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The Yamaha Champions Riding School - Youth Racer Program

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The Yamaha Champions Riding School is often the first stop for a young person interested in roadracing a motorcycle.

After the completion of a two-day Yamaha Champions Riding School, any racer under the age of 18 can enter into a three-year obligation for continued support in the area of riding technique. The racer will have carte blanche to audit any school held during those three years. The racer can attend any school on his- or her-own bike; participate in the program to any degree they desire. Free of charge!

Kids get a lot of advice… most of it isn’t much good! The Yamaha Champions Riding School’s Youth Racer Program asks for young racers to make a monetary commitment to our program up front, but then offers three years of attendance for free. This program allows a young racer to make any of our schools that fit his/her schedule. They have to bring their own bike and they won’t be treated like a “student”, but more of a guest who can participate in the classroom and run laps and do drills with the gang. Think of it as a refresher course in how to win championships.

The young racers who have gone through a program taught by Nick Ienatsch and his team is a veritable list of who’s-who in 125 racing, the Red Bull Challenge and the AMA Supersport program. We don’t want to brag… but our graduates have won a lot.

There’s a whole bunch of things you can do on a motorcycle, and just a few of those things work as the pace comes up. We take young riders and get them thinking about why a bike does what it does, and how they can better affect that bike. Yes, we teach world-championship-winning techniques, but we also teach the how, the why… and the lifestyle of success on a motorcycle. The earlier a racer can learn this, the longer and richer his or her career will be.

And for 2012 don't anybody expect this program to be up and running in Northern Ireland, any attempts to do so, would more than likely be allegedly thwarted by guess who? That said, this wee country desperately needs a youth racer program - preferably at Bishopscourt.

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