Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Mystery of Task Force 2000 - An MCUI Production

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Back in February we learned as a direct result of serious concerns being voiced by DCAL, the Department of the Environment, the Sports Council for NI (SCNI) and the Irish Sports Council (ISC) about the number of fatalities that had occurred in motorcycle road racing in recent years, the governing body of motorcycling, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (MCUI) in August 2000 established a Task Force to examine the safety issues within the sport of motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland.

Moi asked, what were the findings of the MCUI and/or MCUI-UC Task Force back in the first year of the new millennium - 2000, and what safety measures - which obviously had no effect on safety issues anyway - were put in place as a result of those MCUI / MCUI-UC Task Force findings?

DCAL have replied thus: 'DCAL may have received a MCUI Task Force report in December 2000 established to examine safety issues within the sport. However, no copy was held on our files.'

If the DCAL Minister of the day was so deeply concerned about the number of fatalities that had occurred in motorcycle road racing, where is the MCUI Task Force report? When one considers the number of lives that have been lost since 2000, one can only describe the DCAL reply as utterly incredulous - and downright callous. Who should it perhaps be asked, is less concerned about lives lost at motorcycle road races in Northern Ireland - Minister McCausland or the MCUI-UC?

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