Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Martin Finnegan + Tandragee 100 + MCUI-UC = Conspiracy Theories!!!

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Following the nuclear proportions fallout that emanated from the John Donnan tragedy - including MCUI-UC Directors reportedly taking legal advice, resigning to avoid being sued and/or prosecuted - allegedly - more like the rats they are abandoning the sinking ship of alleged arrogant obnoxious self righteous bully boys - pity they hadn't all drowned like filthy sewer rats in their pathetic sick attempt to avoid responsibility, and possible prosecution - allegedly - we now have the also unresolved Martin Finnegan tragedy about which rumours and allegations also abound.

The adjourned inquest, has been adjourned again - until after the resurrected Tandragee 100 has been and gone, hopefully without any additional fatalities - but why, and at the behest of which scheming, sick individuals, one must ask?

Already we've had rumoured allegations of clandestine post event meetings to allegedly concoct yet more unbelievable real road racing fairy tales, reports of evidence tampering, even rumours of witness intimidation - all unsubstantiated don't you know, leastways for legal purposes. The unelected resigned alleged Gestapo Chief of the dubious governing body allegedly makes use of the aforementioned governing body legal team to threaten and take action against anyone who dares contradict him, including fellow members of the dreaded inner sanctum of equally inept incompetents.

And then there was the letter sent to the Senior Coroner John Leckey allegedly questioning amongst other things - the riding ability of the much respected and loved Martin Finnegan #45. What gives these morons the right to question the ability of any single dedicated motorcycle road racing competitor - as all of them are - they take part in real road racing because of their love for the sport - allegedly unlike the Dinosaurs.

What needs to be questioned is the sanity of the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs, especially of those involved in the 2000 Task Force, the current Task Force, those responsible for the Tandragee 100 killer chicane, plus the part being played by DCAL officials and Government Ministers - but take heed Dinosaurs - these questions and more are to be asked in a forthcoming open letter to the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure - DCAL

Save Our Sport From Evil

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