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Real Road Racing MCUI-UC Task Force Dinosaurs

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During the first year of the new millennium - 2000 - as a direct result of serious concerns being voiced by DCAL, the Department of the Environment, the Sports Council for NI (SCNI) and the Irish Sports Council (ISC) about the number of fatalities that had occurred in motorcycle road racing in recent years, the governing body of motorcycling, the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland (MCUI) in August 2000 established a Task Force to examine the safety issues within the sport of motorcycle road racing in Northern Ireland.

It can only currently thus far be surmised the driving force behind those serious concerns was the DCAL Minister Michael McGimpsey and/or DOE Minister Sam Foster, both of whom were members of the Ulster Unionist Party. Apart from examining the safety issues within the sport, what exactly did this MCUI Task Force actually do, if anything at all, and who were the members of the MCUI Task Force because they most certainly have serious questions to answer.

Luckily for the MCUI and presumably the MCUI-UC, on or about the 14 October 2002, the Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended for quite some time, so providing the Dinosaurs with the obligatory 'Get Out of Jail Free' card. In the meantime, the death toll spiralled out of control, and continued to do so even with a new, now DUP majority Government back on the hill. It wasn't until early 2010 though when Chief Coroner John Leckey raised serious concerns, that the DUP DCAL Minister Nelson McCausland decided he'd better allegedly feign shock and instruct his civil servants to discuss safety issues with the Dinosaurs. Hardly surprising, little has happened since then, so just maybe, the long running rumours and allegations of a special Dinosaurs/DUP relationship might not be so far fetched after all, allegedly.

Questions for the MCUI-UC alleged saviour DCAL Minister Nelson McCausland are of course - What were the findings of the MCUI and/or MCUI-UC Task Force back in the first year of the new millennium - 2000, and what safety measures - which obviously had no effect on safety issues anyway - were put in place as a result of those MCUI / MCUI-UC Task Force findings?

It was allegedly, Richard Nesbitt, alleged convenor of the road inspection committee for allegedly looking after competitors' and spectators' safety for the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) Limited, who in court during the John Donnan inquest, allegedly claimed there was nothing more stable available in 2007 - than straw bales that is, so can it at least be assumed the MCUI / MCUI-UC Task Force came to the same conclusion in the first year of the new millennium - 2000 - that there was nothing more stable available than straw bales, otherwise many riders would most likely still be with us, including John Donnan.

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