Monday, 8 August 2011

Mid Antrim 150 Motorcycle Real Road Races v The Right to Exist

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Contrary to the circulating rumours, she hasn't gone away you know, simply a summer break (shortened by at least two weeks) whilst the local usual suspects wreak their annual havoc upon our wee country. Probably similar to the menstrual period, except it mainly occurs when the schools take their summer holidays - any holiday - and of course there's the longer clear nights of our 'summer' - these things and more effect the habits of some of the already unsavoury Neanderthals in our midst - those who sleep by day, riot and cause mayhem by night. Criminals one and all, the low-lifes of our society. The scum that blights our daily lives.

And on the subject of the low-lifes within our midst - at least one such Neanderthal with a grudge against the running of the Mid Antrim 150, committed a crime which should not be condoned by anyone - even if the person/s had just reason to feel aggrieved.

Was this someone who has in past times felt the wrath of an arrogant MCUI-UC Dinosaur, an over zealous Mid Antrim 150 Motorcycle Club Official? Or perhaps this person was a farmer, a businessperson whose livelihood was being threatened by the running of the event, as indeed happens all too often.

Many farmers have had to diversify to exist, they have families to support, young children to clothe and feed, cattle to care for, expensive machinery to maintain, and who within the motorcycle real road racing community cares one way or the other? All they seem to care about is the running of a loss making real road race event, an event financially supported with ratepayer’s money - taxpayers money.

But what about the farmer whose business comes to a forced standstill - they and their families held captive in their own homes whilst public roads are closed for practice sessions and race days while uncaring Neanderthal eejits trample over their precious land - the farmers place of work and home. They have human rights, the right to exist, the right to use our public roads for which - like other law abiding decent people - they pay taxes, and they most certainly have the right to earn a living.

Whilst as mentioned, the actions taken at the weekend should not be condoned, perhaps like many, the opinion was that a precedent for acceptable law breaking had been set some years ago. We have criminals in our Government - people who've been convicted of terrorism, bombings, and murders - many in our midst voted them into power, and more than likely - some of those now bitterly complaining about the criminal events of the weekend were amongst those who voted to have criminlas in our Goverment.

Perhaps it's been decided by some that criminality does pay after all, that it does produce the results you want - it certainly works up at Stormont.

As are others, in this time of severe recession, the Mid Antrim 150 organising club are allegedly in some financial difficulty - so to are the rest of us, including the hard working cash strapped farmers on whom this country depends for many things - the farmers many would deprive of their livelihood, perhaps even their existence.

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