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This Television Programme Features Sex, Dinosaurs & Kids!!!

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It's not that I've not had them previously, and since - invites to participate in local media interviews - of my own volition I turned them down, then and now. Not so the alluring invitation to appear on national television, superior forces swiftly thwarted that opportunity. Whilst the publishing of ones opinions on a personal blog - encouraged and supported - the very suggestion though of moi airing them on live nationwide television - a step to far – especially so when the main subject matter was casually mentioned.

Apart from the obvious subject, also to be discussed - not that I have or intend to have any - who should be giving moral guidance to our children? Apparently some are of the opinion I more than most have the necessary qualifications to pass judgement on the subject, being obsessed as I am with sex, after motorcycles - although in the off-season, frequently it's the other way around.

With consummate ease my reputation has seemingly gone global, not that I’m complaining, a reserved innocent wall flower I’m not. It is after all true, circumstances permitting; I love a good socialising evening out, having a drink or three of red wine whilst verbally and nonverbally communicating with an available intelligent virile male, the climax of the night being some serious physical interactions.

Enjoying a healthy heterosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean though that I am without morals which would be amoral, which I most certainly am not. To my knowledge there is no ultimate standard of morality, but personal sexual encounters aside, in my chosen profession – I consider my professional moral standards to be higher than most, if not all.

Whether anyone believes I should be offering moral guidance to kids hardly matters, leastways to me, more important is who in Northern Ireland – should NOT be preaching to our kids about morals. The list is long, to long for this posting, naming individuals would take forever, not so the various collective bodies to which the culprits belong perhaps.

Stormont, our sham Government in residence on the hill – which would you prefer – Homer Simpson offering guidance to your child or a reprobate with criminal record, a dubious past and present life? They’ve much more important agendas to deal with anyway – their own – how to waste our money, keep themselves, and cronies, in the undeserved lavish lifestyle afforded to them by having unrestricted access to great chunks of others hard earned cash.

While many voters believe the politicians make all the decisions that affect their day to day life, many know better – it’s the faceless bureaucratic civil servants who make the majority of governance decisions for which they are never held accountable. One wouldn’t be that bothered if not for the fact many of these masters of delivering the most annoying, pretentious meaningless nothingness – know next to zero about the issues they profess to be rectifying on behalf of toothless government departments. One would suggest A-Level Morals isn’t a qualification that many of these people possess.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland aka The Pissnees not much loved by many, although one must defend the many excellent officers in the force, sadly there are still to many to whom the job is no longer a vocation, it’s just a dead end thankless job. Mainly though the problem has been caused by those at the top of the unstable ladder, rather than being concerned with the morals of our kids, they’re obsessed with meaningless managed statistics – the real statistic though is being kept under wraps – many are those who wouldn’t sleep in their beds if only they knew the truth – how many active police officers this wee country actually has, or more to the point – has not.

Some might say immorality is rife – out of control in this world which we inhabit for a short moment in time – unscrupulous, unethical, unprincipled, incompetent, villainous, corrupt – it has been proven time and time again that any one of these six words, perhaps all six, could be used when referring to many in the ‘professional’ ranks of this country – far too many for comfort. We all know who they are, we've probably all met or at least know of immoral bankers, legal eagles, political figurines, social representatives, financial advisers, accounting vultures - add to the list at your leisure.

Needless to say if asked for an opinion moi would probably also allege that should a morality litmus test ever be made available, in the governing body of our chosen sport, there would allegedly be those 'unprofessional' Dinosaurs who would fare no better than those already mentioned immoral ‘professionals’.

May I wish those in our midst with morals, a Very Merry Xmas, and please remember to practice safe sex - after all - doesn't practice make perfect?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Steve McQueen Anti-Hero Biker Extraordinaire

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At the time it might well have been a great commercial for the Honda CR250M Elsinore CM but this enduring piece of cinematography starring the anti-hero icon Steve McQueen just has to be one of the most truly awesome adverts ever for promoting the sheer joy of motorcycling - safely. Enjoy!

Steve McQueen, the King of Cool, starred in a veritable multitude of unforgettable blockbuster movies including: The Great Escape, The Magnificent Seven, The Cincinnati Kid, Nevada Smith, Bullitt, Le Mans, The Getaway, Papillon, An Enemy of the People. He also featured in 'On Any Sunday' a 1971 must see American documentary feature about motorcycle sport, directed by Bruce Brown. Nominated for an Academy Award in 1972 for Documentary Feature the movie follows the lives of motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts. The film was also partially financially funded by Steve McQueen.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

MCUI-UC RealRoadRacing Safety Policy For Slow Learners

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Okay so it was a typical cold Northern Ireland winter morning, nonetheless one has to say it was rather wonderful to wake up this morning and experience the chill in the air, if I hadn’t I’d obviously not be alive and kicking. Now who'd have thought it, Xmas is all but upon us, no longer are we counting the months, the weeks – they’re are all but gone, sooner rather than later we’ll be counting the hours – the minutes, the seconds. If you haven’t purchased the latest useless tacky must have presents for all those people you barely know, or like that much, forget it. More important is the demon drink cabinet annual stocktake - time to run around the wine department like the proverbial headless chicken, or should that be turkey?

One thing is for sure though, there’s no need to buy tickets for that Christmas phenomenon so unique to these islands - the pantomime – in this part of the world we have several perpetual pantomimes. In recent times though, the cast of characters from two of these long running farcical productions have amalgamated. The MCUI-UC production ‘The Dinosaurs Talk Safety?’ now also includes many eejits from the other pantomime up on the big hill – Stormont. Neither the script nor the players have changed little in past decades as indeed was the case in February 2010 at the Chimney Corner Hotel when the MCUI-UC Dinosaur Players once again presented ‘The Dinosaurs Talk Safety?’ a strange insanely unbelievable fictional tale of alleged imaginary safety policies.

The plot was simple, it had to be for the alleged simpletons whose benefit it was for – Tony Harvey provided the Management Committee with a short summary of his then recent discussions with Senior Coroner Mr John Leckey and representatives from DCAL, including Colin Watson and Ciaran Mee regarding the video and photographic evidence from the 2007 Tandragee 100. Following this, the Dinosaurs discussed their planned responses to the ‘concerns’ raised at the aforementioned Tony Harvey / DCAL meeting.

First concern of Senior Coroner Mr John Leckey and the DCAL representatives was the close proximity of many people to Racing Motorcycles, nor did they understand how it could have been logical to allow the speed of a safety chicane to increase from approximately 60MPH to around 100MPH and were also concerned that key groups such as the Road Inspection Committee and Safety Committees can change en masse after each AGM and voiced their opinion that every effort must be made to ensure that persons acting on these committees should be completely detached from any gain. The speed of the modern day Racing Motorcycle was they allegedly said - almost incredible.

The footage of the John Donnan accident in 2007 was then replayed – and for those who have not had sight of it previously, by any standards, it is truly horrendous viewing. One is quite sure there are many in our midst who will never forget it - the infamous straw bale chicane, the farcical pantomime performances of MCUI-UC officials at the inquest of the much missed John Donnan.

Tony Harvey then asked the assembled MCUI-UC Dinosaur throng how it would be possible to make road racing safer and suggested that it could be helped by placing spectators in safe areas and reducing the HP of the machines. Billy Rodger suggested however that it would be impossible to reduce the HP on machines, likewise to impose that level of control on all the spectators. Tony Harvey replied that this would be difficult but we must start now and be seen to be improving safety. He then went on to say that DCAL were most keen to see that steps were being taken to provide an external assessor and it is likely that they (DCAL) would use him to assist them with the information they require. George McCann asked Tony Harvey if he thought DCAL would be willing to give a period of time to allow the issues to develop. Tony Harvey replied that he believed a period of time would be granted but a specific plan would have to be met.

NW200 supremo Mervyn Whyte stated that he hoped to see a suitable external person coming in and working alongside the Road Inspection Committee in the year ahead - 2010. Apart from the obvious, the footage shown on the two DVDs illustrated that many non-competitors, including race officials and spectators, were at a very serious risk of injury or death. This situation has been acknowledged for several years now and the implementation of improvement measures has been under continuous review.

Immediately following the John Donnan fatality, the circumstances of the accident were analysed by Officials within the MCUI (Ulster Centre) Ltd to ensure that the appropriate lessons were learned from this unfortunate incident. Practical steps have subsequently been taken, so far as is possible, to mitigate against the same or similar incidents occurring.

Particular attention had been paid to two important elements: Track dimensions, run-off and the design of chicanes; and the position of officials and members of the public in the immediate vicinity of the track. A policy of wider and deeper “no-go” zones has been implemented at all circuits in 2008 and 2009 and would be pursued further. The basic principle of “no track-side personnel” had been adopted and written into Official Track Certificates. This applies basically to Marshals, first aiders and other officials who enter these areas only in emergency to perform their duties, and always under the protection of a waved yellow flag. In addition, considerable work had been carried out on the analysis of distances travelled by machines which have been “downed” at various speeds, and “line of fire” prohibited areas identified and enforced according to machine speeds at the particular points.

The public especially can only be present in areas at an acceptable distance from the racing surface and where additionally protected (as appropriate) by walls, fences or other barriers. The crucial point here is that they be kept at a safe distance from the action.

What allegedly appeared to have concerned the DCAL representatives et al the most was whether it was acceptable in the 21st century to have motor cycle races on public roads bearing in mind: (a) the speed potential of modern racing motor cycles-, (b) the nature of public roads; (c) the unpredictable consequences of mechanical failure or a competitor losing control of his machine or a crash involving a number of competitors; and (d) the difficulty of ensuring spectator safety particularly where spectators are allowed to be positioned close to the racing.

The MCUI-UC response was that this larger question needed to be broken down into several parts: Speed Potential: Undeniably, the speed of all motor sport tends to creep upward year on year and this is a concern for all racing officials. It is perhaps appropriate here to quote from the Roads Inspection Committee’s Annual Report to the MCUI (Ulster Centre) AGM in November 2009: “Speaking on behalf of the three Committee Members who have declined to let their names go forward for re-election for 2010, I have to say that we are all agreed that unless drastic steps are taken to (1) Reduce the speeds of machines in road races especially and (2) Remove all Personnel and Spectators from within range of circuit accidents, the time will very soon come when road racing will be a thing of the past. ”However, to date, no speed inhibiting mechanisms have been deployed on racing motorcycles. This is a subject which needs further consideration – while it may not be achievable in practice, then the alternative of not running the higher-powered “Superbikes” might be a consideration.

Spectator safety, particularly where spectators are allowed to be positioned close to the racing: The Track Certificates, which are essential to the running of Road Races, clearly specify the location and dimensions of all areas, entry to which is Prohibited to the Public. For each Circuit, these must be reconsidered with Prohibited Areas greatly increased and enlarged – the days of watching “from behind the hedge” or, worse, “from below and through the hedge” are clearly gone. This requires a robust policy – from the governing body and delivered by the Organising Club. Failure to meet the minimum requirements should result in stiff penalties - a bit like a football club having to pay a large fine if its supporters behave badly on the way to the match. As mentioned recently, a renewed effort needs to go into achieving all these points otherwise we are quite certain that our days of enjoying road racing will come to an end.

At this point we the audience should roll about laughing hysterically, but we've heard all of those ancient jokes before - a million times or more it seems like - the Dinosaurs are in urgent need of new material. Six draft safety documents perhaps!

The Dinosaurs Talk Safety? - an alleged MCUI-UC Fantasy Production featuring the alleged MCUI-UC Dinosaur Players with the alleged DCAL On The Hill Comedians et al as special guests. To protect the innocent, the names remain the same, likewise the location. The special appearance of the annoymous invisible external assessor person was played by the Ghost of Task Force 2000 and appeared courtesy of Dinosaur Fantasyland Fictional Productions.

Safety Representatives were unable to monitor every scene in which chickens and turkeys appeared. However, the alleged fictional MCUI-UC Bird Safety Inspection Committee aided by the External Assessor person oversaw all significant bird action sequences in compliance with the non-existent alleged MCUI-UC bird protection safety policy. After viewing the finished production and cross-checking all bird action supervised during production, Barbiegirl acknowledges that the producers allegedly failed to fully comply with all bird safety guidelines as allegedly published in Taskforce 2000 and strongly recommends the placement of more straw bales where unappropriate to do so.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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MCUI-UC Accepts Real Road Racing Safety Responsibility!!!

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Some of the guys I've had - come to think of it, that should actually be - some of the guys I've not had - pscychological, alcohol, whatever the reason - not just frustrating, it's bloody annoying, much is promised until the anticipated moment arrives and the tunnel remains trainless, as a standup he's a flop! Also much anticipated by many was the publication of six 'important Safety documents' in draft form relating to Codes of Practice for Road Races for which your comments were requested - to be disregarded into the nearest bin one imagines - by the alleged authors of this flop of biblical proportions, the MCUI. As a work of fiction the aforementioned documents aren't likely to bother Fifty Shades Of Grey by E. L. James though The Codfather novel from the alleged forked tongue of the enigmatic fantasist tyrannosaurus Tweed Sprite might quite possibly get a run for it's money.

During the course of the next few days, moi intends to surgically dissect two of the six documents - Spectator Accommodation, and Rider Safety - not that these two aforementioned documents contain anything less nothingness than the others, rather that they actually mention riders and spectators.

Apart from approximately two paragraphs, all six documents overfloweth with pretentiously boring regurgitated drivel all quite obviously aimed at DCAL and the DRD who have already admitted they have no in-house expertise to advise what reasonable measures of safety are required for such a dangerous extreme sport. It's therefore perhaps understandable for moi to assume the six 'important Safety documents' appear to have emanated from a nonentity with an infertile imagination, or worse - nonenties once again allegedly displaying their contempt and wanton disregard for the lives or safety of motorcycle real road racing competitors and fans alike.

The real problems associated with safety at motorcycle real road racing on the public roads of Northern Ireland are neither addressed nor even mentioned - the unfit for purpose public roads for instance. A particularly contentious issue rather eloquently addressed by Senior Coroner John Leckey when he acknowledged that motorcycle road races did not have the same safety measures in place as other motor sport venues here in Northern Ireland and allegedly then said - 'if it cannot be made safe to a requisite standard, then the question has to be asked - should motorcycle racing on public roads take place at all?' He was of course referring to the infamous Tandragee 100 circuit and the issue of run off areas or more to the point - the absence of run off areas.

If there's any good news in these documents it's the admission by the MCUI-UC that they have 'a Duty of Care to ensure that all events under its jurisdiction are carried out in a safe manner.' The bad news is that this is followed by the MCUI-UC Get Out of Jail Free statement - 'The primary responsibility for ensuring the safety of spectators at motor cycle road racing events rests with the Race Promoter.'

Presumably for the slow learners in our midst they then go on to say: 'Motorcycle road racing is recognised as a dangerous sport involving riders and their machines travelling at speed around roadways that are normally used by private and commercial vehicles.' Who'd have thought it!

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Are You Responsible? RealRoadRacing Judicial Decision Time!

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Well if you're not responsible for the unacceptable deaths and injuries during the 2012 motorcycle real road racing season, who is?  Dare one suggest it’s whosoever was responsible for granting road closure orders for the purpose of motorcycles to race around the unfit for purpose public roads of Northern Ireland?

Now that the season has drawn to a close, one has to ask why there were yet more deaths and serious injuries at these Northern Ireland motorcycle realroadracing events as held under the auspices of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited but more importantly, who so readily permitted these deaths and injuries to occur on our public roads?

In a letter from the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister received prior to the 2012 season getting underway, moi was informed that as part of the promoter's arrangements for the conduct of a real road race, DRD were requesting sight of a safety plan for each proposed event. As soon as possible after submitting an application for the road closure the promoter would be expected to provide a copy of the draft safety plan and prior to the race taking place - provide a copy of their finalised safety plan. This was to be taken as evidence by the DRD that the promoters had considered health and safety as part of their arrangements for the race meeting. Unfortunately one has to say that a promoter considering health and safety is a world away from actually doing something constructive about health and safety at a real road racing event and therefore one now wonders how many safety plans DRD had sight off prior to issuing road closing orders during 2012.

Added to this though was the worrying admission that the DRD is primarily concerned with road traffic when making road closing orders and advised that it has no in-house expertise to advise what reasonable measures of safety are required against the degree of risks that are inevitably associated with motorcycle road racing or to verify that the safety measures proposed by a particular promoter are fit for purpose. More worrying - confusing even - was their statement that it is the governing body - MCUI-UC aka Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - who approve races from a safety viewpoint and carry out the relevant safety inspections. So moi has to ask what is the point of acquiring a safety plan when DRD has no in-house expertise regarding the matter? Who is responsible for safety inspections and granting permission to hold racing events from a safety viewpoint is made crystal clear though - the Dinosaurs aka our old friends the MCUI-UC - but with their track record, one has to ask - why? Seems to moi that there's a comedian ensconced in an office somewhere who is perhaps suggesting the lunatics should continue to run the asylum. Whatever next - will R. P. McMurphy be drafted in?

Government information received prior to the 2012 season also declared that Sport NI and the Irish Sports Council were at that time facilitating the development of a new Safety Code of Practice for road racing by the MCUI (Ulster and Southern Centres), and DCAL had also conveyed to the MCUI its view that racing should not take place this year (2012) in the absence of a published Code of Practice. And of course the MCUI had given an undertaking to publish such a document before the start of the 2012 season. The crucial point is - on which date before the 2012 season started was the new Safety Code of Practice document received by DCAL/DRD?

It would appear that DCAL, DRD, MCUI-UC and many others have been putting lives at risk for many years and are allegedly continuing to do so by allowing these events to take place without any apparent regard for the lives of the competitors or the spectators - children included. Back in April a great many people within the motorcycle racing fraternity here in Northern Ireland were somewhat relieved to learn that DCAL had conveyed to the MCUI its view that racing should not take place this year in the absence of a published Code of Practice but in reality was this the case? Let us hope that the new Code of Practice was in place before DCAL/DRD permitted any motorcycle racing upon the public roads of Northern Ireland, otherwise someone might rightly suggest it's judicial decision time - who is responsible for the already mentioned deaths and serious injuries during the 2012 motorcycle racing season?

If it transpires that a new Code of Practice was not in place prior to the commencement of the 2012 motorcycle real road racing season, should DCAL Minister Carál Ní Chuilín and DRD Minister Danny Kennedy be jointly held responsible for failing to end the motorcycle real road racing carnage on the public roads of Northern Ireland?

Open Letter to the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure - DCAL - Northern Ireland
Real Road Racing Safety and Responsibility - Who is Responsible?
Real Road Racing MCUI-UC Task Force Dinosaurs
The Mystery of Task Force 2000 - An MCUI Production
MCUI-UC Task Force 2000 Revisted - The Unfinished 2011 Sequel

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An American Icon - 100 Years Plus - Harley Davidson

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

If you’re a motorcyclist, you know that the name “Harley Davidson” simply can’t be touched by other names in the business. They're a regular sight on the roads of Northern Ireland, Easy Riders one and all. Harley Davidson started out as a pipe dream nearly 110 years ago now, and it’s spent the past century becoming perhaps the most prestigious motorcycle company across the entire globe. Over the course of the past century, Harley Davidson has produced some of the most beloved motorcycles in history. This house name continues to faithfully roll out new, beautiful bikes, all under the same dedication to craft and quality that the original Harley and Davidson stood by. From huge bikes to smaller one, everyone has their own personal Harley preference—and whatever model you love most, you know you’re riding a roaring piece of high quality machinery. You love your Harley, but you may not know the history behind the business. From humble beginnings Harley’s design of an engine to fit on a bicycle went on to become a real money maker, Harley Davidson has left a rich legacy in the US and all over the world.The following timeline chronicles just a few of the great moments in time for the big business of Harley Davidson.
History of Harley Infographic
Thanks to Allison Morris and Save Our Sport From Evil

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ABS Mandatory On Motorcycles From 2016

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Think you're the King of the local neighbourhood late brakers? Courtesy of those nice people at the  European Parliament, all motorcycles over 125cc will be required to have anti-lock braking systems fitted - ABS to you and me - from 2016. Begin retraining your brain now!

The following from Isabelle Smets @ Europolitics
'New type-approval rules that will make mopeds and motorcycles safer and greener by 2016 were approved by members of the European Parliament during their 20 November plenary session in Strasbourg. The vote was 643 in favor, 16 against and 18 abstentions. The rules must now be formally approved by the Council of Ministers. It will be a formality as the text adopted by Parliament is the result of an agreement with the Council, even though the UK may vote against because of the “disproportionate costs” the implementation of the new rules would entail.

The text covers all L-category (‘light’) vehicles, ie mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and quads. There are some 30 million of such vehicles in the EU. The new rules extend the Euro 4 emission standards to motorbikes from 2016 or 2017, depending on engine capacity. From 2020, the Euro 5 standard will be required for every two or three wheeler. The Commission is expected to evaluate the emissions from L-category vehicles before 1 January 2016. Legislation will likely be further adapted.

Under the new rules, anti-lock braking systems (ABS) will have to be fitted to all “bigger” motorbikes (ie those over 125 cc), while ABS or combined brake systems (CBS) could be fitted to smaller ones (under 125 cc), including scooters. This is a point on which Parliament had to backtrack because members had begun negotiations with the Council requesting to make ABS mandatory for all motorbikes. FEMA, the association representing motorcyclists in Europe, said that CBS had a similar effect to ABS on light-weight bikes for a much lower cost. Since this segment is particularly sensitive to price, the imposition of the ABS requirement could discourage future or young riders.

By the end of 2019, the Commission should present a cost-effectiveness analysis with recommendations as to whether the rules should be revised to make ABS mandatory for smaller motorbikes too.'

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Yamaha R1 Rider Wins 'Insane Biker of the Year' Award

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
Should you ever have the urge to watch real motorcycle madness, you really do not have to travel to the NW200, the UGP or any other Irish Real Road Racing event. This little onboard clip was produced by an alleged Canadian madman with an obvious penchant for playing Russian roulette with other people's lives.

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Friday, 30 March 2012

Sponsors Bitten by Dinosaur Snappers Strategic Alliance?

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
So who amongst us had been hoping with the official arrival of summertime and the return of motorcycle road racing, everything in the Irish real road racing garden would be coming up roses? It won't happen my friends, for already the roses are wilting, the violets are dead and motorcycle racing lies bleeding on the real roads of Ireland.

Just recently much ado was being made by real road racing aficionadas about a multifaceted problem with no easy solution - unless of course one was under the impression that a £60.00 press accreditation fee was the real problem - as opposed to merely being the smoke screen behind which allegedly lurked the assorted protagonists.

Whilst already on a downward spiral to eventual extinction, Irish real road racing has found itself embroiled in yet another bitter power struggle which could yet deliver the fatal blow a whole lot sooner than many amongst us ever imagined. Amongst the aforementioned protagonists involved in this farcical one-upmanship spat we have of course the usual suspects - the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited - a few of those alleged dictatorial freeloading officials we all love to loathe - the Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association - a bevy of assorted photographers, and just for good measure - a few organising clubs/limited companies.

The root cause is of course all a matter of allegiances, or perhaps it’s more a case of what cause and/or organisation/limited company some of the protagonists claimed to have sworn their undying allegiance to, or should that be – to whom did some swear their allegiance to – perhaps themselves for instance.

We now all know the MCUI-UC introduced a new £60 press accreditation fee, without which the assembled throngs of alleged photographers and their assistants would be denied their God given right to park themselves wheresoever they chose around our real public roads race tracks for a free show on the pretext of – taking photographs.

Concerns about the adverse effect such a scheme would have on their prepaid publicity, those the sport needs the most immediately drew clear battle lines over the ill-thought out, but typical MCUI-UC ludicrous proposal. Major motorcycle racing sponsor Adelaide Insurance Services threatened to stop the flow of cash, and rightly so, whilst some newspapers further fuelled the flames by threatening to withdraw event coverage - two threats which ultimately led to the MCUI-UC being forced into performing an embarrassing u-turn, but is that the end of the sordid episode?

When one accepts the proposed £60.00 fee was to be levied on photographers in an attempt to ensure they were properly accredited and because the MCUI want to allegedly drastically reduce the number of photographers at events, and that furthermore, members of the IMPA - Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association - were present when the unanimous decision was made - one then realises the answer to my question is simple - it is most definitely not over.

The MCUI-UC have since declared there are alternative ways to reduce the number of photographers, for example by making the accreditation process more stringent, and that is what they might well do for next year, but why not this year? There are after all to many freeloaders claiming to be photographers, therefore if only for safety reasons, there is an urgent requirement to separate the wheat from the chaff. But why should anyone worry, like Task Force 2000, positive decisions will probably never be taken.

Before the annomynous emails are dispatched from the army of irate photographers out there, perhaps they should first pause and ask for whose benefit the Irish Motorcycle Photographers Association were acting in this ongoing alleged charade, and who amongst the IMPA members present at MCUI-UC meetings might allegedly benefit from less competition at Irish motorcycle road racing events?

Is it possible we might soon witness one single MCUI-UC appointed company monopolising all things 'media' at our Irish motorcycle road race events? Should, or when that scenario comes to pass, will Adelaide Insurance Services and other loyal sponsors of our sport, enthusiastically pay the asking price of whosoever the sole piper might be?

Save Our Sport From Evil

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hard As Nails Elena Myers Broken Scaphoid Daytona Victory

Barbiegirl Motorcycle Road Racing Blog - Northern Ireland

Daytona winner Elena Myers had surgery Monday night to repair a broken scaphoid in her left wrist. Myers, who raced and won the Saturday, March 17th AMA Pro SuperSport thriller despite the injury, is expected to make a full recovery and will race her SuzukiScoopFans Suzuki in the next round of the series, at Road Atlanta.

Myers has been working with TKB Sports Medicine rehab specialist Tuan Nguyen, who coordinated treatment of the injury. Dr. Maury Harwood performed the surgery at St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, California.

“The case went great. It couldn’t have gone any better,” said Dr. Harwood after surgery. “This was probably an old injury she aggravated. We were able to get in and find a sizeable piece of bone. The scaphoid was fixed perfectly with a headless compression screw and we expect it to heal with no complications. Elena should be back on her bike in a couple of weeks.”

Myers broke her wrist nearly a year ago in a Supermoto crash and it is not known if this injury occurred then or at a later date. The break was diagnosed a week before Daytona and Myers raced at the front in both SuperSport races, which attracted the largest field in recent memory. Elena ran in the lead pack before being shuffled back in the order on the last lap to earn sixth on Friday and then won the race on Saturday. With the victory, Myers repeated as the only woman to ever win an AMA Pro sprint road race, and also became the first female to win an AMA Pro sprint road race at Daytona International Speedway. (Photo: Team

Myers also showed her mettle by testing for two days at Homestead last week, despite the injury.

“It bothered me here and there. I thought it was just the aftermath (of the Supermoto crash) but I never thought anything was seriously wrong,” said 18-year-old Myers. “I tested at Jennings GP before Daytona and it bothered me. I had a shocking-type pain, a surge. The next day was totally fine and I played 18 holes of golf. Later it started hurting really bad at home and I got it checked out and they found out what was wrong. I had a cortisone shot before Daytona. This is my first-ever surgery so it is kinda weird for me. The recovery time is two weeks or less so I’ll be ready for Atlanta and I am really looking forward to going there and racing again.”

"The surgery went really well," said Nguyen. "We found the fragment and Dr. Harwood did a fantastic job. He is the best in my opinion and the recovery time is two weeks or less, so we’ll work to get her recovered in time for the next race."

"I think how Elena’s handled this reflects on her dedication and the way she's persevered to keep improving," said team manager Keith Perry. "Racers have to put up with injuries from time to time and she's shown she can do that and still be competitive. Elena’s tough. She's done great and clearly made strides in the off-season. We're anxious to see her back on the bike for these next few races because things are progressing well for her."

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Demolition Call - Only In Feckin' Ireland

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Only in Ireland, there's something wrong with the kids over here, think they've been watching to much television, or seen way to much of real life on the streets of this soddin' place. Crank up the volume and enjoy.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yoshimura Suzuki & Blake Young Taste Daytona 200 Success

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Yoshimura-backed teams were strong throughout the past week of racing at the opening round of the 2012 AMA Pro Superbike Championship at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, FL. The Yoshimura Suzuki Road Race team showed the performance advantage of their Yoshimura products with solid results in a week of extremely competitive racing.

The Yoshimura Suzuki Road Race team was a force to be reckoned with at the season-opening round of AMA Pro Superbike this past double-header weekend in Daytona. Yoshimura Suzuki’s Blake Young captured the win in one Superbike race and a second-place result in the other, while new teammate Chris Clark made his Yoshimura Suzuki debut with two top-10 finishes.

The weekend’s first race saw Young get a good start on his Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000, slot into second place and hold on until the checkers. As impressive as Friday’s podium finish was, it was Saturday’s race where Young really strutted his stuff. The Wisconsin native got another great start on the Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 and again settled quickly into second position. But this time, he stayed with the leader until the last few laps, at which point, he made his move and brought home the win.

“Today’s race was a lot better than yesterday’s race,” said Young. “My Yoshimura Suzuki team worked hard for me on Friday, and after the race, we looked at the data and I knew the problem was me. I just didn’t have a very good race, for whatever reason, and I needed to work hard to let my crew know not to give up on me yet. We need to go strong all year long. We just needed to come in here, get some points and race hard the rest of the year. Today’s race was good, and now I’m just looking forward to Atlanta and the rest of the season.”

Blake Young Yoshimura Suzuki Daytona 200
Yoshimura Suzuki’s newest addition, Chris Clark, admittedly struggled in Friday’s race. He got a decent start on the Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 and held his own to bring home a ninth-place finish. On Saturday, Clark lifted his game, getting another decent start but turning faster, more consistent laps to finish a respectable seventh.

“This was my first race with the Yoshimura Suzuki team, so I definitely was over-riding the bike a little bit,” said Clark. “I was nervous and wanting to do well and putting a little too much pressure on myself. So I came out today and worked on what we were having problems with. I was able to turn it around in the second race. We’re not too far off from where I want to be, fifth in the championship, so I’m just looking forward to Atlanta. The Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 is working great; it’s a really fantastic bike. So we’ll head to Atlanta with our heads up and hopefully do well there.”

The Yoshimura Suzuki Road Race team’s next event of the 2012 AMA Pro Superbike Championship series is at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA, the weekend of April 20 – 22, 2012.
Image Copyright ©2012  Brian J Nelson

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Monday, 19 March 2012

Wild Wild Stories of Bikes, Buddies and the Open Road

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We've all heard them, at least a dozen times, probably told a few of our own - stories of wild wild bikers, insane exploits - usually when we've had one to many of the Devil's Brew. Whilst allegedly not under the influence, Kevin Moore in an inspired moment, or perhaps a moment of madness after hearing one to many of those stories, started a new website for all of those stories about motorcycles, friends, family and the open road called  - Bikes and Buddies

Kev's site is for true stories - perhaps even unbelievable stories, and is for all types of riders - motorcycle riders - I think. Already there’s a story about how Gilby Clarke from Guns n' Roses, a Brit named Dave and Kevin almost blew up the town of Twentynine Palms due to sheer stupidity, whilst another is about motocross.

Motorcycle stories are freely traded by word, but few are ever put down in writing, not even the really great stories. This has left a void in the landscape of motorcycle literature, both pulp and the internet based. Part humor, part thought provoking, Kevin Moore’s masterful writing makes the reader first laugh out loud then contemplate the social implications of motorcycles and the folks who ride them. His prose transcends any one kind of bike, tearing back the veil to reveal the culture of two-wheeled travel, so go treat yourself to an enjoyable humorous motorcycle story every four weeks.

Also coming soon from the pen of Kevin is a book on motorcycles and becoming a dad called “Motorcycles and a Baby: Stories of a Geardhead’s Roadtrip to Fatherhood.” Me thinks it's time I made contact with a publisher for my own book, an alleged work of fiction: "Dinosaurs Killed The Real Road Racers"

A website for discerning motorcyclists - Bikes and Buddies - Online Now!

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Elena Myers The First Lady Of Daytona 200 Road Racing

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SuzukiScoopFans Sportbike M4 Suzuki's Elena Myers claimed her second career AMA Pro victory in sensational fashion on Saturday at Daytona International Speedway. Her win was also the first by a female in a professional motorsports event at the fabled venue.

The 19-year-old AMA Pro SuperSport title hopeful got her revenge for Friday's race in which she fought for the win but got shuffled back in the draft on the contest's final lap. On Saturday, she altered her strategy, putting her GSX-R600 at the front of a four-rider lead pack as they raced up onto the banking for the final time.

Elena tucked into the cockpit and made herself as small as possible in the sprint to the checkered flag. The decision paid off as her rivals proved incapable of drafting by her at the stripe, with Myers scoring the win by 0.240 seconds.

"These guys were super-fast all weekend and they ran a great race -- I was just trying to stay with them," Elena said. "Yesterday I got the short end of the draft and I was happy today there were only four of us up in the lead pack instead of eight.

"It was good just to have a few of us up there, just going back and forth. It was a phenomenal race. I stayed up there and led a little bit, then stayed behind just to see how much I could be behind and still catch up. Everyone's bikes were really fast but mine was too.

"I just can't thank my team enough for giving me such a great bike this weekend. They put just the greatest machine under me. I'm so happy to get a win for them. It's a great feeling and nothing compares to it. That's why we come here and do what we do -- to stand on the top of the box."

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Daytona 200 AMA Pro Road Racing National Guard Superbike Race Two Results

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Daytona 200 AMA Pro Road Racing National Guard Superbike Race Two Result @ Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida

1. Blake Young (Suz GSX-R1000), 15 laps
2. Josh Hayes (Yam YZF-R1) -0.002 second
3. Roger Hayden (Suz GSX-R1000) -10.283 seconds
4. Josh Herrin (Yam YZF-R1) -11,506
5. Larry Pegram (BMW S1000RR) -21.904
6. Steve Rapp (Kaw ZX-10R) -21.985
7. Chris Clark (Suz GSX-R1000) -30.667
8. Jake Holden (BMW S1000RR) -32.488
9. Danny Eslick (EBR 1190RS) -37.67
10. Robertino Pietri (Suz GSX-R1000) -44.920

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Elena Myers Wins Daytona 200 AMA Pro SuperSport

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Daytona 200 AMA Pro Road Racing SuperSport Race Two Result
Daytona International Speedway

1. Elena Myers (Suz GSX-R600), 10 laps
2. Corey Alexander (Suz GSX-R600), -0.239 second
3. Hayden Gillim (Yam YZF-R600), -0.248
4. James Rispoli (Suz GSX-R600), -6.756 seconds
5. Miles Thornton (Yam YZF-R6), -10.807
6. Tomas Puerta (Yam YZF-R6), -10.892
7. Stefano Mesa (Yam YZF-R6), -11.020
8. Ryan Kerr (Kaw ZX-6R), -11.132
9. Sebastiao Ferreira (Yam YZF-R6), -11.132
10. Gavin Herrin (Yam YZF-R6), -15.653
11. Travis Ohge (Yam YZF-R6), -15.766
12. Jake Morman (Yam YZF-R6), -16.436

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Friday, 16 March 2012

Daytona 200 2012 AMA Pro Road Racing Superbike Provisional Combined Qualifying

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Daytona 200 2012 AMA Pro Road Racing Superbike Provisional Combined Qualifying
 Daytona 200 AMA Pro Road Racing Live Timing
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha YZF-R1), 1:37.463
2. Blake Young (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:37.890
3. Roger Hayden (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:38.132
4. Josh Herrin (Yamaha YZF-R1), 1:38.342
5. Ben Bostrom (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:38.610
6. Chris Clark (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:39.474
7. Steve Rapp (Kawasaki ZX-10R), 1:39.501
8. Jake Holden (BMW S1000RR), 1:39.580
9. Danny Eslick (EBR 1190RS), 1:39.677
10. Robertino Pietri (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:39.698
11. Larry Pegram (BMW S1000RR), 1:39.772
12. Geoff May (EBR 1190RS), 1:39.991
13. David Anthony (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:40.473
14. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:40.544
15. Chris Fillmore (KTM RC8R), 1:40.987
16. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:41.731
17. Jordan Burgess (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:41.929
18. Jeffrey Lampe (Kawasaki ZX-10R), 1:43.021
19. Eric Pinson (BMW S1000RR), 1:43.113
20. Trent Gibson (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:43.471
21. Eric Haugo (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:43.546
22. Johnny Rock Page (Suzuki GSX-R1000), 1:43.737

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Outlaw Gunslinger Tyler Linders @ Chuckwalla

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Press release for Outlaw/ADR Racing
On March 10th and 11th Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association (CVMA) hosted it’s first event of 2012. The Chuckwalla Valley raceway 2.68-mile track is the newest in Southern California. Designed by Ed Bargy, the track is wide, smooth, and features spacious runoff areas which allows this track to run in both directions but this weekend it was running clockwise. The Outlaw racing team, comprised of Tyler Linders, Hunter Coffin, Daytona Anderson, Ben Truslow, Jason Aguilar and Andre Ochs have already completed 2 races this season with WERA and were ready for the CVMA event. With WSMC no longer an option, riders flocked to Chuckwalla for what looked to be a record breaking turnout.

The top Outlaw racing qualifiers on Saturday were Tyler Linders 2nd and Ben Truslow in 4th. When the green flag dropped for the Formula Middleweight class the Outlaws were in full force as Tyler Linders took 2nd, Ben Truslow 4th, Hunter Coffin 5th and Daytona Anderson 8thwhich gave Outlaw racing 40% of the top 10. In the SuperSport Middleweight class it was another close battle between Jeffrey Tigert and Tyler Linders, Tigert pulled out a narrow victory while Linders was only a bike length behind him in 2nd place. Ben Truslow finished 4th, Hunter Coffin 7th and Daytona Anderson 8th.

If you were watching the races on Sunday, you were watching the Tyler Linders show. Nick named “the Law” back in 2009 for chasing down opponents the way a cop flips a U-Turn and chases down the bad guys, this 15 year old rising star was in hot pursuit of the top spot on the podium and no one was able to out run him. Outlaw racing had a great showing in the Formula Middleweight class, “the Law” Linders in 1st place, Daytona Anderson in 2nd, Andre Ochs in 4th and Jason Aguilar in 6th. Similar results in the SuperSport Middleweight class, Tyler Linders 1st, Daytona Anderson 4th, Andre Ochs 7th and Jason Aguilar 9th. In the Shootout Middle Weight class Tyler finished 3rd, Daytona 4th, and Jason Aguilar 6th.

Outlaw racing’s team manager Jason Paredez said “Hunter Coffin was coming back after an injury and is getting back up to speed sooner than I thought he would, Daytona Anderson has made consistent improvements race after race and we are really happy with the way he rode this weekend. Ben Truslow made a rare mistake on Sunday but Saturday he was flying, 2nd best on the Outlaw racing team on Saturday and we look forward to seeing Ben back in action next month. The stand out of the weekend was definitely Tyler Linders, he opened a lot of eyes this weekend, ran against some stiff competition and still managed to come out on top of the podium on Sunday. Tyler had the most impressive weekend I’ve seen in a long time. Overall Mookie Wilkerson and I are happy with the way the team is progressing, and we want to thank ADR racing for getting the bikes together, Trackaholics for tuning, Superbike Suspension, ACT Leathers, FLY, Next Moto Champion, Pirelli, Race Tech, DoGrafx and Lay’d Out.”

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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Task Force: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) Available Now!

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UPDATED 14th March 2012

The Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited have allegedly been carrying out yet another review of safety practices at real road racing events and furthermore have allegedly given DCAL an undertaking to develop and publish a safety code of practice before the start of the 2012 season. All beginning to resemble an ongoing Hollywood epic.

If you’re wondering why the foregoing sounds all too familiar, simply cast your mind back to the beginning of the new millennium and Task Force 2000. Remember when as a direct result of serious concerns voiced by DCAL and the Department of the Environment about the number of fatalities that had occurred in motorcycle road racing in recent years - the MCUI in August 2000 established a Task Force to examine the safety issues within motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland?

When moi asked DCAL about the outcome of Task Force 2000 - they replied thus: 'DCAL may have received a MCUI Task Force report in December 2000 established to examine safety issues within the sport. However, no copy was held on our files.' Many fatalities and serious injuries later and we are once more asked to believe the MCUI-UC are capable of vastly improving safety at motorcycle races on our public roads – are they even interested? Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem.

Despite the blinkered opinions of the ever diminishing numbers of die hard fans - real road racing currently finds itself staring into the abyss - the future is bleak - if there is a future. Motorcycle real road racing on the public roads of the island of Ireland is being led down the proverbial garden path. There is now an urgent need for the allegedly shambolic Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, and several of the Limited Companies currently organising and promoting motorcycle racing in the North of Ireland to be scrutinised.

All Limited Companies are required by law to keep a full record of income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities - these records must now be examined in detail by the Northern Ireland Audit Office. Motorcycle real road racing in Northern Ireland has been receiving huge amounts of taxpayers money for many, many years, therefore any suggestions that may have been made regarding alleged possible misuse of public money must now be fully and thoroughly investigated.

There is a strong case for the governing body of motorcycle real road racing in Ulster – the not fit for purpose MCUI-UC Limited to be decommissioned, along with the inept incompetent Roads Inspection Committee. The Northern Ireland Assembly has primary legislative powers over many areas – including Health and Safety – so why do our Government Ministers continue to fiddle while motorcycle real road racing self destructs. DCAL has a moral duty to take control of all motorcycle racing safety issues. Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem.

UPDATE: The MCUI-UC have now declared a new safety code of practice for motorcycle racing will be introduced later in 2012 rather than before the start of the 2012 season as recently stated by DCAL. Talk is cheap, so to are the lives of competitors and spectators it would seem - and getting cheaper by the day. What next? Two for the price of one!

Task Force: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) will be also be available soon on Blu-ray which will include the limited edition version of Episode VI - Return of the Dinosaurs.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Elena Rossell & QMMF To Contest Moto2 World Championship

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
Elena Rossell from Valencia/Spain, the only woman in Grand Prix Racing, has signed up to ride for the team of Qatar's Motorcycle Federation. 25-year-old Elena and her 28-year-old team-mate Damian Cudlin from Australia will contest the Moto2 World Championship 2012 with the QMMF Racing Team.

"I am delighted with our new rider line-up. Everybody in the QMMF team is very motivated and we all look forward to a good start of the 2012 season", said Nasser Khalifa Al Attiyah, President of the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation. "We can expect a strong performance and good results from both our new riders and we want to thank Dorna, IRTA, DMM Motorsport and of course QMMF for their ongoing support. Elena Rossell is the first ever female rider in the Moto2 category, and her progress in world championship racing will not only create keen interest of the hardcore race fans, but will also be an inspiration for many other people in our modern society. Our development rider Damian Cudlin is a promising rider and we believe he will do a very good job for our team. With Moriwaki as a manufacturer, the QMMF team has a fantastic technical base. Together, we will strive to become competitive on the highest level!"

Elena, who grew up with motorcycles also practiced other extreme sports such as taekwondo and triathlon, started racing in 2002 and moved up to the Spanish Supersport Championship in 2005. In 2008, she won the European Championship in the women's class and in 2010 she competed in the Spanish Stock Extreme Championship before making her GP debut with three Moto2 races in 2011.

"I am really happy! To be able to do a full Moto2 World Championship season is a dream coming true and I would like to thank QMMF for their trust in me", said Elena. "Things are happening very fast. Three years ago I started in the Kawasaki Ninja Cup, two years ago I moved up to the Spanish Championship, last year I had my first wild card entries in Moto2 and now I am approaching my first full season in the World Championship - it's unbelievable! Despite my rapid progress I know that this year in the QMMF team will be very difficult for me. Everything is new and my main job will be to learn. The start of the season will be especially hard, but I don't mind because I always had to work very hard in my life to achieve things. I am ready for the challenge. I am really motivated, because I know my new team has great potential, they are very professional but also very kind. I had a shoulder injury last year, but I am fully recovered and I'm training very hard with supermotard and motocross bikes, in the gym, running, mountain biking and swimming, in order to be in best possible shape when the season starts."

Living in Taree in the Australian countryside, Damian Cudlin started riding dirt bikes at a very young age and won three Australian Junior Dirt Track titles in a row before moving his attention to road racing. At age 17, he got his first "big bike" ride in the 1000 cc Formula Extreme class and later on scored promising results in the Endurance World Championship, with two overall third places in 2006 and 2007. But he had to wait until 2011 before getting his first chance of Grand Prix racing as a replacement rider in the Moto2 and later on in the MotoGP category. "To finally arrive on this level and ride the first Grand Prix races of my life was an incredible experience", said Damian. "My entire career long, I tried to catch a permanent Grand Prix ride, but it was very difficult to find the right support. Now, all stars lined up the right way and I'm finally getting my chance in the GP championship. The QMMF team has a great structure and lots of potential. I will try to bring in my experience as a development rider, a job that I've done for several teams and manufacturers during the last years. This will hopefully help to give the team the right direction with the set-up and further development of the bike and I am sure we will work very well together. I know lots of guys in the team because my young brother Alex raced with them both in the Endurance and in the Qatar championships. We will have a great time together!"

The QMMF team will continue its successful partnership with Moriwaki racing, running the latest version of the highly competitive Moriwaki MD 600. "I haven't tested this bike yet, but I am confident that we'll have a very good package", said Damian. "In 2010, Moriwaki won the Moto2 world championship with Toni Elias and since then, the bike has further improved. The potential is there and the fact that I have experience with a variety of other four-stroke machines will help to understand the strong and weak points of the bike. I am sure we will be able to fight for some good results!"

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Monday, 20 February 2012

MotoGP World Champion Superstars Aren't Born Every Day

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Finally it’s upon us, another season of motorcycle road racing, championships to be won, and lost - familiar names, new names – all vying for glory around the World - though most certainly not at the highest level. In MotoGP where three riders have been dominating the championship, it will be more of the same – the usual suspects Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, and Valentino Rossi fighting for the title. Perhaps Ben Spies can surprise us if he raise his game and consistency, and who knows what miracle the fast, fickle, fragile Dani Pedrosa might produce along the way, but the World Championship – that surely would be a miracle.
And what of rest, including the new names on the MotoGP entry list this season - will we have a new winner this time around? Only if some mysterious invisible selective kryptonite force field renders inoperable the aforementioned aliens - Stoner, Lorenzo, Rossi, Spies and Pedrosa. So from where might one ask would the next MotoGP Superstar emerge – the next alien? Whilst true that a potential MotoGP rider is born each and every day of the year, being capable of merely riding a MotoGP projectile isn’t quite the same as being a competitive MotoGP rider. Watch any MotoGP race for the evidence, and this year with the arrival of the CRT travelling chicanes!

On these wee islands we have several potential World Championship contenders, though not at MotoGP level one hastens to add. Jonathan Rea, Eugene Laverty, Leon Haslam, Cal Crutchlow, Leon Camier are all fast riders but moi would suggest they won’t ever be vying for the MotoGP title. Coming along behind them we have of course Danny Kent, Scott Redding, and Bradley Smith - all of whom despite promising much, have invariably failed to thus far deliver. And then we have Kyle Ryde – not yet 15 but already British 125GP Championship and ACU Academy Cup Winner – a young man who now needs to move on to new challenges – without doubt, Kyle could be a future MotoGP Superstar.

Slightly further afield, Spain has at least two worthy teenage contenders – leading the way is Marc Marquez, a young man destined for greatness - until the self inflicted eye injuries incident – a moment of madness from the impetuous teenager that might yet seriously curtail his ambitions. Also fast gaining an enviable reputation in the MotoGP paddock is 125GP Rookie of the Year compatriot 17 years old Maverick Viñales – described as being a timid, humble, hardworking teenager – another born winner.

And finally from the country that gave us such notables as Kevin Schwantz, Kenny Roberts, Freddie Spencer, Wayne Rainey and Eddie Lawson – first mentioned by moi back in March 2010 -another exceptional talent has emerged. Born 15 years ago in Southern California – Tyler Linders - the next American MotoGP World Championship Superstar.

(Click on Images to Enlarge)
Photographs Courtesy of Brandon Bones Photography

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Elena Myers Remains With Suzuki & Team Hammer For 2012

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
AMA Pro Elena Myers has signed a renewal of her contract with Team Hammer, that will see her compete for the 2012 AMA Pro SuperSport title with title sponsorship from American Suzuki’s SuzukiScoopFans page on Facebook and from

“I’m really excited to be back with Team Hammer and all of our partners this year,” said Elena. “There’s no question that we have an excellent program and we’re looking forward to continuing the relationships we’ve built. The bike will be fast and look great.”

Elena burst onto the AMA Pro scene as a 16-year-old rookie in 2010, becoming the first female to win an AMA Pro sprint race with a victory at Infineon Raceway. She finished as the SuperSport West Region Championship runner-up in 2010 while impressing with her balance of measured tactics and well-timed aggression.

Elena, from Discovery Bay, California, finished fifth in the 2011 AMA Pro SuperSport West Region Championship with a combined five top-five finishes across both regions, including a podium finish at Barber Motorsports Park.

“The past few years, I’ve had a lot of expectations about wanting to win a championship and I think we’ve continued to develop toward that goal,” Elena continued. “I’ve got great backing. If I can stay healthy, we’ll go hammer-down. This will be my third year in AMA Pro SuperSport. I’ve been working on an intense training program this off-season and I’m really looking forward to getting to Daytona. There are more rounds this year and I am certainly happy about that, too.”

Elena, now 18, will race a 2012 Suzuki GSX-R600. Eric Gray will lead her crew with assistance from returning mechanic Phillip Doyle.

“An opportunity to work with Elena is really exciting for me,” said Gray. “She’s a previous winner and a proven front-runner. Working with a different rider in the team last year, I got to see her approach to racing and saw that she has an exceptional work ethic. She’s entering her third year, so she has some experience even though she’s still at a young age. The team learned a lot about the Suzuki GSX-R600 last year and we have a good baseline setting.”

“We’re excited to continue her development with the team and see where that takes her,” said Team Hammer General Manager Keith Perry. “The team felt she learned a lot in the second half of the season and she sharpened her skills with each race and especially at the CCS races we ran last fall. Elena has a lot of promise and clearly she has a lot of natural talent and ability and we’re committed to helping her continue to improve. We will have Eric Gray working with her next year and he has a good record with young riders so we are all excited.”

“Suzuki is happy to be working with one of the fastest women on the planet in Elena Myers. It’s good to have her representing American Suzuki and SuzukiScoopFans,” said American Suzuki’s Pat Alexander. “She’s worked with us for a few years and she’s done well by winning at Infineon Raceway in 2010 and fighting through injury to produce good results last year. Elena is a good ambassador for our brand and she has all the potential to come out on top for the 2012 season.”

“We are very proud to be supporting Elena Myers and working with the SuzukiScoopFans program and Team Hammer in 2012,” said Brian Van of “Elena is a real talent as I discovered first hand when she passed me like a mailbox on the roadside in AMA Supersport Practice at Barber in 2011. 2012 is going to be a great year for sure!”

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Place Your Fate In The Hands Of The MCUI-UC Official

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
Whilst considering the more mundane issues of life in the modern world, a deceptively simple question for you to ponder over. Do you believe in the prophetic declaration of what must be, or to put it another way - do you believe in fate?

Believers would say you must accept your fate, or be destroyed by it, but what if that is your fate - to be destroyed by your fate?

Disbelievers would say there is no such thing as fate, it's a false concept, therefore the only person with control of your life - is you.

Personally, I don't accept the theory that events are inevitable and will therefore occur no matter what, nor do I concur with those who believe you and you alone are in control of your own life. But I do subscribe to the fact that decisions control life - my life, your life, all of our lives.

There's this person who's been out for a night of indulgence with friends - partaking of the Devil' brew. Suitably inebriated, our hero makes a decision - he decides to get behind the wheel of his car, and drive home. Drunk in charge, he loses control, there's a head-on collision with your car - you are killed. Are you dead because it was decreed by fate? Are you dead because you were in control of your own life? Are you dead because an irresponsible person made a decision to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol?

There are these officials charged with ensuring a real road racing circuit is fit for purpose. After alleged due consideration - they make a decision - the circuit is safe for the purpose of high speed motorcycle real road racing - they even issue a certificate - the track is officially safe.

You're on board an extremely powerful motorcycle, a competitor in a Northern Irish real road racing event. You're on a narrow twisty bumpy road travelling at high speed - in a blur - hedges, walls, people, houses, trees, telegraph poles and more all flash past on either side and you're approaching a dangerous 90 degree right hand bend - you attempt to brake hard but your machine suffers a brake failure.

You're on board an extremely powerful motorcycle, you're approaching a dangerous 90 degree right hand bend, you're travelling at high speed, you're brakes have failed - so why worry? On your behalf, safety conscious experienced officials made a decision - they declared the track to be safe for the intended purpose - certified it as being just that - safe.

You're on board an extremely powerful motorcycle, you're approaching a dangerous 90 degree right hand bend, you're travelling at high speed, you're brakes have failed - where is the run-off area, where is the slip road?

Senior Coroner John Leckey has suggested a hard look should be taken at the safety issues in all the circuits and further declared "We have reached a situation where we have these totally professional, highly financed teams and they are operating in an environment that is set up by enthusiasts and amateurs without any, it seems to me, professional guidance" And more recently he also said if tracks cannot be made safe to a requisite standard, then the question has to be asked - should motorcycle racing on public roads take place at all?

As another season of high speed Irish motorcycle realroadracing approaches, perhaps it would be prudent to ask ourselves a more fundamental question: "Should I place my fate in the hands of an MCUI-UC official?"

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Puma Announces Partnership With BMW Motorsport

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Herzogenaurach, Germany - PUMA announced today it has entered into a new multi-year partnership with BMW Motorsport. The global Sportlifestyle brand has become the Official Supplier of team and racewear for all BMW Motorsport racing operations, including DTM, ALMS and various high-profile long-distance races such as 24h Nürburgring. PUMA will also assume the role of Exclusive Licensed Partner for BMW Motorsport for the product categories of Footwear, Apparel and Accessories.

This new partnership, effective from 1 February 2012, will see PUMA benefit from prominent branding locations on all BMW Motorsport racing cars and all Race and Teamwear for BMW Motorsport technical staff. With BMW re-entering the DTM racing class in 2012 following an illustrious history in GT car racing, PUMA will outfit drivers Martin Tomczyk, Bruno Spengler, Andy Priaulx, Augusto Farfus, Dirk Werne and Joey Hand with the latest innovations in fireproof technology.

In 2004, PUMA first partnered with BMW Motorsport, through its involvement with the BMW Williams Formula One team. This relationship continued when BMW acquired Sauber F1 to become BMW Sauber F1, and after BMW ceased its Formula One activities in 2009 to reorganize its activities, PUMA and BMW Motorsport have once again joined forces with this new deal.

PUMA will also develop BMW Motorsport licensed products for global sales and distribution. While existing motorsport markets in Europe are a key focus for this distribution, a strong emphasis will be placed on expanding sales performance of BMW Motorsport products in emerging markets, particularly in Asia Pacific and the Americas.

“It is great to have such a well-known and reliable partner as PUMA on board again at such an exciting time for us,” said BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt. “The link between BMW Motorsport and this successful company has grown over the years and goes as far back as the 2004 season. It is hard to imagine our team and driver apparel without the characteristic PUMA logo. As a strong partner in the field of licensed products, PUMA will play a major role in ensuring that our fans around the world enjoy the products from the BMW Motorsport collections.”

Christian Voigt, Senior Head of Global Sports Marketing at PUMA said: “PUMA is delighted to once again be working with BMW Motorsport, following the successes we enjoyed with them through their tenure in Formula One. Their heritage in competitive motorsport and automotive engineering is so impressive, and their global profile derived from this makes them another strong partner for PUMA in motorsport. Through our experience in licensed product development and distribution we are fully confident this will be a successful partnership for both parties, and we hope to grow it in the years to come.”

Dr. Thomas Goerdt, Head of Lifestyle Collections in the BMW Group, added: “From 2012, BMW will be even more active and prominent in motorsport than it has been in recent years. For this reason, securing this partnership with PUMA was a priority for BMW Lifestyle right from the start. As leading sport lifestyle brand, PUMA boasts a unique wealth of expertise and proficiency in developing and distributing licensed products on a global scale. Bearing in mind the great success we have
enjoyed together in the past, we are looking forward to continuing this partnership.”

PUMA is one of the world’s leading sportlifestyle companies that designs and develops footwear, apparel and accessories. It is committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting Creativity, SAFE Sustainability and Peace, and by staying true to the principles of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and actions taken. PUMA starts in Sport and ends in Fashion. Its Sport Performance and Lifestyle labels include categories such as Football, Running, Motorsports, Golf and Sailing. Sport Fashion features collaborations with renowned designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Mihara Yasuhiro and Sergio Rossi. The PUMA Group owns the brands PUMA and Tretorn. The company, which was founded in 1948, distributes its products in more than 120 countries, employs more than 9,000 people worldwide and has headquarters in Herzogenaurach/Germany, Boston, London and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit

Sadly I've had to decline the invitation to attend the party being hosted by Puma in Las Vegas - maybe next time.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

MCUI-UC President Dirty Harry - Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, Punk?

Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland
Dirty Harry delivered a powerful message to all Super Bowl fans across America as they watched the game on television. Perhaps he should run for President, perhaps we should invite him to our wee country - Dirty Harry - President of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland - Ulster Centre. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, Punk? Vote Now! Clint Eastwood for MCUI-UC President.

Many thanks to the anonymous friend who kindly sent me the link. Very much appreciated - it made my day.

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Thursday, 2 February 2012

RealRoadRacing & The Millisle Mafiosa Codfather Mystery

Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland

Warning! All readers of a nervous disposition should look away now - for whilst what follows is in fact a work of fictional fiction, everything you might read, in all probability, probably is not true, although other perceptive folk might realise that in their truthful estimation, in all probability they might be inclined to believe otherwise - for isn't it true that fiction is never as terrifyingly truthful as the truth.

Founded in January 1903, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) – now a Limited Company - is the governing body for Road Racing, Short Circuits and Trials within the 9 counties of Ulster, but who is actually in charge of this secretive Company - who makes any allegedly rumoured unchallenged decisions?

A browse through any official minutes of the MCUI-UC meetings will reveal there are a multitude of Committees allegedly overseeing and discussing virtually everything one would expect from such a meticulously efficient organisation – everything from tarmac racing and safety to more mundane issues - the extortionate price of biscuits for instance. But are those Committees and Committee Members really honestly making the all-important decisions that ultimately effects the well-being of competitors and fans alike?

And now for the real fictitious fiction - if one were to believe the alleged rumours, the answer to that difficult question becomes most simple for is it not allegedly so that the aforementioned MCUI-UC is allegedly rumoured to be under the alleged control of the all-powerful allegedly rumoured to probably allegedly exist Millisle Mafiosa - but probably it doesn't exist at all - or does it?

Are we now ready to learn more about the hierarchy of the allegedly rumoured to exist or not exist fictitious Millisle Mafiosa? Well as one would expect, it to is an alleged organization with a chequered past which goes back many, many years, so it should come as no huge surprise to hear that this allegedly equally secretive and rumoured to be much feared in obvious circles alleged organisation, has an alleged most definite hierarchical command structure.

Allegedly - it’s allegedly rumoured to be run from the top of a somewhat unstable stepladder by the Boss of all Bosses, the Don. Mostly though, in reality being something of an alleged simple man/fish of simple pleasures, sources are allegedly rumoured to have often claimed he/it prefers being referred to as the Codfather - Simples! Cod of all he surveys!

Meantime, patiently waiting in a somewhat rusty leaking bucket on the very bottom step - the assembled swarming Minnows – presumably of some use should the Codfather fancy a spot of fishing in the Blue Lagoon of Millisle. At other times the Minnows are of course allegedly rumoured to have other quite specific uses and duties, although moi isn’t really sure what those might be, unless one perchance had a pet penguin in need of feeding.

Most certainly though, one very much doubts that the purchasing of the biscuits or the brewing of the coffee would be amongst those duties – not when in all probability any disrespecting Codfather would have a compliant and subservient ‘er indoors - perhaps even an 'im - on hand for such lowly duties. Rumour also has it don't you know, that there is nothing easy about caring for the needs of a Codfather – with a mouth full of cotton wool - what might one feed to such a creature? The Minnows! Please Cod - not the Minnows!

Apart from the possibly already devoured Minnows, there are of course rumoured to be other Millisle Mafiosa ever so tiny bit part players to be dealt with by the Codfather - Committee Members from far and wide also allegedly otherwise referred to - as the shoal of submissive Plankton. Unfortunately though, moi hasn’t managed to gain access to a microscope with enough magnification to identify such lowly low life forms.

Armed therefore with the alleged foregoing knowledge of the Millisle Mafiosa Codafather at the helm with his/its netted subordinates in tow, one can now begin to visualise the alleged Codfather fully controlling the allegedly rumoured Millisle Mafiosa with a fin of iron. And of course we possibly now begin to realise why so many alleged life changing decisions - perhaps even life terminating decisions - are allegedly rumoured to be allegedly taken and rubber stamped in an alleged Millisle Codfather Underwater Institution by an allegedly rumoured Millisle Mafiosa Codfather and his/its assembled shoal of Minnows - and why those alleged decisions are allegedy never challenged – for is it not true that Plankton are spineless, simple and don't actaully have brains?

Importnat Disclaimer Notice: The foregoing little article is merely a fictitious fiction mystery - in all probability neither the Millisle Mafiosa, nor the Millisle Mafiosa Codfather actually exist. All dubiously fishy characters featured are completely fictional and any resemblance to any fish or person living or dead is purely coincidental. No similarity to any fish or person either living or dead is therefore intended or should be inferred by any living or dead fish or person.

Also note that the Irish Real Road Racing Motorcycle Blog by Barbiegirl Northern Ireland is in no way associated with the alleged non-existent fictitious fictional Millisle Codfather Underwater Institution. Neither were any minnows nor spineless plankton harmed or fed to any pet penguin during the making of this fictional blog posting - actually that little snippet might not be strictly true.

Safety Notice: Following consultations with several alleged Health and Safety Offishers - throughout the making of the foregoing work of fictionalised fiction - the terrifying injury defying stunts were performed by an assorted troupe of professional Trout with the aid of back protectors. Please do not attempt to replicate any of the herein witnessed stunts within the boundaries of your own mind and especially so - without the aid of a back protector.

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