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Wise Up Or Pay The Price - Don't Phone Maria and Drive

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Ride It Right has launched – “See Us – Get It Right” – an advisory and warning leaflet for other vehicle drivers, and I will take this opportunity to add to the warnings. Too many motorists are still prepared to risk their own safety, the safety of their passengers, and other road users, by using a phone while driving, you are breaking the law, and four times more likely to be the cause of a serious collision. It is also an offence to use a phone when stopped at traffic lights, even when queuing in traffic, and you can be prosecuted for using a hands-free mobile phone if you are deemed not to be in proper control of your vehicle - be warned. Wise up or pay the price!

The leaflet asks other vehicle drivers to – Just Think! – See Us and Get It Right! – at: Junctions - When Turning Right - When Emerging Onto Main Roads - When Overtaking - When Changing Lanes.

The collision facts speak for themselves, as the top three causes for all KSI (Killed Seriously Injured) motorcycle collisions (irrespective of responsibility) were*:

Emerging from a minor road without care; excessive speed having regard to conditions; and turning right without care.

More than two-thirds (65%) of collisions happened ‘at or within 20 meters of a junction’.

Of those collisions occurring at T-junctions, more than 45% occurred at a T-junction with give way signs or markings, followed by 36% at ‘uncontrolled’ junctions, and almost 13% at junctions with a stop sign.

Half of all motorcyclist casualties are caused by other drivers.
Ride It Right’s message for other vehicle drivers is to, “Use your head – Not just your eyes!”, Ride It Right’s, Trevor Baird says, “With a little thought other vehicle drivers can get it right and see us, motorcyclists should be a first thought, not just a second thought!”

The Ride It Right leaflet and website also has some advice for other vehicle drivers: Please take time at junctions – whether turning out of or turning into a junction – or a petrol station – or your own driveway, the last thing a motorcyclist wants to hear is, I didn’t see him/her or, are you all right!

View the leaflet on the Ride It Right website

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