Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Price of Lives in the Failing State of Northern Ireland

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While it would be lovely to say it's great to be back home in this wee corner of the World, I'm honestly not so sure it is. Okay, one has to admit that South Africa is very much an untamed country, and there are areas where one simply shouldn’t visit - for any reason, but one could say the same applies to Northern Ireland. Hijackings, shootings, bombings - the similarities are endless, apart perhaps for the scale of poverty and deprivation, which is on an unimaginable grand scale in South Africa.

Not sure when I last saw a shantytown in Northern Ireland, especially one that was on a par with those of South Africa. We should all be really thankful for small mercies; any one of us could have been born in one of those South African slums with little chance of survival. Who amongst us could survive without our house, money, supermarket, electric, telephone, computer, health service, and sewage system, transport - what a culture shock?

If anything was learned from the prolonged volunteering trip, it's the disturbing fact that lives are cheap, especially so in other failed African states. People are dying at an alarming rate, and not only from natural causes - if starvation should ever be referred to as natural. Particularly distressing is the plight of the innocent children - the number of children dying every minute on the continent of Africa is quite simply staggering - not just failed states, a failed continent.

Back home here in Northern Ireland, to a certain degree it's easy to draw comparisons between our wee country and some of those failed African states. We're living in a failing state, the quango masquerading as an undemocratic government up on the hill. Huge amounts of money being flushed down the sewers, an unfit for purpose health service, likewise the Justice system, ever increasing numbers of jobless people which ultimately leads to poverty and who suffers the most? The children – as usual! An altogether unfit for purpose undemocratic government which this wee country simply cannot afford.

Another comparison one could make is the price of lives - a portion of the blame we can lay at the feet of the Justice system. Those people responsible for the death of another person should be facing more severe penalties. The murderers should be serving life, which should be exactly that - life. The penalty for the drunk driver, the boy/girl racer, the 'joyrider' who takes innocent lives should be from ten to twenty years.

And then we have those people indirectly responsible for numerous deaths including the inept incompetent event organiser who fails to take adequate safety precautions, the government official who instead of intervening to ensure the known serious safety concerns are addressed - financially supports such events with taxpayers money. Should these people be held to account? Most certainly, but more about the reasons in part deux.

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