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Irish Real Road Racing Dinosaurs Between the Hedges

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Asking direct pertinent questions of the MCUI-UC - it's been tried by many more knowledgeable people than moi - such tactics will get you nowhere, therefore why bother, let's just forget about the questions and instead draw our own obvious conclusions.

In Part Two of the Tony Harvey MCUI-UC DCAL Briefing posting we learned footage shown of the John Donnan Tandragee 100 fatal 'accident' clearly illustrated that many non-competitors, race officials, and spectators, including children, were at a very serious risk of injury or death, a worrying issue acknowledged by the MCUI-UC for several years now but rest assured - the implementation of improvement measures has after all, been under continuous review.

Presumably the Dinosaurs had been experiencing sleepless nights since the forming of the Task Force in 2000 to examine the safety issues within the sport of motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland. The fact that there have been so many more tragic deaths since the establishment of the aforementioned Task Force in the year 2000 speaks volumes.

The MCUI-UC has allegedly paid particular attention to a couple of most important elements - Track dimensions, run-off and the design of chicanes; and the position of officials and members of the public in the immediate vicinity of the track. The original 65mph chicane design allegedly returned in 2008, and the nothing more stable available than straw bales of the previous year - leastways according to Richard Nesbitt - have gone, but Richard Nesbitt hasn't gone away you know. The foregoing decisions might it be pointed out had nought to do with the mysterious Task Force and allegedly everything to do with further alleged pending legal action.

No-Go Zones - for some a reminiscent throwback to the Northern Ireland of the 70s - have allegedly been implemented at all circuits post 2007, and will allegedly be pursued further, along with a No Track-Side Personnel policy both of which have allegedly been written into Official Track Certificates.

Only in an emergency will any officials allegedly be allowed onto the track to perform their duties, and always under the protection of a waved yellow flag - except when some spoilt prima donna assoluta riders are participating - in which case you're under the protection of your God, or the Devil.

The paying public - yes, you will be paying - can only be present in areas at an acceptable distance from the racing surface and where additionally protected (as appropriate) by walls, fences or other barriers, and speaking of these walls, fences, other barriers presumably including, trees, large wooden poles, concrete and/or wooden posts, and houses - what is to be used to protect the riders - not more exploding straw bales - who'd have thought it?.

The question must be asked whether it is acceptable in the 21st century to have motor cycle races on public roads bearing in mind, the speed potential of modern racing motor cycles, the nature of public roads, the unpredictable consequences of mechanical failure or a competitor losing control of his machine or a crash involving a number of competitors, and the difficulty of ensuring spectator safety particularly where spectators are allowed to be positioned close to the racing, but haven't we just read in Part Two of the Tony Harvey MCUI-UC DCAL Briefing that No-Go Zones have allegedly been written into Official Track Certificates?

The question must indeed be asked, but the question answers itself, and that answer is an obviously emphatic: No, it is not acceptable, and nor is it acceptable or sufficient for spectators, including innocent children, to be warned that attending motor cycle road races can be dangerous - not until drastic steps are taken to reduce the speeds of machines in real road races, and all Personnel and Spectators are actually removed from within range of motorcycle real road racing circuit accidents. Talk is cheap though, so to it would seem are lives, leastways so it would seem after reading Parts One and Two of the Tony Harvey MCUI-UC DCAL Briefing

The days of watching “from behind the hedge” or “from below and through the hedge” are clearly gone - eejit spectators must be saved from their own stupidity - and the children, just like the riders - must be saved from the alleged irresponsible actions of the Dinosaurs.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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