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RealRoadRacing Pearls of Wisdom From The Darkside

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Time is it not, to embark once more on a journey to the darkside for yet another foray into the wondrous magically mystical world of the MCUI-UC, and the pearls of wisdom which doth emanate from within the confines of the inner sanctum of power to seek out - alleged statements to the press - this one for instance, allegedly from Tony Harvey.

'I write with reference to the resignation of Steve Freeburn as honorary secretary of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Ltd.

As an Honorary Life Member, and having previously been entrusted with the role of Incident Officer of the Centre for many years, having owned race bikes and being a present day rider, I have vast experience of motor cycling, both from an administrative perspective and from my involvement at the 'sharp end' of the sport.

Recent years have been difficult for motor cycle racing, particularly for road racing, and there are many, who should know better, who continue to adopt a 'head in the sand' attitude towards the regulation of road racing, peddling the misapprehension that all is 'rosy in the garden'. It is not and difficult times lie ahead.

The resignation of Steve Freeburn, after he was persuaded not to stand down from his post at the annual general meeting of the Centre, robs the administrative side of the sport of a most capable, dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working official. Thankfully, there are, of course, equally efficient individuals who will be able to step into Steve's shoes. Nevertheless, they will be difficult shoes to fill, and one ponders whether, given the 'witch hunt' that was conducted against Steve, any other volunteer will be prepared to put themselves into the same 'firing line'.

It should be borne in mind by those so quick to criticise that all officials and members of the MCUI (Ulster Centre) are unpaid volunteers who devote copious amounts of their personal time, at not inconsiderable personal expense, in the interests of the sport of motor cycling, while others are quite happy to benefit financially from the sport.

Certain individuals within the media must bear much of the brunt of responsibility which resulted in Steve resigning from a position in which he acquitted himself admirably. The treatment of such an upstanding official verges on derogatory. I trust that those so-called and self-styled journalists and photo-journalists who contributed to Steve's decision to step aside are at peace with their consciences, in the knowledge that the sport will be poorer without his steady hand and intelligent advice and counsel.

I have nothing but contempt for those who are prepared to anonymously and pathetically promote their personal agendas and opinions on worthless Internet forum discussion sites. Anyone secure and confident in their own convictions and opinions must be prepared to put their name to their comments. To do otherwise is worthy only of disdain, dismissal, disgust and derision. Therefore, for those with the courage of their convictions, I will enter into correspondence only at my published address.'

What many might find tantalisingly interesting within the eloquent foregoing alleged statement, is the resignation of Steve Freeburn as secretary – not another resigned MCUI-UC 'official' one might declare - until it is discovered not only has David McAllister been confirmed as acting secretary - Steve Freeburn has been confirmed as his Assistant Secretary – allegedly – yet another resigned MCUI-UC 'official' who hasn’t gone away you know!

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