Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Should Sexual Predators Be Castrated?

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It's been allegedly estimated that at least 90% of all convicted sexual predators go on to commit even more sex crimes, some allegedly even graduate to murder. In the American Supreme Court a federal law allowing federal prisoners deemed "sexually dangerous" to be held even after they have served out their original sentences is constitutional.

On this side of the Atlantic, in this country, the court treats many of these sexual predators with kid gloves, while some Government Departments have allegedly also mislaid several serious predators, even released them back into the community that they'd been terrorising for countless years.

Many sexual predators go undetected for years, their victims so traumatised by the experience they never speak out. Others blame themselves; perhaps they've been abused by a family member, a religious figure, all of whom are adept in the art of manipulation of their innocent victims, many of whom have chosen to end their own lives as a means of ending the horrendous abuse.

All convicted sexual predators should be castrated without exception, no matter how old, or how young, we all need be to protected against such evil, all victims, and potential victims need to be reassured that no convicted sexual predator will ever be capable of re-offending.

And now for a totally unrelated little news story from the ranks of our dear friends - the MCUI-UC. Mr. Steve Freeburn is rumoured to have resigned from his MCUI-UC post and has thus far allegedly been replaced as secretary - by Mr. David McAllister! And while some in our midst are more than a little surprised by this appointment, many of us are not - this is after all the MCUI-UC we discuss.

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