” Linders in 1st place, Daytona Anderson in 2nd, Andre Ochs in 4th and Jason Aguilar in 6th. Similar results in the SuperSport Middleweight class, Tyler Linders 1st, Daytona Anderson 4th, Andre Ochs 7th and Jason Aguilar 9th. In the Shootout Middle Weight class Tyler finished 3rd, Daytona 4th, and Jason Aguilar 6th.

Outlaw racing’s team manager Jason Paredez said “Hunter Coffin was coming back after an injury and is getting back up to speed sooner than I thought he would, Daytona Anderson has made consistent improvements race after race and we are really happy with the way he rode this weekend. Ben Truslow made a rare mistake on Sunday but Saturday he was flying, 2nd best on the Outlaw racing team on Saturday and we look forward to seeing Ben back in action next month. The stand out of the weekend was definitely Tyler Linders, he opened a lot of eyes this weekend, ran against some stiff competition and still managed to come out on top of the podium on Sunday. Tyler had the most impressive weekend I’ve seen in a long time. Overall Mookie Wilkerson and I are happy with the way the team is progressing, and we want to thank ADR racing for getting the bikes together, Trackaholics for tuning, Superbike Suspension, ACT Leathers, FLY, Next Moto Champion, Pirelli, Race Tech, DoGrafx and Lay’d Out.”

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