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RealRoadRacing & The Millisle Mafiosa Codfather Mystery

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Warning! All readers of a nervous disposition should look away now - for whilst what follows is in fact a work of fictional fiction, everything you might read, in all probability, probably is not true, although other perceptive folk might realise that in their truthful estimation, in all probability they might be inclined to believe otherwise - for isn't it true that fiction is never as terrifyingly truthful as the truth.

Founded in January 1903, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) – now a Limited Company - is the governing body for Road Racing, Short Circuits and Trials within the 9 counties of Ulster, but who is actually in charge of this secretive Company - who makes any allegedly rumoured unchallenged decisions?

A browse through any official minutes of the MCUI-UC meetings will reveal there are a multitude of Committees allegedly overseeing and discussing virtually everything one would expect from such a meticulously efficient organisation – everything from tarmac racing and safety to more mundane issues - the extortionate price of biscuits for instance. But are those Committees and Committee Members really honestly making the all-important decisions that ultimately effects the well-being of competitors and fans alike?

And now for the real fictitious fiction - if one were to believe the alleged rumours, the answer to that difficult question becomes most simple for is it not allegedly so that the aforementioned MCUI-UC is allegedly rumoured to be under the alleged control of the all-powerful allegedly rumoured to probably allegedly exist Millisle Mafiosa - but probably it doesn't exist at all - or does it?

Are we now ready to learn more about the hierarchy of the allegedly rumoured to exist or not exist fictitious Millisle Mafiosa? Well as one would expect, it to is an alleged organization with a chequered past which goes back many, many years, so it should come as no huge surprise to hear that this allegedly equally secretive and rumoured to be much feared in obvious circles alleged organisation, has an alleged most definite hierarchical command structure.

Allegedly - it’s allegedly rumoured to be run from the top of a somewhat unstable stepladder by the Boss of all Bosses, the Don. Mostly though, in reality being something of an alleged simple man/fish of simple pleasures, sources are allegedly rumoured to have often claimed he/it prefers being referred to as the Codfather - Simples! Cod of all he surveys!

Meantime, patiently waiting in a somewhat rusty leaking bucket on the very bottom step - the assembled swarming Minnows – presumably of some use should the Codfather fancy a spot of fishing in the Blue Lagoon of Millisle. At other times the Minnows are of course allegedly rumoured to have other quite specific uses and duties, although moi isn’t really sure what those might be, unless one perchance had a pet penguin in need of feeding.

Most certainly though, one very much doubts that the purchasing of the biscuits or the brewing of the coffee would be amongst those duties – not when in all probability any disrespecting Codfather would have a compliant and subservient ‘er indoors - perhaps even an 'im - on hand for such lowly duties. Rumour also has it don't you know, that there is nothing easy about caring for the needs of a Codfather – with a mouth full of cotton wool - what might one feed to such a creature? The Minnows! Please Cod - not the Minnows!

Apart from the possibly already devoured Minnows, there are of course rumoured to be other Millisle Mafiosa ever so tiny bit part players to be dealt with by the Codfather - Committee Members from far and wide also allegedly otherwise referred to - as the shoal of submissive Plankton. Unfortunately though, moi hasn’t managed to gain access to a microscope with enough magnification to identify such lowly low life forms.

Armed therefore with the alleged foregoing knowledge of the Millisle Mafiosa Codafather at the helm with his/its netted subordinates in tow, one can now begin to visualise the alleged Codfather fully controlling the allegedly rumoured Millisle Mafiosa with a fin of iron. And of course we possibly now begin to realise why so many alleged life changing decisions - perhaps even life terminating decisions - are allegedly rumoured to be allegedly taken and rubber stamped in an alleged Millisle Codfather Underwater Institution by an allegedly rumoured Millisle Mafiosa Codfather and his/its assembled shoal of Minnows - and why those alleged decisions are allegedy never challenged – for is it not true that Plankton are spineless, simple and don't actaully have brains?

Importnat Disclaimer Notice: The foregoing little article is merely a fictitious fiction mystery - in all probability neither the Millisle Mafiosa, nor the Millisle Mafiosa Codfather actually exist. All dubiously fishy characters featured are completely fictional and any resemblance to any fish or person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any fish or person either living or dead is therefore intended or should be inferred by any living or dead fish or person.

Also note that the Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland is in no way associated with the alleged non-existent fictitious fictional Millisle Codfather Underwater Institution. Neither were any minnows nor spineless plankton harmed or fed to any pet penguin during the making of this fictional blog posting - actually that little snippet might not be strictly true.

Safety Notice: Following consultations with several alleged Health and Safety Offishers - throughout the making of the foregoing work of fictionalised fiction - the terrifying injury defying stunts were performed by an assorted troupe of professional Trout with the aid of back protectors. Please do not attempt to replicate any of the herein witnessed stunts within the boundaries of your own mind and especially so - without the aid of a back protector.

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