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RealRoadRacing Photographic/Video Evidence Wanted

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Were you witness to the John Donnan incident at Tandragee, the Martin Finnegan incident also at Tandragee, or indeed any other of the fatal real road racing incidents since January 2000? If so, do you have photographic evidence in your possession, and/or video footage evidence of any of these tragic incidents?

Whilst it is understandable there may be legitimate reasons for having not yet made available your evidence - pressure to remain quiet perhaps, from other alleged sources within motorcycle road racing circles for instance - please remember you have a moral duty to do so, especially so if you really are the fan of the sport you claim to be, and want it to continue. Also if you have been approached by any alleged officials from any organisation, club, or Limited Company with a view to securing any evidentiary materials - photographs, video footage, documents, and/or verbal evidence - politely refuse and instead make your evidence known to the proper authorities.

Here are details of where to send your evidentiary materials - photographs, video footage, or documents: Coroners Office, May’s Chambers, 73 May Street, Belfast, BT1 3JL. Telephone: 028 9044 6800 Fax: 028 9044 6801
Police Service Northern Ireland - Contact PSNI
Solicitors acting for the bereaved families - Contact me here for details. Materials can of course be sent anonymously.

Should you be visited by personage from any organisation, club, or Limited Company, other than the aforementioned, requesting and/or even demanding access to your evidentiary materials, and/or testimony - contact the PSNI.
Remember - Your Sport Needs You!

Important Notice Any sightings of a reincarnated evil jackbooted Heinrich Himmler and/or any of his evil Gestapo thugs should be reported immediately to your nearest available
Reincarnation Extermination Officer.

Save Our Sport From Evil

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