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MCUI - UC Management Committee Members & Directors Responsibilities

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Just recently an MCUI-UC meeting was allegedly convened for the purpose of receiving alleged advice from MCUI-UC auditor Patrick Rice regarding Management Committee members and Directors responsibilities and to possibly allegedly consider what actions needed be taken to ensure self preservation.

Hardly surprising when one considers that amongst other forthcoming legal proceedings, is the pending action by the John Donnan family, and the Martin Finnegan inquest which has been adjourned whilst further investigations are carried out, and further evidence sought out, so if you have any information which may be of use to either family please read this blog posting. After all, if you're the real road race fan you claim to be, who should you be supporting - the dedicated riders - your heroes - without whom there would be no real road racing - or the Dinosaurs - without whom real road racing would surely prosper for years to come. Please think carefully for a moment, then do the right and decent thing - support the loved ones left behind - don't allow the Dinosaurs to walk away from any alleged responsibilities - even though some allegedly barely can - walk.

The meeting allegedly commenced with Patrick Rice allegedly outlining Directors Responsibilities under the Companies Act 2006, then allegedly moved on to Directors Insurance Cover and Event Insurance cover and the requirement for the Ulster Centre to avail itself of Directors insurance cover, and event cancellation insurance - something one just can’t believe the MCUI-UC didn’t already have in place - actually having considered the matter for a mere millisecond - it is totally believable.

Mark Sanlon allegedly then asked if event cancellation insurance covers all the bills - to which Patrick Rice allegedly replied that it would be dependent on the type of cover taken out - or to perhaps put it another way - how much can you afford?

The baseline Road Race Insurance costs were allegedly summarised as follows: International Road Races – circa £21000 + sundries £5000 approximately. National Road Races - circa £11000 + sundries £5000 approximately.

Referring to Club events being grant-aided, Patrick Rice allegedly stated that it was often the case that grants are only paid out provided the money is spent on particular items such as advertising.

At this point the conversation allegedly turned to the amount of time and effort that had been spent on the issues which Jan Simms had reported about Steven Davison at the Skerries Road Races in 2010 - an issue for a future posting perhaps. Harris Healey allegedly stated that it was agreed at the last Ulster Centre Council meeting that a small team should be identified to consider the circumstances which led to the withdrawal of Steven Davison’s Photographers Pass. Mark Sanlon allegedly stated that the decision, which was allegedly minuted, should be re-issued and this should reveal once again that it was a unanimous decision made by the Ulster Centre Council. Really! How wonderful!

Ken Turner allegedly stated that three relevant people could be asked to take a fresh look at the situation and provide a summary of their findings – Ken Turner allegedly suggested Tony Harvey, John Savage and one other to be decided. Keith Carson allegedly suggested that John Atcheson and Mark Sanlon should look into this issue (possibly to include a representative from SNI). This was allegedly seconded by Richard Nesbitt. Yes, that Richard Nesbitt – the alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for allegedly looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, who in court allegedly claimed there was nothing more stable available in 2007. Who said Richard Nesbitt had allegedly resigned? He just hasn't gone away you know!

At this point a number of persons then allegedly voiced their dissatisfaction that Articles of Association did not support the working of the Council - not as many persons though that have voiced their dissatisfaction with the MCUI-UC and/or the Dinosaurs. Patrick Rice allegedly stated that the issues, if not universally understood, must be agreed and recommended that further legal opinion may be necessary to resolve the situation. At this point the Ulster Centre Secretary asked to be excused and left the meeting – a wise person – allegedly - or perhaps not.

Patrick Rice allegedly stated that the Management Committee had Council powers and from time to time it would be necessary to exercise that duty. Patrick Rice allegedly stated they are bound by the Companies Act 2006. The Chairman stated that we are not here to make decisions about trivial matters. Moi would have thought that the alleged breaching of the Companies Act 2006 was no trivial matter.

Keith Carson allegedly stated he felt the rules which govern the Ulster Centre are okay. Harris Healey allegedly advised that where changes may be necessary these should be made with great care and never with haste – presumably as opposed to the bull in china shop method – comedians one and all, allegedly!

Maurice Little allegedly asked what liability Directors had if it was clear that negligence was on the part of a Club. Patrick Rice allegedly replied (without prejudice) that Management Committee members (Directors) would not be directly responsible but Stewards may be liable as they are present and hold responsibility at the event - who'd want to be an alleged fall guy Steward for any alleged callous eejit.

The Chairman allegedly stated that persons doing jobs such as acting on the Roads Inspection or Safety committees must have training and must act independently - and presumably be aware of the alleged fact that there was nothing more stable available in 2007 - than straw bales.

Harris Healey was allegedly asked to enquire if SNI had secured any information about the most recent recommendations for deployment of Recticel Bales. Presumably referring to an 'incident' which had occurred at the 2010 UGP, Harris Healey allegedly replied that it was clear that it was necessary to protect the inside and outside of corners.

Would you as a responsible person allow any of these people to organise and oversee a Teddy Bear's Picnic? Come to think of it, would any responsible parent allow their precious innocent child anywhere near any event organised, or overseen, by any one of these people?

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