Saturday, 7 May 2011

Classic Racing Motorcycles - A Kind Of Passion by Squadra Sutge

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Not only here in Ireland do we have a great many classic motorcycle racing aficionados, they can be found in every far flung corner of the World - each and every one of them share the same passion for these gems of yesteryear, perhaps even people such as alleged MCUI-UC supremo Harris Healey who it would appear also allegedly believes the modern day ultra powerful Superbikes are no faster than he and his Manx Norton mobile chicane of days long past, presumably from where the Tandragee 100 catastrophic killer chicane idea may have allegedly sprung forth.

Especially for all those sane dedicated fans of a bygone era - here is an excellent video of some truly gorgeous classic racing motorcycles as filmed during the Classic Moto 2011 event at the Jarama race circuit in Spain by Squadra Sutge - and what a wonderful soundtrack - I Hung My Head by Johnny Cash.

A KIND OF PASSION - A tribute to classic motorcycles and the people who love them from Squadra Sutge on Vimeo.

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