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Martin Finnegan #45 Tandragee 100 Investigation

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Although he had multiple Irish road racing championships to his credit, Martin Finnegan wasn’t just a hugely successful Irish motorcycle road racer, he was at the time of his tragic death one of the most popular Irish motorcycle road race competitors of his time. Martin was a man of the people - the People’s Champion – a much loved hero to countless motorcycle real road racing fans from all corners of the world, to them, he races on in a much better place, still winning.

Martin tragically lost his life in an ‘accident’ whilst competing in the Supersport 600 race at the notorious Tandragee 100 real road races in May 2008 – one year after the infamous circuit had also claimed the life of John Donnan - three spectators were also injured in the 2008 ‘accident’ including a woman who allegedly suffered head injuries.

Those fans attending the Tandragee 100 on that sorrowful day will no doubt fondly recall that earlier on during that tragic day, Martin who had been racing since 1997 had scored a spectacular victory over Ryan Farquhar - a highly significant point, about which, in light of rumoured allegations emanating from within Irish motorcycle real road racing circles, questions must now be asked of the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs. Still ongoing behind the Irish real road racing scenes, is an investigation into the Martin Finnegan 2008 Tandragee 100 fatal 'accident' about which 'what if scenario questions' are now tabled as follows.

First of all though, might it be said that independent, honest witnesses - not blighted by memory loss - are still being sought, as is any photographic and/or video evidence. Therefore if you can assist please contact the Belfast Coroners Office directly at Telephone 028 9044 6800 with any information you might have, no matter how seemingly trivial you imagine it might be.

What if after the 'accident' the #45 machine of the much loved Martin, had been tampered with for reasons that would therefore thus far be unknown? Presumably due to efficient marshalling, it would have been impossible for any member of the public at large to have gained such access, therefore one would have to consider other options.

Would any of the scrutinisers have had legitimate access to the #45 machine, and if so for what exact purpose would access have been required? Would this have ever been a plausible scenario, and if so, who in their right state of mind - in this imaginary scenario - would have permitted any person such access, but if they had, would there have been witnesses present? Perhaps members of a technical committee - would they - following the event, perhaps have had a legal requirement to examine the #45 machine - for legal purposes, for insurance purposes, for reasons which thus far, nothing is known?

Another after the event imaginary scenario would be a gathering of the clan - a meeting - to allegedly agree a plausible official version of the 'accident' - prepare statements perhaps - a hymn sheet from which all would sing as one voice, allegedly.

None of the foregoing actually took place, it's just moi considering possible scenarios that only mentally unstable individuals would ever consider, which they didn't. Besides, where for instance would such an alleged meeting have taken place? Tandragee? Doubtful - but there is nearby - Armagh, Markethill, Lurgan, even the great sprawling metropolis of Portadown. Personally speaking - and this is after all the imaginary scenario of moi - Portadown would be the perfect preferred destination, perhaps business premises, a motorcycle dealership might be worth considering, then again what reasonably sane business person would consider permitting such a meeting to be held in the confines of their business?

All of the foregoing imaginary scenarios are of course irrelevant, hasn't it been rumoured that the MCUI-UC have lodged documents with the coroner in which it is allegedly alleged that it was the way Martin was riding the #45 machine, but one must ask how many previous serious accidents Martin had suffered during the course of his long and illustrious career? It must also be asked of he who allegedly wrote of the way Martin was riding his machine that day – what is the purpose of a real road race, any race? Heroes compete in races to win, fans attend races to see their heroes win – so it should stand to reason that like all of his fellow competitors that fateful day – Martin Finnegan was as he always had done – was racing to win - so how dare the discredited MCUI-UC Dinosaurs allegedly now question how Martin was riding the machine bearing the legendary #45.

Warning - It is strongly recommended that you never hand over photographic/video evidence, or give evidence, to any race 'Official' and that includes MCUI-UC 'Officials', always present it personally to the PSNI or the Coroners Office.

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