Friday, 7 January 2011

The Second Coming of the Dinosaurs

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Following the sickening revelations of the John Donnan inquest last year - starring those ever so allegedly lovely officials from the allegedly wonderful safety conscious MCUI-UC - sheer, unadulterated panic allegedly swept through the massed ranks of Dinosaurs - that rare species, the alleged great yellow bellied - the alleged gut-wrenching smell of their alleged fear wafted far and near across this wee country of ours - forum users banned for daring to speak of the truth - and then the alleged resignations as rumours of personal liabilities, finanical difficulties (Father Ted Again), prosecutions and more raged unabated - Tandragee, chicanes, straw bales - haunting words for Dinosaurs, especially that rare species, the aforementioned alleged great yellow bellied.

*He's been holding out in the village, speaking out against wealth and privilege. "I don't believe in money, but a man can make him a killing. I hear up there it's changed you see, they're not as backwards as they used to be, but Lord, it sounds so easy, it shouldn't take long, we'll be back in the money in no time at all." So allegedly did sayeth the Prophet Austin and the massed congregation of faithful peasant worshippers didst lie down before the alter of the Dinosaurs and Roll Over Beethoven laughing off their asses.

He's gone, he's back, the putrid smell of opportunism has returned - but for how much longer - the pack of baying wolves doth circle the campfire.

(*Many thanks to Alan Jackson)

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