Wednesday, 25 May 2011

MCUI-UC Task Force 2000 Revisted - The Unfinished 2011 Sequel

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In the middle of the NW200 Festival Week an altogether most interesting press release came forth from the MCUI-UC regarding the infamous 2000 Task Force Report.

The report was allegedly approved back in 2001 at the governing body’s Intercentre conference and was allegedly compiled to improve safety, rider training, race/practice laps, marshalling, First Aid and operations at road race events with a total of 67 recommendations.

Ten years, and many more fatalities later, and this alleged ludicrous press release informs us that the final report is still not complete but the result of the review of those 67 recommendations is allegedly now available, although why they have failed to disclose those recommendations is somewhat strange, or is it that they're simply irrelevant anyway.

The MCUI-UC now claims that 60% of the aforementioned 67 recommendations have been fully implemented, 28% partially implemented and 12% found to be obsolete. Dare one take this opportunity to suggest that perhaps if they’d implemented the obsolete 12%, many lives may have been saved, as quite obviously the other implemented recommendations failed, spectacularly so - and were indeed as suggested - irrelevant and therefore presumably useless.

If nothing else though, this latest MCUI-UC press release allegedly clearly demonstrates what value the Dinosaurs places on the lives and wellbeing of spectators and competitors.

Be not afraid though, the MCUI-UC allegedly continually work to protect spectators and officials to the best of their ability with more spectator areas and general guidelines for them to follow while attending road races, and appeal to all spectators attending road race events to stay out of prohibited areas, keep back from the road edge, do not climb or hang over fences, do not sit with your legs near the road edge and report to the nearest marshal anything/person that could be in a dangerous place – and try and stay off the road between races.

One only had to be in attendance, or watched the television footage of the real road race events this year to see exactly how many spectators followed even one of those guidelines. It is not only the real road race competitors that flout with death on our public roads.

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