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North West 200 & MCUI-UC - NW200 Safety Record

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The following statistics are taken directly from a recently procured 2 & 4 Wheel Motorsport Steering Group Limited document titled - North West 200 - Fatalities 1929 - 2009 - which details the safety record of the NW200 real road races, presumably to demonstrate to DCAL Minister Nelson McCausland and Senior Coroner John Leckey how ongoing MCUI-UC instigated safety measures are saving lives at the flagship North West 200 bottomless money pit, our alleged safest real road race event.

'1939 Norman Wainright (England), 1949 Paul Phillips (England), 1951 William Bennison (England), 1956 Lawrance ‘Bill’ Aislabie (New Zealand), 1970 Andrew Manship (England), 1973 Graham Fish (England), 1979 Brian Hamilton (Scotland), 1979 Tom Herron (Ireland), 1979 Frank Kennedy (Ireland), 1980 Mervyn Robinson (Ireland), 1982 John Newbold (England), 1986 Pat McLaughlin (Ireland), 1987 Steve Bull (England), 1999 Donny Robinson (Ireland), 2008 Robert Dunlop (Ireland), 2009 Mark Young (Ireland)

Alan Drysdale - Chair, 2 & 4 Wheel Motorsport Steering Group 6th November 2009'

What there is no mention of though, is the names of the numerous riders who have been injured, many seriously injured, many of whom have never ever recovered - nor indeed has the families been mentioned, those families that have been torn apart by the loss of a loved one, the loved one who has been so very seriously injured, a loved one who has to be cared for as they spend the rest of their lives enduring the most dreadful pains imaginable.

Since the purpose of the document is to allegedly influence DCAL officials, and allegedly persuade DCAL Minister Nelson McCausland to part with several million pounds sterling in the name of safety, it shouldn't be a surprise that such human tragedies are kept locked away in the closet with the other alleged nasty smelling skeletons of the MCUI-UC and their alleged cohorts.

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