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Manx Nortons, Relentless TAS Suzukis and Dinosaurs

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Having now had time to carefully study Tony Harvey MCUI-UC DCAL Briefing part one, obvious questions immediately spring to mind, and all relate to the alleged mindset of the MCUI-UC Dinosaurs.

The concerns about the unacceptable safety record of real road racing as voiced by Senior Coroner Mr John Leckey are the exact same as those that have been raised by every sane motorcycle racing enthusiast for countless years. Problem was of course, probably still is, the Dinosaurs just did not listen; Richard Nesbitt for instance, he who declared during the John Donnan inquest: "I can't remember the man saying anything sensible other than nattering away in my ear. If someone is constantly coming at you it is easier just to ignore them" and Ivan Davidson who during the Norman Gordon -v- Louth Motorcycle Racing Club case in the High Court, also allegedly suffered from acute memory loss - and these people are allegedly on the road racing safety and rules committee.

What do any of the Dinosaurs really know about motorcycle racing in the 21st Century? Unlike those with the power to call time on the sport of motorcycle real road racing who have declared they find the speed of the modern day racing motorcycle almost incredible, the actions of the Dinosaurs would have one believe these incredible speeds aren't a safety issue worth a second thought. What for instance would an alleged past Manx Norton bicyclist operator know about modern motorcycle racing projectiles? Compared to a Relentless TAS Suzuki Superbike, the Manx Norton was more on a par with the legendary Penny-Farthing , or alternatively as far removed from a modern motorcycle race machine as Dinosaurs are from the human race. Perhaps what the Governing body of the Northern Ireland motorcycle racing fraternity now needs is a top calibre leader such as the clown psychopathic dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Really!!!

Senior Coroner Mr John Leckey and DCAL officials were also allegedly surprised that key groups such as the RIC and Safety Committees can change en masse after each AGM, and whilst conspiracy theorists in our midst might well believe this was merely a simple method of ensuring a fair distribution of benefits – it most certainly was not the case, nor is it – allegedly. It was however, also said that every effort must be made to ensure that persons acting on these committees should be completely detached from any gain, a point which Tony Harvey allegedly took pains to reiterate during his briefing - a damning revelation in itself, and further high octane fuel for the aforementioned conspiracy theorists who more than likely believe that rumours of alleged past misappropriations are quite possibly allegations worthy of further speculation - and exploration.

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