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Will Sinn Fein's Caral Ni Chuilin Drink From The MCUI-UC Poisoned Chalice?

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WARNING: MOTORCYCLE RACING IS DANGEROUS. PERSONS ATTENDING THIS MEETING DO SO ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK. Now where have we seen such a notice previously? Ah yes, motorcycle road race events, programmes - we've all read it, shrugged the shoulders, filed the inconsequential information away in the corner of some black hole of our tiny brains under the heading - 'Meaningless Input' - because that's what it is - meaningless, something of no consequence, not worth the cheap paper it's printed on.

You think differently? Consider this grim revelation then, and think again my dear friends - several competitors, and bereaved families of deceased competitors, are allegedly currently being sued by spectators previously injured in motorcycle real road race events held in Northern Ireland. And what of those very people who are supposed to be the guardians of our well-being at each and every motorcycle road racing event held under the auspices of the MCUI-UC - to where have they now allegedy crawled? Perhaps if moi looks under this here stone - are those blood sucking parasitic slimy leeches I see down there?

HEALTH WARNING: MOTORCYCLE REAL ROAD RACING IS DANGEROUS. PERSONS ATTENDING MAY BE SERIOUSLY INJURED, OR KILLED. Now this would be a more appropriate warning notice - a still meaningless declaration, even if it would be significantly more truthful than the current notices allegedly being used by the MCUI-UC and associated Clubs - but then again does it matter, do any of the Dinosaurs really care if you live or die anyway? Your demise would in all probability allegedly merely present another opportunity to spew forth a reworking of the infamous catch phrase: "It could only be described as a freak accident and a risk spectators accept in the pursuit of their chosen sport" But what if the demised was your husband, wife, partner, lover, or an innocent child - your innocent child? Would hearing those allegedly callous, self-exonerating words satisfy your lust for justice?

Should you ever have the misfortune of becoming involved in one of those so readily acceptable 'freak accidents', you'll very quickly discover your name is allegedly filed away in a dark dusty closet with the rest of the alleged skeletons under the alleged title - 'Unknown Acceptable Statistic'

When she took office last year, the in-tray that awaited the new Minister of the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure - Sinn Fein's Carál Ní Chuilín - just like the in-trays of other Stormont Departments, allegedly all contained numerous files marked - 'No Decision Until After Election' - even though most had allegedly been rumoured to have been idly sitting there since the last election, except of course for the file allegedly marked 'Motorcycle Real Road Racing - The Poisoned Chalice' which had allegedly been gathering dust since the beginning of the New Millennium, or was it the Old Millennium?

Obviously there has to be reasons for the continuing indecisiveness of the assorted brands of DCAL Ministers in relation to the thorny MCUI-UC safety problem - perhaps they've been convinced motorcycle real road racing is a guaranteed vote winner, something not to be tampered with - preferring to humour the motorcycle racing disinterested lobby with timely suitably sympathetic noises about unacceptable injuries and fatalities - stopping short of once and for all ridding the World of the Dinosaurs.

Then again, one should probably first consider asking why some Northern Ireland political parties are so fervently reluctant to reveal from where the financial donations regularly appear to swell their respective coffers.

What other sport relies so heavily on handouts of Taxpayers money on an event by event basis? In these austere times in which we find ourselves, DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chuilin needs to seize the opportunity - wave the red flag to bring the gravy train to a halt - park it - starve the Dinosaurs of funding. Motorcycle real road racing needs to be saved from evil; the safety of every single person attending an event must be the number one priority. If DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chuilin is being told the Dinosaurs are genuinely interested in safety issues, she should be asking this question of the MCUI-UC hierarchy: Which of the Dinosaurs for a whole year - allegedly blocked back protectors being made compulsory for all competitors? He the man, he say - No! If they care so little about the well being of competitors, just imagine how much less they care about you the ardent fan.

Motorcycle real road racing is a dangerous sport, a fact not accepted by those who would say that mountaineering, another extreme sport, is equally dangerous, moreso even, but how many fans are maimed or killed whilst spectating? And consider also the answers to these two simple questions: Is the sport of mountaineering blighted with an alleged out of control Dictatorship Governing Body, and benefactor of regular obscene amounts of funding from the bottomless pit of taxpayers money?

There is however some good news in this MCUI-UC blighted tale of woe - the forward thinking safety conscious owners of the Bishopscourt racetrack in County Down must be heartily congratulated. Bishopscourt really does deserve financial support from DCAL - by local standards, a first class motorcycle race venue. Will their efforts be enough though to stop our sport from being consigned to the horror history books of Hell by a bunch of alleged scheming inept incompetents?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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